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 The Orderly - Village Mission [P]

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Suna Chunin
Suna Chunin

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PostSubject: The Orderly - Village Mission [P]   Sat Sep 26, 2015 12:13 pm


"Helping out at a hospital..."

The young ninja muttered the words to herself as she slowly and cautiously approached the huge building in question. Was this really a mission of B rank? Just what kind of people were in there? Nana swallowed and inhaled deeply before exhaling slowly. This would be her first mission of this rank, and she'd be lying if she wouldn't admit to the flutter of nervousness in the pit of her stomach. But to think that she'd be doing -this- kind of work was a little bit ... ridiculous. She'd have thought that she would be out hunting missing ninjas or even assassinating someone (not that she felt particularly interested in either option).

"I guess I shouldn't complain. This might be easier than what they described to me."

Her pretense optimism failed to cheer her up as she walked up the steps and entered the white-washed building. The first thing which struck Nana was how clean and sterilized everything smelled and looked. Truth be told, her stomach churned slightly and she had a brief moment of 'I'd-like-to-get-the-heck-out-of-here' moment. The only real memories she had from hospitals was when she visited a sick classmate at the age of 8 and then when she was hospitalized herself after breaking her arm. It had been boring and uneventful on both those encounters, so there was no real surprise she didn't feel like staying much longer. But before she could actually turn around and stomp on out of there - a small nurse with auburn brown hair peeking down from her white cap stepped up to Nana. Large, round green eyes with dark shadows underneath them scanned the young ninja's face, sized her up - before that petite woman nodded with a satisfied expression on her normal looking face.

"You'll do. I was a little worried when I heard there'd be a girl ninja coming. But you seem capable. Follow me."

And with that, she turned on her heel and walked away at a brisk pace - forcing Nana to swiftly follow so she wouldn't lose sight of that tiny but very determined nurse. They walked through a long hallway, turned to the right and went past a few offices. After that they climbed a staircase, turned left into another hallway, walked through a lunch room before finally stopping in front of dark brown doors which were labeled "Resting room". Nana was so thoroughly lost by now after this journey that she was starting to fear she'd have to live there for the rest of her life. Those worries were pushed aside when she heard crashing noises and loud talking coming from the other side of the door - and with a raised eyebrow she asked her question without using a single word. The nurse nodded, before she explained the situation.

"Mr. Han is a man in his forties whom was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was just 26 years old. He had lived a rather wild life up until then which didn't help with how fast the disease progressed. It seems he has yet to really come to terms with his changed life, and it doesn't help that his family simply dumped him in here as soon as they found out what was going on." The nurse paused and looked with a sorrowful gaze towards the door. "Mr. Han has of late refused to take his medicine and often hides them away. That has eventually lead to this situation. He doesn't seem to realize just where he is at the moment, and has been speaking to voices in his head. He seems to think we have kidnapped him to another village in order to experiment on him before executing him. It's only with sheer luck that nobody else was in that room when he finally snapped, but we are at a loss on how to get him safely to his room." Those large, sad eyes were now settled on the rather nervous Nana. "I hope you will treat him as nicely as you can, miss. He's just sick and confused and lonely. Please don't hurt him or speak roughly to him. He's a very gentle soul when he just takes his medication." As if hoping her words would reach Nana, the nurse then turned a bit to the side and pointed towards doors marked with the number "31". They were just about 10 meters down the hallway. "That is his room. Now please, help him out so we can make him feel better again."

This nurse is one Hell of a nice person.

"Don't worry. I'll be as careful as I possibly can."

The nurse nodded slowly, still looking a little bit skeptical, as she fished out the key to the door from her pocket, before unlocking it and setting the key back to its place. She then took a step back, awaiting what would happen. Nana took a deep breath before she pushed the handle slowly down and entered the room.

"Mr. Han?"

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Suna Chunin
Suna Chunin

Posts : 47
Join date : 2015-08-26

PostSubject: Re: The Orderly - Village Mission [P]   Sat Sep 26, 2015 12:42 pm

It was either luck, or purely the results of her long training as a ninja, which caused Nana to be able to avoid being hit in the face by a flying lamp which shattered against the wall behind her just as she closed the door. Instantly on the alert, she moved to the side as she looked at the person she was supposed to talk into trusting her. Mr. Han wasn't a very tall man, Nana topped him by probably good 10 cm. He was very thin, his blonde hair fell loosely down onto his shoulders, he had long stubbles of beard, and his skin had a gray-ish complexion to it - hinting that he was indeed not the type to go out much. It were his eyes though which caused the young ninja to pause in her steps. Those light brown eyes were opened wide as Mr. Han looked at the newcomer. It didn't seem like there was anything... normal in that gaze of his. It was too distant, too wild. Nana felt like she was looking into the eyes of a trapped, injured animal. That gaze gave her goosebumps even as she tried to smile in a friendly manner. Most likely that smile looked more like she had gas than anything else.

