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PostSubject: Quickie[Mission]   Fri Sep 25, 2015 2:01 am


The time was rather late at night, just a few minutes beyond midnight to be more precise with this timing. The moon hung high in the dark sky along with a few clouds which occasionally drifted in front of the lustrous ivory light. Where the moon's light touched on the ground below it seemed those nocturnal souls who roved the streets avoided the illumines sheet. Sachio was amongst those who evaded the white light and if it were to be cast upon him, like a lowly roach he'd scamper out of the light into the darkness. Not because he was a coward, but due to being on a rather important mission tonight. He'd be playing in the underworld and the rolling amongst the dogs today. Finally the village had acquired the lead on an underworld crime boss or something of the like, Sachio wasn't that sure as all he was tasked with was this man's capture. He was a regular when the mission involved someone being sent on missions that involved combat, due to his prowess in such a field. He was growing slightly tired of such a thing however, being used as but a weapon for his village or being seen as a one trick pony. He figured it was a portrait he too helped create however, but such an image could be changed, he just needed to exercise a bit more control when he was sent out on group task or task where his work would be evaluated. Even with his task being to capture people it wasn't rare for them to accidentally sustain a few injuries during the process. Such a thing surely painted Sachio as a mere combat unit for his village, but today he got to play the hound. It was a search and capture mission today and such a thing would allow for Sachio to prove he had more in his arsenal than just sheer violence and vehement raw killing.

Swiftly he wove in between and around buildings staying in the shadows as he did so while atop a cloud of his own that was crafted from Iron Powder. He had found a new way to traverse on this nimbus in a more chakra efficient manner than before, hard to say given it was already so practical, but this new adaptation took away for the need to coat one's feet in chakra to stick to the surface. Instead he had the grains wrap around his feet harmlessly, but tight enough to secure him to the platform as he maneuvered on the plume of black. As he sped through the village, he was steady extending a metaphysical hand to every corner he could reach within a 300m radius. He ignored the dormant signatures that he could tell were resting bodies and felt out those that were actively out and about. If he was briefed with viable information, then Junkuro should be int he presence of two others that were notably stronger than he was. Something about The Terrible Twins, a stupid name in Sachio's opinion, it sounded like something out of a children's book that was thought up in a moments notice, but a name at the least.

Remaining incognito after he felt he had a few groups of three that could be his target, he'd slow down his pace and move to scout them out on foot, a much more covert way of traveling than his cloud of sand. After scouting out two groups and not finding his group of sinners, he was fortunate enough to strike gold on his third group. "Knock knock." The three were inside of a moderate sized home in a middle class housing area. It was easy to slip his grains of Iron Powder through the seal of the window and unlock it silently from the inside with the sand while he remained on the outside hidden int he veil of the night. Once it was unlocked, he made his way in the home and made his presence known much to the trios surprise. "I'm here for Junkuro, I'd respect if you came in peace and we coul-" Before he could finish the two Sachio assumed were the twins given their identical appearance were already charging in towards him with katanas drawn. Hopping back in the small bit of space he did have at his disposal, in unison volumes of both sand and powder were expelled from the scroll on his back. Like a geyser or sage of water they slammed into the two bodyguards with no real composed shape at all, just a flow of iron grains. After pushing them a small five meters from himself, he split the powder and sand in two groups, one Iron Sand, the other Iron Powder. The Iron Sand clutched the feet and the surrounding three meters around the twins, while the powder loomed overhead like a haunting omen or stormy cloud. Slowly spiked protrusions began to manifest themselves in the Iron Powder, their spikes directed towards the twins solely. These were spokes of a yet to be fully birthed shuriken storm that would surely kill the twins at a moments notice. "Junkuro if you comply these two get to live." Sachio still had both Iron Sand and Powder to spare to aid in the capture of the main target and while he spoke he slowly leaked it from his scroll into the air over his head. The man nodded and Sachio controlled this fresh Iron Sand out of his scroll to encase the man in a cocoon which was then sealed into the empty generic sealing formula on his wrappings. Afterwards, he made quick work of both twins with the hail of shuriken he planned on unleashing from the start killing them both.

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