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 Mei (Done)

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PostSubject: Mei (Done)   Sun Oct 04, 2015 12:28 pm

Name: Mei Terumi
Nickname: Quiet Mouse (She's Mute)
Age: 13
Gender: Female

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 115lbs
Small, kind, fragile, elegant, and cute are just a few of the words that can be used to describe this young girl. They say "Never judge a book by its cover" well in ths case, they're wrong. This small girl's looks perfectly reflect her adorable personality. Her elbow long brown hair always seems to shine, giving her a kind and radiant look. Her big pink sparkling eyes giving her that look of wonder and adventure. Her small little mouth can hold a smile of sweetness but never speak a word of life. (It never speaks a word period due to the fact that she's been mute since birth.) Of course, her small childlike body and her flat chestedness (totally a word that I'm going to use wether it's real or not) give her the young and innocent child look. However it's not simply her body structure or her kind face that show her true personality, it's all in the way she dresses.

Her long brown hair can normally be found simply hanging down the child's back with her forehead protector holding her hair away from her face in a headband fashion. However when she's busy, she will simply pull it all up in a pony tail. Normally, the child can be found wearing shorts, a T-shirt, and sandals this is normally when she's busy adventuring or doing village work. However on days where she feels shy, the child may wear shorts, a long sleeved shirt, and sandals. Then, there are times where she simply wishes to pick something out and go. These are the times where she will wear dresses. The child's favorite colors to wear are pink and purple, so most of her clothing are in those colors.

Village: Kumogakure
Character Rank: D
Clan: Terumi
Element: N/A

Personality: Fearful: Mei knew she was different the day she realized she couldn't speak. She knew it was going to be difficult for her to communicate with others. She knew that it was going to be difficult for others to understand her. Everyday, the girl lives in fear of others. What if they hate her? What if they can't understand her and try to harm her? What if she was alone for the rest of her life? Mei tries to keep her distance from people as best she can. When spoken to, the girl begins to nervously shake, slowly back away, and try to run. Sometimes, this turns out well and other times it doesn't, mostly with men. Mei fears men most of all. She believes them to be violent, overpowering, demanding, and full of hatred. This girl does her very best to avoid the opposite sex no matter what. Her greatest fear would more than likely be the monsters she sees every night in her nightmares. The monsters that attacked her home and took everything from her... the Bijuu.

Kind Hearted: With a fearful attitude comes a kind heart. Mei understands pain and fear more than anyone could imagine. She is all about love and compassion for those in need. She is about happiness and spreading smiles when she finds those that need it. Although it's not very often, Mei can find herself tending to the needs of others when she has the confidence to do so. Wether it's helping the elderly or watching over a child, Mei will be there every step of the way.

Adventurous/Clumsy: Being alone is quite scary, especially when you're a mute 13 year old girl. However, it can also be seen as a time of bliss. Although she can't ever hear herself, Mei can definitely hear and see the world around her. This leads to her always finding the source of noises or hearing the sounds of things she's seen. The girl can always find herself in a new place looking for new things and hearing new sounds. However, Mei is quite clumsy. Her problem is the fact that she has no feeling in her feet whatsoever. Mei has no idea why just as she has no idea why she cant speak. So, she never feels what's on the ground around her and ends up tripping constantly. She doesn't mind though because she doesn't like wearing shoes anyway.

Anger/Loneliness: Even with the many problems she has, Mei has never felt any source of anger. Not when she trips, not when she thinks about being abandoned, not when she thinks about the horrible things that have happened to her, not when she thinks about "perfect" people, and not when she thinks about her own disabilities. However, she hasn't always felt loneliness and sadness, until that fateful day Her villages as attacked and everything was taken fro her. Mei has since hoped and prayed for someone.. anyone. She has hoped for a friend, a family, someone to love her, someone to pick her up when she falls, someone who doesn't care about her disabilities and finds HER perfect, and someone who will protect her from any more horrible things that could happen. She just wants someone to fill the void.

Character History:
"Iwagakure. It was my home village. It was where I was born and where I was raised. It was where my friends were and my family. Everything I needed and wanted was there. It was almost perfect. So why? Why did they come? Why did they destroy it? What happened to everyone? Why? Why? Why?"- Mei's Thoughts.

It had been a wonderful, beautiful, and prosperous village at the time. It was inhabited by humans and had perfectly happy families. The shinobi seemed to work hard and at this moment, a new baby was about to be born into the world. She was a beautiful baby girl with sparkling pink eyes, which seemed odd for her parents but they didn't question it. Wait. Something was wrong. She wasn't producing any sound. Her mother began to panic. What was wrong with her baby? The child was moving her mouth and tears were coming from her small eyes but no sound was produced. It was at this time the doctors would take the child away. The mother and father sat for a few hours waiting and hoping. Soon, their baby girl would be returned to them. "She's perfectly healthy. However, she... well, your baby is mute. She'll never speak or produce any sort of vocal sounds." The couple was relieved but slightly frightened at the same time. It would be a difficult task but they wouldn't give up their child.

Mei grew up a happy baby, or so her parents believed. She was always smiling and there were times where it seemed to be laughing but they didn't know for certain. He eyes seemed to be filled with wonder and shine with kindness. As she grew, they only saw more and more if her wonderful personality. They realized just how clumsy she was. They realized how adventurous she was. They saw how intelligent and kind she was. However, they also noticed that for the longest time she didn't know she couldn't speak. There were times where the child would try to move her mouth and nothing came out. Mei still believed her parents could hear her. After a while, they would learn to read her lips. However, not too long after she learned the truth. Mei became quite frightened after this. She didnt know how she would communicate with others. She didn't know how she would become a great kunoichi like her Momma. Nonetheless, she would only try harder.

At about the age of 7, Mei was submitted into the academy in Iwagakure along with her cousins. She was always sitting alone and tried to avoid communicating with anyone else. Although, there were times when others tried to communicate with her. During these times, she would use a small pocket sized notepad to communicate. Many of times, they just believed her to be quite shy or scared of talking. Unless, Mei was communicating wuth her cousins. They knew the situation with her. Although, Mei wished to keep it secret. However, she would still give off a happy aura. The girl tried as hard as she could and tried not to show any struggle, even if she was struggling. Her parents where very proud of her but were quite sad about her situation. They might have shown it had she not been so content with it. "What's the point in making her feel upset about herself if she's not?" This was their question.

It took Mei a few years but she would eventually finish the academy. It was the best accomplishment she had ever made. It was amazing and wonderful. Her parents were proud, so she was too. However, sometime during her genin years a horrible tragedy befell the village. A fear that would haunt Mei after. The Bijuu appeared. They came from what seemed like nowhere. They attacked the village. Many shinobi tried to fight back, including Mei's parents. However, most of them died, also including Mei's parents. The child would then be separated from her cousins as they all ran in fear. Mei believed them to have died in the villages destruction. She felt so alone and abandoned. She didn't know where she would go, so she just went wherever her feet would take her. That's when she would arrive in Kumogakure. Here she would seek refuge and even be accepted into their village. The child would even become one of their very own genin.
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PostSubject: Re: Mei (Done)   Sun Oct 04, 2015 2:09 pm

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Mei (Done)
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