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 way to jonin(Private)

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Suna Genin
Suna Genin

Posts : 480
Join date : 2015-08-23
Age : 16
Location : Ogun State, Nigeria

PostSubject: way to jonin(Private)   Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:38 am

Mission Name: Milk and Cookies
Rank: D
Type: Helping
Client: Grandmas
Exp/Ryo Reward: 300 exp/ 0 Ryo
Mission Description: This mission is strictly for
helping grandma's how you help them is up to
Location: Any village
Additional Information: In the end you get milk
and cookies
Eligible Members: anybody except MN

Mission Name: Ramen Time!
Rank: D
Type: Helping
Client: Ramen Owner
Exp/Ryo Reward: 300 exp/ 100 Ryo
Mission Description: Help the Owner get his
ramen to his customers, whether its delivering or
simply helping out in the kitchen
Location: Any village
Additional Information: N/A
Eligible Members: Anybody except MINUTE

Mission Name: Herb Gathering
Rank: D-rank
Type: npc
Client: Village Medicine Team
Exp/Ryo Reward: 100 EXP, 200 Ryo
Mission Description: The village medicine team
has requested for the village to gather some local
herbs in the area. Gather three different types of
herbs that are local to the village and drop them
off at the hospital.
Location: The Village
Additional Information: n/a
Eligible Members: Anyone

Mission Name: Not the Children
Rank: D
Type: Either
Client: Local Daycare
Exp/Ryo Reward: 200 Exp | 100 Ryo
Mission Description: A local daycare has
allowed some of the children under its care to
escape and cannot seem to find the time or
manpower to go hunt them down. The children
are now roaming the village and it is your job to
go hunt them down and bring them back safely.
Location: Konohagakure
Additional Information: Repeatable
Eligible Members: Any

