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 A Gentle Reminder [Mission]

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PostSubject: A Gentle Reminder [Mission]   Sun Sep 27, 2015 2:56 pm

Water Ninjas:

It hadn’t been long since half of Kumogakure had been reduced to nothing but rubble thanks to a gigantic four-tailed monkey - a creature she would remember for the rest of her life. It hadn’t been that long since the villagers banded together to rebuild their home. It also hadn’t been long since she had been elected as the Raikage, the sole person in charge of all the village’s operations. She was to be their leader, the face of Kumogakure, and she was expected to be the first line of defense if the village ever came under siege again. It had been a surprise to the blonde, the child wondered if they were looking for another Kai, but no, they wanted her as Raikage.

She wasn’t sure how she felt about the entire weight of the village being put upon her shoulder and it took a day for the seriousness of her position to sink in. She suddenly felt overwhelmed and inadequate enough to take care of all the village’s affairs. Kai even thought about handing the title of Shodaime Raikage to someone more worthy, namely a higher-ranked shinobi, but her father had talked her out of it. He let her know that she should be honoured to receive such a prestigious title and that she had a duty to not let the villagers down. So, she threw away the thought of resigning from the office for she knew her father was right. She would not let down the people who placed their faith on the shoulders of a ten-year-old and she would make them proud by leading them into a glorious tomorrow.

She immediately began the reconstruction of Kumogakure once the deceased were cleared and buried, a graveyard with a memorial at the center being dedicated to those who had lost their life during the attack - shinobi and civilians alike. It would serve as a reminder for all and will be there for the new generation to see. Kai wanted it to motivate the remaining shinobi to get stronger, for civilians to enter the academy so that they could replenish the shinobi force, and for everyone to be motivated to protect the village. Once construction started, Kai instructed a group of people to build into the mountain. It would serve as a shelter if an attack was to occur again as well as a place for people to stay if they so wished.

Kai knew that several things needed to be established early on in her reign, such as an evacuation procedure, but that would need to wait. She needed to get some money flowing into the village for their funds were getting low. Rebuilding cost money and there was a lot that needed to be done. The pool of shinobi she could call on to perform missions for the village was low and she didn’t want to take away from the building efforts. So, she had decided that she would be the one to perform some missions in order to bring money into the village.

She picked a mission that took her outside of the village - there really hadn’t been any that could be done within the village - and ran with it. She left her regent, Diana Mistral, in charge for the short time she would be gone with clear instructions to make sure everyone focused their energy on rebuilding Kumogakure. With that, she headed for the coast with intentions of hunting down a rogue causing trouble down there. Kai was completely aware that people believed that they could do whatever they pleased because Kumogakure was temporarily focused on something more important, but she would let them know that the newly elected Raikage wasn’t about to let them do as they wished within the country.

From her understanding, the rogue hadn’t hurt anyone, just caused property damage and scaring people away, but it still wouldn’t be tolerated. The water rogue was fortunate for he would not be facing death, but there was a humiliating beat down waiting for him and she would be the one to serve his stupid behind on a silver platter. Sure, he could use water ninjutsu according to reports, but he was going against a well trained Hyuga.

Kai arrived at the coast about two hours after her departure from her village, the blonde having traveled at top speed so that she could get this fight over with and head back to Kumogakure before sunset. She walked down one of the various docks that lined the coast, information telling her that the rogue was holed up in one of the boats and was bound to come out to scare her away. She had no doubt that he would think his job easy seeing how she was small, but he would regret underestimating her. As she had thought, the rogue confronted her, leaping from the ship on her left and landing on the dock ten feet in front of her. If she hadn’t been in a rush, she may have acted like someone who had just happened to wander on the docks, but she was so she forewent any façade. Maybe after Kumogakure was rebuilt she would have some fun.

She assumed the Hyuga taijutus stance as she advised the rogue to go about his merry way. Of course, the rogue declined and threatened to harm her if she didn’t turn around. He probably thought he could take her, he would find out how wrong he was fairly quickly. As soon as the words left his mouth, Kai closed the ten foot gap between the two, catching him by surprise with the ferocity and quickness of her attack. She struck him with two strikes first which was followed up by another two strikes, four strikes was immediately followed up by eight strikes. She could’ve stopped there, the power she packed wasn’t something to be scoffed at, but she continued with the next two sets of strikes which was sixteen and thirty-two respectfully, making sixty-four strikes altogether.

Robbed of his chakra and therefore his ability to perform jutsu coupled with the fact that Kai broke something with the strength of her strikes, the rogue was defeated in a one-sided fight. She warned him to leave the country and that he would die if the two ever crossed paths within the country again. With her lesson delivered, she headed back to Kumogakure to see what progress had been made in her absence.

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PostSubject: Re: A Gentle Reminder [Mission]   Mon Sep 28, 2015 5:56 pm

Border Patrol:

Another day meant another mission. Kumogakure was doing better than it had been a couple days ago and money was flowing in at a steady pace thanks to the efforts of the remaining shinobi force, but Kai felt like they could use some more. So, she had decided that she would perform various missions that posed no threat to her in between restoring Kumogakure to its former glory and finalizing several much needed procedures. It was good for her mentally and physically for she didn’t like being within the building that served as the administration office for any longer than a day. It also kept her physically fit and on her toes for she pretty much flung herself into situations that could potentially be dangerous and life-threatening. Her father didn’t approve of her actions very much. He believed that she should stay within the village and continue to watch over the progress made. Bringing up the need for money didn’t change his mind on the matters, his retort was telling her that she should instruct the shinobi that she had to rake in the cash needed for the building material. She never told him that was exactly what she was doing - there was no point.

