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 The Fault in Our Sand [Training - Invite | Naeb]

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Suna Chunin
Suna Chunin

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PostSubject: The Fault in Our Sand [Training - Invite | Naeb]   Sun Sep 27, 2015 8:59 pm

Training :

It was a little over 8 am in the morning and for some strange reason, Nana found herself out at the training field. And she was wondering just what the heck it was that she wanted to train. Why on earth had she ended up here? It wasn't often that she felt so... motivated towards doing something - and especially not before lunch of all times. But seeing as she had not gone out the night before then she felt overly clear in the head and a little bit anxious to relieve some stress. Well it was that, and the fact that her father had had a lady friend over that night and Nana felt too scarred on the soul to be able to sleep for longer in that house. To think that her father went through the trouble of sneaking his lady friends out every time (except this time) before Nana got up just so she wouldn't think he was cheating on the memory of her mother was ridiculous. At least that was what she thought he was thinking when he kept holding onto this routine. If he hadn't been too awkward to bring up the subject then she would have told him long ago to get over it and just have women over. Stop sneaking around like she was the parent and he the troubled teenager. Granted, she would also at the same time like to ask him that he would stop being so loud in the middle of the night... or perhaps they could re-enforce the walls or something... or just build another house for Nana to sleep in. Then everybody could be happy.

The young woman sighed and stretched her lithe body. The air was already warming up even as it was still a bit early, so she was glad to feel a gentle breeze lightly brush against her face. Despite living in the middle of the freaking desert, she seemed determined to almost always wear black clothes. And honestly, that could get her a -little- bit warm some days. People tended to stare at her when she would be sweating on through the day - and only out of sheer stubbornness refuse to put on something white. Today was no real exception to the routine; as she wore tight fitting black pants, black boots, a black belt around her slightly rounded hips where her katana was strapped, then a black jacket and (well not surprisingly) a black tank top underneath that. Her long, pale blue hair was pulled up into a high pony tail and a few strands fell loosely around her frowning face as she stared off at nothing in particular. I suppose I could try out some ninjutsu tricks. I don't really know shit when it comes to that. One couldn't exactly say she was a fan of ninjutsu - but that was mostly because of her crazy love for weapons. It seemed she simply forgot that there were more things a Shinobi should know. In order to become someone in this village, she would have to broaden her horizon a tad bit.

Not that Nana was a woman whom worried much about such trivial issues. But she -did- want to stay alive, and seeing how she was now a Chunin then she was already entering more dangerous missions and finding herself in tricky situations. And that kind of work required her to fling around lightning jutsu and not just kunai or shuriken. She also wanted to improve herself so that one day she could protect her father and make him proud of her. Not that he wasn't already proud, but perhaps she wanted to do something more with her life than just drink and travel around.

"Oh well. Then it's time to start I suppose."

She shrugged the jacket off her shoulders and let it slide down her slender arms before it hit the ground at her feet. Wiry but sleek muscles bunched underneath her skin as she rolled her shoulders and cracked her neck before doing some basic stretching exercises. This was how she usually started out her training, and even if she wasn't exactly going to do something physically challenging then she still wanted to keep holding onto the old routine. Now that the stretching was done, she tried to recall some of her ninjutsu lessons - hoping she would remember the hand signs she needed in order to perform a specific lightning jutsu that she had hoped to learn properly some day. Ram...sheep...rat...?  

"Well damn."

She scratched her head before starting out with the hand signs she -thought- were right. Of course, nothing happened except for a loud cursing from her behalf. A few more times she tried, before she actually felt a little like she was on the right track. Rabbit, dog, boar, ram... Her hands moved randomly for the last part, and for just a moment she felt like she'd be doing it! But the only thing that really happened was a pathetic little frizz of lightning to sputter away from her before silence hung heavily over Nana before her growling voice split the air.

"Fuck this shit."
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The Fault in Our Sand [Training - Invite | Naeb]
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