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Suna Genin
Suna Genin

Posts : 480
Join date : 2015-08-23
Age : 16
Location : Ogun State, Nigeria

PostSubject: Re: way to jonin(Private)   Fri Oct 09, 2015 1:38 pm

KArou sat in the little apartment he was, it was not his parent's cause they are not the ones that built it for Karou, , it was one that he built recently with his own hand, it was his making, his art, he wanted some alone time so he built it, it was in the middle of nowhere actually, he had stolen a lot of dummies and equipments to better aid himself in taijutsu and his overall skills as a ninja, the hut wasn't meant for drawing alone, he was quite skilled in the art of drawing and painting, his skills in the art were so refined that he could recreate a person on a flat surface, so it was no surprise if someone found a lot of ink jars and brushes of varying sizes in the hut he built for himself, in the meantime, he was out of his parent's house, in the hut, learning some jutsus, after he was done, he took a nap, waking up hours later, there was nothing for him to do again, so he stood up, he would stand up, jumping from tree to tree, till he got to the apex of the largest tree, from there, he put his palms flat over his eyebrows, to act like a binocular for his vision, from his vantage point, he was able to gauge the distance and access what was happening at the outskirts of the thich forest he was.
Karou made a super leap, when he leaped in the sky, he vanished from sight and was instead replaced with a star that argented for a second and then disappeared when gravity. Sent karou back to his location, of course, he didn't land on the exact place he jumped, there was no such thing as making a perfect vertical leap, somehow, the jump would be inclined, even if it was by a degree.
Karou was pushed by gravity to the forest ground, if he hadn't done something, he wouldn't have had a nice landing, gravity could prove so disastrous and hateful at some point in time. A scenario like the one to happen could be used to explain that, instead of Karou dropping to a flat and long branch of a large tree, Karou was instead sent into the branch of a tree that had it's branch pointed upwards, should he make impact with those things, the body part they had an impact with would be terribly injured, should his balls hit it, they would blow up and that would be the end of his life.
As gravity hurled him downwards,, each moment, he was reducing in altitude, he passed by a tree when he was sent to the course of the withered tree, the tree had a branch near to Karou, Karou released his leg in a quick and swift thrust towards the branch, of course, he wasn't hoping to push the tree backwards, that was impossible due to the baby strength he had, instead, a recoil would be the aftereffect, knocking Karou backwards instead, though he was sent reeling backwards and onto the plume of grasses that reduced the impact of the fall, his body still became sore, but it was better than him having his balls blown up by a withered branch.
He would lie on the ground for a while, making his way to the hospital, but first, he had to pick some herbs for the village, it was another reason why he came to the forest.
Karou stood up, mustering all the strength he could and he sent all of it to his limbs, giving them the rigidity and reaction force to stand, he would scramble around for some particular herbs, he knew the description offhand, he could identify those herbs when sleeping, it was part of his everday life, those herbs are used for concoctions, to increase one's blood circulation and metabolism.
He would keep walking, at a slow pace, gradually, his injured body made him hate the way he handled the mission, however, he would still keep an eye on his surroundings, looking left and right in hopes of finding it, after a long walk around the forest, he would find where the herbs were located, where they were en mass, it was like a garden of them, he would pick a few herbs that had been recommended for him by some doctors few days ago.
Karou managed to take the herbs into a paper bag, holding the bag firmly as he could at the moment, his speed had been reduced, he dragged his leg, a stake had punctured it a little when he was shot down the sky by gravity, he made his way to the hospital, with every step came pain, the location of his shadow showcased the time of the day it was, his shadow was slightly before him, which signified midday, the journey was not a good one, it was filled with the horrors of pain and heat, thanks to the Konohagakure's son, no wonder it is called the Land Of fire.
Karou never knew why that happened(why shadows appear before one in midday), each direction he turned to always had his shadow slightly before him, why was that?Could his son be overhead of him?. Well he didn't know that, that was just a thought that came to his mind, he didn't know that the sun being overhead was the answer, he pushed that off when the time came, he would just walk with a blank mind, subtle thoughts flew in and flew out at a time in his hike.
After a long and terrible walk, he arrived, he arrived in the hospital, making his way to the reception, Hello, I am here to see the doctor, I have some things for him. Karou said with a soft tone, trying to hide the pain in his legs, but that wouldn't last long, he would open up, And I also somebody to treat my leg for me, please, find someone for me. He said, saying it in a lackadaisically, his voice showing no excitement, but pain, hury and impatience.
We'll attend to you in a while, let me go and call the nurse to attend to you. A nurse said, standing up from the desk before her, she would walk out with her cap on her head, Karou would hear her talking, but they eventually ended up to a speech of incoherent formation, all he could here was Blah blah blah blah blah .
After a while, the nurse was done, she came out, with another nurse, Okay, give me the herbs, I hope you have them. The second nurse said, sounding inquisitive, Yes I do, these are the herbs he pointed to the things in the paper bag, lifting his hand, moving closer to her, Here, this is it, and if you don't mind, I'll like my leg checked. The nurse collected it from him, Ok, I'll give it to the doctor later, the next thing I need to do is treat you she said. Now let's get started, fold your pants and take off your shirt. Karou did as she said, taking off his shirt and folding his pants up, few cm above his knee, the nurse would pace a device on Karou, sliding it across his skin, each time it came to contact with a place that Karou injured himself, it would leave a red beep there. After she was done, It's good that you don't have a sever injury, all I see is cuts and punctures, nothing more, no internal injury, none of your organs are touched. Karou nodded and heaved a sigh of relief when he was done, the nurse's hand began to emanate blue chakra, applying it to wherever Karou found it difficult to move and where the skin was pierced, after a while, she finished everything she needed to do and restored dislocated bones back to their rightful place, though it took a while. Karou was more than patient, he waited patiently until everything was done. Can I stand now?. He asked, getting an answer, Yes you can, see if you're still okay, I'll be taking this to the doctor anyways, thank you Karou-kun.

Ok. Whilst saying those words, he stood up, with relative ease, easier than he could when he fell down minutes ago. He stomped his feet hard on the ground, and he felt nothing, he made more movement, more and more complex, and not a single cramp could be felt. Oooookaayyy!!!!!, it seems I'm ready for some missions he said. He would decide to go out when he met an old woman, carrying a pile of books on her head, with the way she looked, she looked tired, wearied and unkept. Her back was feeling the pressure of the load she had on her head, her head and upper body were slightly bent down, she carried the book with pain and agony, Karou knew that he had to help her, so he did, he would walk towards her, Uhm, ma'am, would you like if I help you with those? he would say to the grannie, who had a shock when she suddenly noticed a figure beside her, Of course you can, anything for an old lady, right? Or isn't that what you people say. I'm not really sure, but I'll take it as that, I don't play much with people so I don't really have much slangs and the rest in my everyday grammar and vocabulary. Now, if you wouldn't mind, I'll be taking this off your head, so, where would you be dropping them so I can do that for you? Karou said, the old woman bent a little, though the bending resulted in a lot of pain, she held it to herself, Karou took the load from her, So where to?, to the store in this floor. Ok ma'am, Karou took the bag on his head to the store, where he dropped it wherever he felt, on getting out, he found another woman plagued with the same fate, does the hospital hire grannies for doing their jobs? He thought. He didn't know, but he had a conversation with the old woman, after that, he helped the old woman take the pile of books into the store, while both grannies showed appreciation by reaching for their pockets, bringing out milk and candies, for the child's delight

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Suna Genin
Suna Genin

Posts : 480
Join date : 2015-08-23
Age : 16
Location : Ogun State, Nigeria

PostSubject: Re: way to jonin(Private)   Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:23 pm

