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 Missions and Stuff [Closed]

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Kiri Chunin

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PostSubject: Missions and Stuff [Closed]   Mon Oct 05, 2015 6:10 pm


Waking up the day after the terrible attack that had torn Kiri apart Akio would slip into his armor as he yawned. Birds tweeted from outside as the sun shined through the window of the shinobi's room, the rays falling on the Uchiha's now vacant bed. Fitting the red kasa to his head Akio would yawn once more before running his hand over the brim of the hard clay kasa. While he had been through a lot since his last time going on a real mission the boy didn't have much planned for today and decided he would simply take a mission in place of lying around for the better part of the day. With all that has been going on Akio knew he had to start picking up on everything around him. He needed to take more missions, work twice as hard and on top of that he even had to manage leading a squad since the responsibility was pushed on to him seeing as Rei wouldn't have the means to do so between his own training and now being put in charge of leading the village himself.

Tying his hitai-ate loosely around his neck the shinobi would shake his head free of such thoughts before heading out of his room and toward the door. Placing his hand on the doorknob he would give a soft sigh before turning the knob and slowly pushing the door open. The contrast of the light in the house compared to outside would briefly stun the shinobi as his eyes adjusted. Then without thought he would continue to shut the door before making his way down the unnoticeable path that lead to the house he had inherited from his now deceased Sensei. His final destination would be the same place he was ambushed on his last mission, the circus, which resided a good walk out of Kiri and a decent distance through the forest that lined the village and a good portion of the country. Akio would take his time though seeing how early he had awoken based on the look of the sky, which was a rather pale blue with the sun just slightly peeking over the horizon.

Basing his estimate off of appearance of the sun Akio would say he probably had a half an hour or so before he actually had to be at the circus. Although he planned to get there a little early, although this would not quicken his pace as he reached the edge of the forest. From where he stood the house he was just in would be hidden by both trees and hills along with cliffs, but Akio could see the ridge that was just a few steps from the house as he glanced back. Turning back to face the forest he would use this ridge as a guide to where he remembered the circus being as he use to jump from the ridge to get there when he was in a hurry. Akio would pass tree after tree as the whole forest seemed to look the same no matter how far you walked into it. This would skip though as he reached a slight clearing, continuing through it he saw the clearing as a landmark to know when he was a bit over half way through his path to the circus as he reached the other end.

Continuing on further he would emerge at the clearing that held the circus tents, the trees hiding them from view do to the tree's sheer height alone. Even though he was so early the circus would already have a long like awaiting the tent to open and let them in. This was supposedly because of the attacks that had troubled Kiri recently, seeing as the town was devastated and the beast were on everyone's minds the families that could afford it, which was most of them, were using the circus as an outlet to take their minds along with the rest of their family's off of such terrible thoughts and use the circus as a stress relief. Forgetting their worries the waiting visitors would be happily chatting among each other, not noticing as Akio would walk around the line and walk right to the entrance as he slipped through.

Inside the tent wasn't much different from what it was last time he was there on a mission. A clear circle in the middle that was sunken beneath the surrounding seats to act as a lowered stage for the animals and their handlers. The tent had been expanded a bit more at a second glance however. The walls backed away a bit to make up for the room that a few more rows of seats had taken up in their placement.

Deciding not to bother with the ringleader of the circus Akio would simply walk over to the entrance of her office and retrieve the paper fro a stand that was placed to the right of the door. It stood in the corner where the outside wall of the tent met the wall of the office, with only a single paper positioned on it. Flipping the sheet over to examine it he would notice it was a list of names an sketches to match all of them. These were the people he was suppose to look out for today, the ones he was suppose to deny entrance to the tent and turn away because of past occurrences with them and the circus. Glancing over them real quick Akio couldn't say any of them looked out of place, familiar to him maybe, but not anyone that would stick out in a crowd. This meant he would have to keep his eyes open and be careful not to let one slip by, maybe even glance at his list once or twice before checking a handful of people and then repeat the process until everyone was handled and either turned away or accepted into the tent after paying the respectable admission.

Tucking the paper away in once of his pouches Ako would make his way back to the entrance of the tent, slipping out and taking his post on the opposite side from the guard that was already positioned there. While he was always there Akio figured the circus needed a little more protection seeing as more and more people came everyday, especially since the tailed beast attacked Kiri not so long ago. Not seeing anything wrong with it the young shinobi simply let the guard let people past until someone on the list showed up, at which point he would point them out and let the guard turn the away.

This continued for some time before another man from the list would show up, this time a shinobi himself and when he was confronted by the guard he did nothing, simply began to argue with the man at first. It wasn't much to worry about until the man pulled out an explosive tag. Thinking the man was probably just drunk Akio would simply tackle him to the ground, giving him on swift punch to the jaw before ripping the tag and tossing it far away from the crowd. Akio would remain on top of the shinobi as another circus worker would retrieve more shinobi to take the man away. At this point everyone in,line either ignored it and proceeded toward the tent or left all together, making Akio's job much easier.

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Missions and Stuff [Closed]
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