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 Shinobi Lecture - Village Mission [P]

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PostSubject: Shinobi Lecture - Village Mission [P]   Sat Sep 26, 2015 1:16 pm


It was a good day today to teach young and upcoming children just how important weapons were. It'd be good to preach to them how to take care of their kunais, shuriken, swords - whatever it was that they would need in order to fight for their lives. It was indeed a good day ... to sneak into the classroom through a window so that Nana could avoid meeting any of the youngest students of the academy. With a sheepish expression, she entered through the open window as the children stared in silence. Class had just started, so she was exactly on time - although her students had probably not anticipated that their 'Sensei-for-a-day' would make such a peculiar entrance. As soon as her feet hit the floor, the young woman stretched to her full height and put on a very serious expression.

"A ninja should always challenge his or her skills. You don't always need fancy jutsu in order to better yourselves, but also do something that is physically challenging - like climbing up steep walls."

Her father would be proud of his daughter at that moment as she bullshit herself out of that situation. Some of the 9 year olds looked a little skeptical, but most of them looked fascinated and interested like they couldn't wait to start their own climbing. Forgive me, parents and teachers. "Alright, today I am here to talk to you a little bit about Bukijutsu. The use of weapons. They are to be treated with respect, they need to be taken care of and feared - but loved as well." As she spoke, she pulled two kunai out of her pouch and began playing around with them with nimble fingers. Throwing them in the air, making them dance on her fingertips - all of the eyes in the classroom were glued to what she was doing. "You need to know what suits you best. Do you want to keep your weapon close to you or far away?" She pocketed the kunai and drew the katana off her back. "When you fight with weapons, you can kill very easily. You can accidentally hurt someone or yourselves. And that's why you must always have your undivided attention on the weapons. Those who have murder in their hearts should never take a weapon in their hands because they will soil that weapon. It's often thought that weapons only exist so opponents can be killed more easily, but that's wrong. Weapons are to be used to protect what you love. They are to be used in order to better yourselves physically and mentally."

Her katana was held securely in her hands as she showed the children some basic stances. Her katana swung through the air, sliced at invisible opponents, defended against imaginary attacks. "If you take care of your weapons, they will thank you by slicing anything you want. They will take care of you, as they expect you to take care of them." Nana pulled a single hair out of her head, and gracefully cut it in two halves with her katana as the children gasped out. "Weapons are like people. They can get moody and refuse to help you out, or they will become a part of your body and soul. They will speak to you. Remember that if you want to try out Bukijutsu. If the weapon you choose doesn't speak to you, then it is not the right one for you. A weapon is not to be used when angry, because then it falters. Your mind needs to be clear so you don't loose the connection with your extra set of limbs." She struck in halve a few wooden planks, before taking on a stance again. Nana concentrated her Chakra into her katana and shortly she heard a few gasps again from the students as she sharp Chakra was visible to the naked eye. She wanted to show them, let them understand that the weapons were indeed supposed to be connected to them. Her katana easily sliced through a metal pole she had brought with her, and the children clapped excitedly.

"There are many ways to disarm people without cutting them."

She disabled the previous Jutsu and now focused on a lower ranked one, as she raised her Katana, swung it forward in a slicing movement, before turning it at the last moment so that the flat of the blade kissed the air in front of the young Shinobi. Throughout the lesson she kept showing the children small examples of movements, explained things to them, allowed those who wanted to throw kunais or shuriken at wooden posts and corrected their movements. A few of the little ninjas-to-be seemed more interested than the rest in what was going on, and Nana felt rather happy about it. When their time together was over, she stretched and smiled a tiny smile.

"Remember you can always ask your teachers as well if you have questions. This has been rather enjoyable."

And with that, she bowed politely before exiting through the window - just as the Sensei entered the room.

Jutsu used:

[Mission completed.]

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Shinobi Lecture - Village Mission [P]
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