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PostSubject: Well, shit [Byakugan Mastery Training]   Well, shit [Byakugan Mastery Training] Icon_minitimeWed Oct 07, 2015 9:12 pm

Mastered 2000 Word Count Training.
Byakugan Sight Range - 250m
C-Rank to Maintain
~Gentle Fist Reduces Target's chakra by 6 per hit.
(Capable of seeing the 8 gates as well as all chakra points. Can pin point a person, familiar or unfamiliar, with relative ease. Able to see through A-Rank genjutsu with relative ease.)

He sat quietly in the center of the oasis, his chakra flowing beneath him allowing for this phenomenon. His hands rested in his lap with both his thumbs and index fingers touching one another. The thumbs were carefully placed so that they pointed toward Sabure's body, while the index fingers pointed toward the lake. So deep was his focus that the steel ball on his head remained perfectly still, even the water surface of the oasis remaining undisturbed. Even the wind was still, not even so much as a slight breeze could be felt.

The night sky left no clouds in them. Only the full pale moon and stars occupied the vast darkness above, the only source of light on this evening. It was strangely quiet as well, not even nocturnal animals could be heard traversing the sands as they do. Still Sabure maintained his focus on his task at hand. His long black hair obscuring any clear view of his face. His every breath was deep but also calm and composed. He faced away from the moons magnificent glow, the rays instead hitting his back as it flexed slightly with each breath.

His eyes remained shut throughout it all, though his face showed flashes of strain. While his body presented calm, there was a whirlwind of things going on in the Hyuga's head. With the bijuu attack still fresh in the memory of all that survived, Sabure was reminded of how weak he truly was. In the face of something as monstrous as those two beasts, there was nothing the young man could do. Left only with a single option, Sabure choose to assist with the village evacuation. It seemed the only logical choice to make, better if villagers live and the village be destroyed than losing both.

The thought was sickening. "Running again. Like a bitch with its tail between its legs. It wouldn't have mattered," he thought as his mind trailed to his father. How he was forced to run away and leave him to face the revenge of an entire village alone. All for the sake of the Hyuga clans rise back to the top. A promise that Sabure swore to his father that he would see accomplished.

Sabure's eyes opened and he gazed upon his long shadow being cast on the water's surface by the moonlight. The reflection in the water appearing as if Sabure's shadow was actually casted on the moon itself. With only a single thought, veins on the sides on his eyes began to bulge. Within moments his vision spread away from the oasis and around into the surrounding darkness of the desert. He could see creatures burrowed in the sands resting, bats taking to the skies in search of prey, and the giant serpent directly below him.

"Wait-," he said immediately losing his concentration and falling into the waters of the oasis. His byakugan still activated, Sabure could see the creature was a giant snake and was opening its jaws to devour the Hyuga. Holding his breath, Sabure had little time to react. Purely out of instinct, Sabure used his hands and feet to block the upper and lower lip. This prevented the snake from getting Sabure in its mouth. The two burst from the waters, the snakes jaws snapping as Sabure struggled to keep the beast at bay. "ENOUGH," he shouted as he raised his right hand while the left maintained the guard. With a single thrust of his hand aimed at the snakes mouth, a blast of air caught the beast in mid hiss.

The force of the blow and the angle the two were at after bursting from the water, caused the snake to hit the sands. It flopped violently for a few moments before scurried away into the darkness. Sabure himself landed on the water's surface staring in the direction the beast had gone. A smirk appeared on his face as he cursed his poor luck, to almost get devoured by a giant sand snake. "That'll teach me to come out in the desert in the middle of the night."

With his byakugan still activated, Sabure looked at his rippled reflection in the water. He allowed his byakugan slowly deactivate as he watched closely. He always found it interesting how the doujutsu affected his face, a bad tell to have when dealing with one familiar with the signs of activation. Sabure compared it yo a cobra flexing its hood or a dogs growl, a warning to those that would choose not to tread lightly.

Ready to call it a day, Sabure walked to the edge of the oasis and stepped into the squishy sand. He gathered his things and took a final look at the moon, as full and as magnificent as a pearl. It was so full that Sabure almost felt he could reach out and grab it. It would be the sound of sliding that immediately forced Sabure to re-activate his byakugan. No sooner hand he activated it did two kunai come sailing toward right side of his head.

With no weapons at all and dressed in only his black jogging pants, Sabure focused the chakra on his feet and slide backward with only a slight push. The movement forced the kunai to sail right passed his face. Before there was time to react a shinobi bearing a no headband was well within striking range. The attacker unleashed a flying knee, forcing the Hyuga to block the attack with both hands. Seeing his opening, the attacked raised a spiked gloved fist and brought it down on the top of Sabure's skull.

The follow up was unavoidable and as a result the blow found its mark and rocked Sabure. His face hit the sand with enough force for it to hurt. Keeping up his relentless attack, the attacker delivered a powerful kick that sent Sabure back into the waters of the oasis. Growling in pain, the young Hyuga burst from the waters with excitement in his eyes. "That's what I'm talking about," he said standing on the water and holding his ribs with his hand, "By the time this is done, you will fear the might of the Hyuga."

