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 Soul Hakke

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PostSubject: Soul Hakke   Wed Oct 07, 2015 10:53 pm

Name: Soul Hakke
Nickname: N/A
Age: 12
Gender: Male

Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Weight: 145
Appearance: Soul is of average height and weight for young man his age. Standing at 5 foot 8 he is slightly tall for his age and because of this he is relatively slender. Though do not let his lack of bulging muscle fool you as his muscles are as fit and toned as can be. In fact he even excels at physical activity and keeps his body in the most pristine condition. His general physique aside Soul has short but messy dark colored hair. A reddish brown color to be exact. His eyes eyes are also a dark chestnut brown that seem to pierce beyond the physical values of a person. Soul generally wears long sleeve or short sleeve Tee-shirts of any variety. His shirt selection is often paired with dark blue jeans. On occasion he can be found wearing a nice button up dress shirt and slacks but this is usually only on special occasions.

Village: Kumo
Character Rank: Genin
Clan: Jiton
Element: N/A

Personality:  Soul is a rather laid back individual. When there isn't a reason too get riled up Soul is mostly playful, easy going, and kind. However his years as a shinobi has given him a cold side like most others. When needed he can be cold, calculating, and ruthless. However his personality doesn't quite fit his attitude. While he is nice, easy going and quite the prankster at times when fighting he enjoys himself. Living under the philosophy that one cannot regret anything if he is always enjoying himself he encounters enemies with a grin on his face. Enjoying the thrill of battle and the pure adrenaline rush it delivers. Most people may mistake this as lust for battle or bloodshed even though that isn't quite what the boy is thinking. Off the battlefield he teases, pranks and seeks other thrills that involve less danger than that of the numerous adrenaline pumping life risking war zones.  

In his everyday life he's the type of boy to enjoy the little things in life, whether its something as simple as a silly looking cloud formation to something closer along the lines of a good book or even a reference to a famous quote that catches his attention. Soul can find enjoyment in almost anything which obviously leads up to the fact that it takes quite the string of bad luck to get him irritated or unhappy. Conversing with people, no matter if he knows them or not, is a simple feat for Soul. He finds that he connects with almost everybody with the exception of course being those that don't want to connect. When speaking with newly met people and long time friends he tends to talk in polite or respectable manner. Soul has a particularly suave way of talking and credits this ability for his success in a few missions as well. His great social skills have lead him to have many friends and associates in life and he can only gather more as the years go by. Soul's natural ambition to stay fit has lead him to what some may consider an overly healthy life style. He is always doing his tasks in the most physically demanding way when he can to keep his body in tip top shape while going out of his way to find the healthiest groceries around. Aside from his obsession with health he also enjoys books, poetry and reading in general. Soul however is a very picky reader and only picks up books that appeal to him in multiple ways. Some of his favorite genres are science fiction, action, mystery and adventure books giving him a somewhat limited selection at times but he still makes do. For how he acts one would not assume that Soul is a fan of poetry which is normal because he also considers himself a 'closet' poetry fan. Not all poetry speaks to him however but the poetry that does reach him tends to effect him quite deeply.

Character History: Soul Hakke was born in Kumogakure. He is the only child of two loving parents Jin and Riko Hakke. He was raised much like that of every other child having two kind and compassionate parents he grew up in a easy life. He was fortunate to have such loving parents as not all families in the Land of Clouds were as sound as his. This being said he was lucky on two fronts as his parents were shinobi of Kumo and being a shinobi means risking your life constantly. Fortunate on another front it would seem as Souls parents were both carriers the Kekkei Genkei ability to control magnetism. This ability could be used in many many ways and this no doubt helped his family survive throughout the ages.

Many years later and now Soul is a small child about the age of 10. Freshly enrolled in the academy he begins to learn the basics of ninjutsu and more about what it takes to be a shinobi.  Over the course of a year the child would learn many things about starting his ninja career, more importantly that it was in fact a career, and his success on missions would be an important factor on further it. Doing missions is how they would get paid, and being good at doing missions would not only get him recognition but get him up for promotions and many other opportunities among other things.

It wouldn't be long before the young boy would graduate the academy and earn his headband and the rightful title as a shinobi of the Land of Clouds. Now that he was officially a genin he would begin his training to learn his families proud ability to create and control magnetic fields. This was no easy task as it was complicated ninjutsu that took knowledge of how magnetic fields acted and reacted with objects along with knowledge of ninjutsu. Just learning how to do the most basic magnetism jutsu took quite some time and unfortunately put him a ways behind his fellow genin in terms of skill as they focused on skills that came naturally to them.

Now we skip ahead a few more years and Soul is the age of 12 and has officially been recognized as a superb genin by many of his peers, even if he is lacking in a few areas. The little genin still has many surprises to unfold in his story as he progesses as a not only a shinobi of Kumo but as a young man.

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Kumo Genin
Kumo Genin

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PostSubject: Re: Soul Hakke   Wed Oct 07, 2015 11:51 pm

Knocked off words on appearance due to having to do app twice.

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Soul Hakke
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