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 Case 002: The Novelist

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PostSubject: Case 002: The Novelist    Tue Oct 06, 2015 5:10 am

Mission Details:

Kaitekina was genuinely confused, though that wasn’t saying much since the nine-year-old was usually confused about something. This time around it pertained to why no one wanted to watch the woman who claimed to have written several best selling novels as well as written the script to the most recent addition to the romantic movie genre. It simply puzzled her for the woman was nice if not a little demanding and really she meant no harm - she was simply use to having all the authority. The only negative trait she could actually see was her habit of referring to anyone not even close to her economic standing as commoners. Otherwise, the woman was pleasant to be around. Perhaps it was something only a child could handle or maybe this mission was for a people person alone, no matter the requirement Kaitekina had fulfilled them perfectly.

She was giving the woman a tour of the village, having started after they had breakfast at a local pastry shop. She answered any questions the woman had to the best of her ability and didn’t rush her when she decided to buy something from a nearby vendor. When noon rolled around and the two settled down at a rather nice restaurant for lunch, Kaitekina was carrying a big bag which was filled with smaller bags of trinkets the woman before her had purchased. Usually one may have a problem with carrying someone else’s bags, but she didn’t mind - she had offered to carry the bag before the woman could even ask or demand it.

After lunch, Kaitekina finished off the tour of Kumogakure, adding a second large bag along the way which ended up being filled as well. With the sun now setting, the two stopped for dinner and Kaitekina dropped the woman off at the gate afterwards. She said her farewells, watching the woman disappear before heading to the administration building to turn in the mission and to meet Kai. The two would be walking home together.

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Case 002: The Novelist
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