"Mr. Han?" She hoped she sounded at least a little bit friendly. "My name is Nana. Do you know where you are?"

The man in front of her had been starting to get distracted by something else, but now those brown eyes of his quickly settled back onto Nana.

"Of course I know who you are and where I am! But you wont get anything out of me, and you wont touch me! I knew they'd be sending the surgeon in here soon but I didn't think a young woman like yourself would be trying to cut me open! Yes, yes I know that! I'm telling her it!"

Even as he spoke to her, it seemed like somebody else was making him reply as well. The voices in his head no doubt. Mr. Han was now looking slightly upwards as he had answered that 'voice' and he was mumbling underneath his breath - seemingly not noticing Nana for the moment.

"Actually I'm not a doctor. I'm just a guest here." She paused, thought to herself what would be appropriate to say. It didn't seem she was gaining any trust, since those eyes were staring wildly at her again as Mr. Han started pacing around. "Doctors. Doctors. Give false hope. Enemies, I'm in the lair of the enemies. They are going to get all the secrets." He kicked a chair out of  the way even as he glared hard at Nana. And without a warning, he lunged forward in her direction, causing the blue haired woman to swiftly jump out of the way. She was not going to let him come into physical contact with her - as she was pretty scared she might hurt him simply out of normal reflexes.

"Actually, they are going to let you go. They don't think you have any information they can use." Mr. Han stopped pacing and stared at her before sputtering out a few words. "Yes I know she's lying. She must be lying." "Now why should I be lying? And besides, am I even wearing the same clothes as the staff here in the hospital? Is there anything white on me? Do I hold any instruments?" Mr. Han stared at her. There was silence for a few seconds, so Nana took advantage of that. "Truth be told, if I was going to be doing a surgery then I'd need a face mask as well. I would have to have a needle to inject you in order to make you sleep. I'd need nurses in here with me to help me out." With a tiny triumph she noticed his stance relaxing just a little bit as he listened to her rambling. "Not a doctor? Then what? Is she a spy? I'm not so sure about it. What do you think?" He listened to nothing but his own thoughts and nodded before pacing back and forth. "Are you a spy? A spy from them or from us? You aren't wearing the doctors clothes but I am pretty sure I saw your name in the book."

Nana thought better not to ask what book he was talking about. "Yes, I'm a spy that managed to slip in here. I don't work for the enemy. It's important that we hurry before the nurses come for us." He stopped, hesitated, listened, nodded, frowned. "But..." "I'll show you proof. Okay? If you come with me out of here, then I'll show you that I am not one of them. Just follow me, because I think I can hear them coming for us." Even if she was trying to help him out, she felt bad for lying. This was truly one of the most fucked up situations she had ever been in. Her mentioning 'them' coming seemed to be enough to scare Mr. Han into listening since he took  a step towards her, then another one and then he kept coming. Nana placed her finger against her lips, telling him to be silent, as she crept towards the door and opened. Upon seeing the nurse waiting there, the Shinobi quickly shook her head and motioned for the other woman to get lost.

Then she turned around and nodded towards the man that was basically hovering behind her, and silently arguing with whomever it was that was in there also with them. Nana moved out of the room and heard him follow her. It was crucial to be quick before he'd start feeling suspicious. They moved out together towards his room. "We need to gather up every evidence about you so they can't track you down." She whispered the words to Mr. Han whom could have made any ninja proud from the way he silently moved alongside her. His head moved up and down in a nod as he followed her into his room. Just as Nana was starting to think just how she was going to convince him to get onto his bed only to be strapped down - she caught a movement from the corner of her mind. A young doctor had hid behind the door and was now instantly at them, the needle in his hand was already pushed into Mr. Han's arm - and there was just a moment's confusion in the man's eyes before he went limp.

Nana caught him easily before he'd fall to the floor, and carried him towards his bed. There, Mr. Han was placed down and strapped in so he'd be safe from himself and his thoughts. For a moment, Nana looked at him before letting out a sigh. "That was intense." She then turned on her heel, nodded towards the smiling nurse and doctor - before getting the heck out of there. This was not a place she was going to be visiting again anytime soon.

[Mission completed.]

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The Orderly - Village Mission [P]
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