The man offered no response and charged at Sabure while weaving hand seals. Sabure, byakugan still activated, remained still as he waited for the moment to strike. Once the attacker was at an inescapable range, Sabure stepped into a stance and vanished in a flurry of punches and kicks. However, things would become even more interesting for the Hyuga. Every attack made was matched blow for blow, and after all 128 attacks thwarted Sabure knew what he was up against. "Another Hyuga," he uttered in a astonished tone.

Hearing the statement caused the attacker to reveal himself, who up till now kept his face hidden with a hood. "Son of a traitor. You will suffer your father's fate," he finally said. "You fool! My father wants only to bring the Hyuga back to its former glory," Sabure replied, "And until he is free, that dream is my duty to uphold. Now face the man you will one day call master."

Hearing those words was all the attacker needed to hear as he closed in on Sabure. A smirk would appear as Sabure took the traditional Hyuga fighting stance. Once again the two collided blow for blow until Sabure revealed a technique that no living Hyuga had seen before. He focused the tenketsu into his right leg and delivered a devastating spinning roundhouse kick directly into the bridge of the attackers nose. The attack stunned the attacker as he hit ground, sliding a few feet from the blows force. Wasting no time, Sabure leapt into the air and brought both his feet down on the attackers face.

Feeling the crunch of bone under his bare feet, Sabure knew the fight was done. He stood over his defeated foe, making sure the man was truly done. When the attacker remained unresponsive to the few slaps and nudges Sabure offer, it was concluded that he could relax. Taking a deep breath, grunting in pain as he did so, the victorious Hyuga sat down and held his ribs. "Tough bastard, I'll give you that," he said sitting a few feet away from the attacker, "How the hell did they even find me, though. I suppose a Hyuga in Sunagakure couldn't go unnoticed forever. Gonna have to keep my eyes open now. They know I'm alive and many Hyuga lost family and friends because of that coup."

Sabure staggered to his feet after resting a moment longer, "Sleep well, brother, let all those know that the son of Senbure is no mere lion cub. You face a new animal entirely. You all will be punished for what you have done to my father," he said not concerned if the man could hear him, "Then from there I will make our clan the most feared and revered in all the land. This battle has brought me a step closer and for that you have my thanks." Giving the man a final hard kick in the ribs, Sabure turned and left the attacker to the mercy of the Land of Wind's desert. "That last one was for my ribs." With that said his byakugan deactivated and made his way back to the village.

It didn't take long for Sabure to make it back to the village and naturally he was greeted by the gate guards. "What the hell happened to you, Hyuga," one of the more familiar guards asked as he moved in to help Sabure. "Nothing but a few bandits. Caught me during training and got lucky for a moment," the young Hyuga replied. "For the moment," the other guard asked. "Their luck ran out right after that," Sabure said with a smirk, allowing the guard to assist him. The two guards laughed, "That'll teach them. I'll speak to the Kazekage about increasing patrols at night. Hey! Cover for me, I will get this tough guy home." Sabure shook his head as he straightened himself as best he could, "I'm good, I appreciate the concern. I can handle getting home. You just make sure you keep the gate safe. I may need to toss on my clothes and help you girls out." All three men laughed, though Sabure kept his minimal due the pain from his ribs.

The trip from the entrance gate to his home had never felt so long. By the time he reached the front door, Sabure felt like he was gonna break. As he reached for the doorknob a voice whispered his name from behind. Immediately recognizing the voice Sabure turned to address Reayn, the red head Uzumaki girl. "Out late aren't you," Sabure asked as he turned around to face her. "What happened to you," she said running closer to assess the damage. "Bandits caught me unaware. They paid for it," he lied not wanting to alarm the girl. "Well your the idiot that keeps leaving the village to train. You to good to use the training grounds like the rest of us," she asked as she put pressure on a few of the bruises on his face, "Or maybe your giving your time to another and her boyfriend took exception to that."

The two stared each other down before chuckling and embracing one another. "Be more careful, Sabure," Reayn whispered to the Hyuga. "Of course," he said with a mischievous grin. Reayn paused as she looked at Sabure then dropping her gaze, "I got something you should know," she began. Sabure lifted her head with his left hand by gently lifting her chin, "You know you can tell me anything," he responded, seeing the hesitation in her eyes. " see....your gonna be a father," Reayn said.

The statement left Sabure completely stunned as his eyes widened. As if sensing there was manor news in the air Claudia, Sabure's mother swung open the door just as Sabure was about to respond, "Your pregnant." Claudia eyes matched her sons as both sought process this information, though Claudia was first to snap out of it. Her own response came in the form of her slapping her son in the back of the head. Still stunned, Sabure didn't feel the hit. "Well, shit," he stated bluntly.

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Well, shit [Byakugan Mastery Training]
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