So, she simply nodded her head and agreed with the man, never hinting towards the fact that she had no intentions of sitting idly whilst her shinobi performed missions as well as helped out with the reconstruction of Kumo. She may be ten, but she wasn’t a helpless child who couldn’t do anymore than tell her people what to do. No, she would assistant in the efforts to bring money into the village as well as make it seem that nothing was wrong with Kumogakure to the outside world. If that meant going against her father, who had been doing his utmost best to control her lately, than so be it for Kumogakure would be richer and safer in the end. She wasn’t sure how much money needed to be added to the village’s funds before she could say that there was enough for anymore supplies the builders needed for the two separate projects going on, but a lot of excess never hurt anyone.

With that in mind, Kai would make the journey to the valley. Call it border patrol if you will, but she knew this would become more than just making sure there was no one hanging out in the valley with the intentions to mess with Kumogakure or any of the various small villages scattered throughout the land. If they were, well it could only end badly for them for she would show them the error of their ways with her fist. Since the valley really wasn’t far, no more than a mile from the newly constructed village gates, she wasn’t worried about being gone for an obnoxious amount of time. She wouldn’t mess around or anything, there was still several things that needed to be done back at the village, but she wouldn’t rush either since she could be at the village gates within a minute if she ran at top speed.

So, she walked to the valley, the blonde hiding her small frame amongst the boulders and fallen rocks upon her arrival. Intel said there was some shady figures moving within the valley and she didn’t want to be spotted if this was true. She found a spot with a good vantage point and decent cover about a third of the way in the valley and decided she would stay there. With a hand pressed firmly against one of the rocks that surrounded her vantage point, Kai crouched and activated her Byakugan. Her eyes scanned the area, searching for the outlines of people as well as the chakra that illuminated their system. Unlucky for her, no one that could possibly be a hostile walked the valley. She had seen several merchants go by and a couple shinobi from her village heading home, but nothing that had alarms going off in her head.

That’s, until she heard the sound of rock and dirt being displaced coming from behind. Kai perked up suddenly, heading swinging in the direction of the noise and eyes looking for the cause. She saw the dull blue outline of someone about five foot six suddenly grow bright and she knew she either had to move or throw up a barrier of some kind. Deciding that her best option was to just move, the blonde would leap off the ledge of her vantage point, sliding down the side of the valley and hitting the ground below. Milky white eyes suddenly flickered up and if she had pupils in this state they would’ve certainly widened. Whomever had attacked her had decided that a rock slide would be enough. She moved quickly, making her way forward though she had to stop several times in order to prevent getting crushed by a rock.

She wasn’t out of danger just yet, the blonde forced to expel chakra from all her tenketsu as she rotated, said chakra deflecting the kunai and shuriken that had been thrown at her. Whilst she was rotating, Kai made it a point to keep on the look out for her attackers figure, but her eyesight was hindered by her technique. When she felt like the assault was done, she stopped, keeping her arms raised as her eyes once again scoured the valley for those who had dared confront her. She spotted something and running on pure instinct, she sent a wave of chakra their way with a simple thrust of her palm. She didn’t get to see the results since she was forced to duck a kick aimed for her head.

She backpedaled, quickly, as she whirled around to face her attacker - a blue-haired woman with a smug smile on her face. Her lack of a headband indicating her allegiance to a village told her that this woman was working alone. Kai entertained the thought of the woman simply removing her forehead protector in order to conceal where she hailed from, but the chance of that was rather low in the mind of Kai. If the woman was from a village she wouldn’t have attacked her and she wouldn’t have made her presence in the valley so painstakingly obvious. No matter what though, she would be ridding the valley of the woman’s presence. She made a mental note to include the woman’s partner, the boy of just about fifteen having barely avoided the attack she had launched not too long ago.

Kai decided that she would take care of the boy first for something told her he was weaker than the woman. So, with a thrust of her palm she sent a wave of chakra towards the woman, forcing her to dodge and distracting her. The blonde would use those precious seconds to suddenly turn her attention on the boy, the girl moving fast and planting an open palm on his stomach. Chakra was discharged from her palm and the boy was sent flying into the side of the valley. She didn’t check to see if the boy was out for the count, directing her attention to the woman who had started this mess. She found it funny to know that these people would’ve gone unnoticed by her if they had simply left her alone, but they hadn’t and so they had sealed their fate. She would be taking the both of them back to the newly constructed prison in Kumogakure where they would be forgotten.

She engaged the blue-haired woman in Taijutsu, leaving no room for a technique or weapon to be thrown her way. She wasn’t aware of the woman’s capabilities which meant she needed to stay on top of her. Kai would either take her out via one of the various palm strikes known to all with the Byakugan or tire her out just enough so that she could knock her out safely. That opportunity didn’t present itself until well after five minutes had passed, but when it did she took it. She had moved behind the woman, elevating herself to a higher position so that she could strike the back of her neck with enough strength to knock her out but not kill her. It seemed like a complicated maneuver, but it was easy for someone as well-versed in Taijutsu and using her surroundings to her advantage as Kai.

With the woman and her partner in crime out, Kai dragged their unconscious bodies back to the village, handing them off to the man that stood at the gate with clear instruction to deposit them in the prison. With that job down, she headed for the place that served as her temporary office. She needed to check up on the village’s progress as well as fill in the mission report and do the necessary paperwork so that the newly acquired funds could be added to the village’s account. She took that chance to see how much the vault held. It was pretty barren, but Kai knew that it would be full in no time with the effort her shinobi and herself were putting towards completing missions.

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A Gentle Reminder [Mission]
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