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 How Many of Us Have Them [Open]

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Suna Genin
Suna Genin

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PostSubject: Re: How Many of Us Have Them [Open]   Sat Oct 17, 2015 10:15 am

ooc: 2 things, 1 Vaati didn't start approching until after the 2nd explosion which would be your clone, 2nd... still gonna label kidnapping as a form of attack... which as I am a genin, would be void due to Genin immunity. Unless I attack or try to rob you, I can't be attacked by you. Nor would you be able to "steal" my memories.

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PostSubject: Re: How Many of Us Have Them [Open]   Sat Oct 17, 2015 10:31 am

Hmm.. Well played, well played mr genin immunity.
Anyway, if you weren't a genin, everything would still happen, my summons and I would simply move to the building instead /: Ignore my latest post~ it's void
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PostSubject: Re: How Many of Us Have Them [Open]   Sun Oct 18, 2015 8:49 pm

Since I haven't posted the whole time.. why even start now? I'm just gonna.. do this... [Exit] and yeah...
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PostSubject: Re: How Many of Us Have Them [Open]   Mon Oct 19, 2015 2:17 pm

Ryujin would return to the holding cells he had placed Sabure within after he had left his own underground labyrinth beneath Konohagakure, the boy still laying paralyzed on the ground. He'd ask the guards to open the cell to which they'd comply, allowing him to enter it. The Senju clan leader would walk forward, closer to Sabure, to which he would then kneel down to get closer to the boy. "Time to go, don't worry you'll be returning home now. I apologize for the inconveniences I've caused you, though your foolish ally shouldn't have tried to attack my students. Those who oppose Leaf shinobi, oppose me, and so they'll receive the full force of my wrath. If anything, you should know now to fear me, however you won't remember any of this so it doesn't matter, now does it?" He'd talk with the lad as he laid paralyzed, his stomach down on the ground leaving his back open. Sabure's shirt was intact, having received no tears during the little scuffle earlier, allowing Ryujin to slip in another Cannabis marking on the sunagakure boy, which he would attempt to do as he slipped his hand from the bottom of the boy's shirt upwards to touch the upper section of his back, trying to place the Cannabis marking within the center of said section of Sabure's back. Once done he would perform a few handseals in the correct order of Rat - Tiger - Snake - Boar - Hare - Bird to activate the Memory Seal, and move his left pinkie-finger over to Sabure's head, to which he would attempt to touch the boy's head and try to use his Memory Seal to remove all of the memories which included leaf shinobi, up until a point (This topic, and the previous topic within the Kazekage's offices where he reunited with Akira after all those years).

Whilst doing this he would stand up, taking Sabure with him with his free hand as he continued to attempt to wipe the boy's memories. Their position would quickly change from being within the cell to being in a dessert, about seven hundred meters outside of Sunagakure, next to a tree Ryujin had marked during his travel towards the sandy village. The only tree around for a few hundred meters, being accustomed to the surroundings meant the tree was well alive, some green leafs held tight onto the tree as wind blew through it. Once he was there, his finger would leave the boy's head as Ryujin stood behind the boy. Upon removing his contact with Sabure, Ryujin would return to Konohagakure again just as fast as he arrived next to the palm tree with the use of the Flying Thunder God technique, allowing no time for the Hyuga to remember seeing Ryujin. He's probably be confused as to why he was there, completely unharmed, next to a lonely tree a few hundred meters outside his home, though that mattered little to Ryujin as all that mattered was the fact that Sabure would have no memories of what happened this day, especially no memories of the Leaf attacking the Sand village, or who did it, not a face, smell, sound, anything relating to the Leaf on this day.
[Exit again]
[Shitty post coz wanted to get this over with.]
[Sabure has no memories of this topic or the "The Leaf Meets The Sand" topic~]
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PostSubject: Re: How Many of Us Have Them [Open]   

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How Many of Us Have Them [Open]
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