Karou walked out of the hospital, his whole face was covered with a bright smile, noticeable to everyone around him, his mood was at the best it could be,, he was 10 year old after all.
Why wouldn't he smile with all his might when he got fre candy and milk from two grannies.
Each step he took made him feel atop the whole world, he had matured physically, which was evident by his precocious growth and insanely and Over-powered height, but deep within him, deep within, that his matured face though fresh, his long legs and masculine body are not shown, that part of him has the thinking of a typical 10 year old, he however possessed a unique intellect, a smart personality and a sharp brain, though he was always likened to stupid, dumb and irrational by most people that knows him.
The 10 year old would beam with smiles as he wandered the village, his cheek muscles had been aching him slightly, and he knew it, but the sensation candy and milk mixed together in his mouth created another sensation that nulled the ache. Too much of something good is bad, even though he barely felt the ache on his cheeks, because of what he had in his mouth, he'll still feel it once he is done with his little lunch.
He threw the last bits of candy and squeezed the milk into his mouth, guzzling it down instantly.
After he had swallowed the candy whole and the milk slide thro, and wandered enough, he would see a shop, a ramen shop to be precise, the shop wasn't new to him, considering that he had done many jobs for them in the past, the shop had an usual high amount pay for little jobs, but that didn't bother Karou, infact, he liked it the way it was.
He would walk in, where he would be greeted by one of the staff that worked in the ramen shop, Good morning Karou-kun, how is today the man would ask. Karou knowing this man, would look down at him slightly, because he is taller than the man.
I'm fine, so how do you do Rouga-san? the young Uzumaki said, getting a reply when the man callled Rouga opened his mouth, Oh, I am fine Karou, so, are you here to deliver ramen again?.
The man asked, doing what he was and then looking up slightly, Yes, I am, so, is there anything left for me to do? he said, once again, Karou would get a reply, a soothing one. Yes, but Ramen is almost finished, so go in and go meet Burosi, he's inside.. With what Karou said, he was a little happy, but he wasn't willing to sell two bowls like before, this would just be a bowl instead, the remainer of his time would be spent helping the ramen shop out, which was unusual to Karou.
Ok Rouga-san, but I'm not willing to deliver 2 bowls this time, but to deliver one, I also want to help out with the shop so that I'll know how to run one when I'm old enough.. Karou moved to the left, without telling him to, before his ear sensed stimuli coming from the direction of Rouga, Aahh Karou, you need to help me. The man said, obtaining a simple Why from Karou as an answer, Since you said you'll be helping us out, it's just ok if you help me get some lettuce and boil some eggs. Rouga san threw a key at Karou, which he caught, There, you'll find everything I told you in the store of this shop, do everything I told you there. Ok Rouga-san. With that, Karou walked to the door of the shop, it was located behind the reception, which was near to the kitchen, Karou walked sluggishly, Had work started so soon?. He went to the store, put the key in it's rightful place and kicked the door back, causing the door to snap backwards violently, Karou took little steps, looked for the freezer in the room, and when he eventually found it, he held the handle, drawing it backwards, to open the door to the freezer, therE, he took a crate of egg, it was a ramen shop, they wouldn't be using one or two eggs, he knew that they had a lot of customers, and most customers prefer eggs on their ramen.
Karou took the crate of egg out, placing them on the kitchen slab carefully, not wanting them to have a crack or break up the entirety of the egg.
Karou would walk back to the store, scrambling for lettuce, though he was unsure why they wanted it, he was going to get payed for his actions so he didn't bother to ask.
Karou bent down and took all the lettuce he needed, closing the door and locking it with the key given to him by Rouga san, he took the lettuce to the kitchen, placing it on the table, after that, he remembered that he was told to boil egg, so he would do just that, he poured water in a kettle, putting it on the stove available, dropping all the eggs in the crate.
Karou would wait for the kettle to whistle in order to him to know when It has boiled, while Karou was waiting, another man entered the Kitchen, [color=yellow]Oh Karou san, can you help me bring these to the outside of the shop[color] the man asked, [color=red]Yes I can[color] Karou said, taking the item outside, Karou would do few more jobs until the kettle began to whistle, which he left for few seconds, after he felt that the need for the wait was over, he put off the fire and brought out the eggs, [color=red]Rouga-san, I'm done with boiling eggs, come over[color] he shouted. Much to the elder's annoyance, but he didn't let that show on him, He walked over to Karou with a bowl of Ramen in hand, [color=blue]Where are they? [color] he asked, Karou would point at them, [color=red]There they are, this and that[color]. Karou pointed to them again, the man named Rouga placed the bowl of ramen on Karou's palms, [color=blue]This will be the package you're to deliver[color] he said to Karou, he went and inspected what Karou did, when he was done, he paused for a while.
Now looking back, he would open his mouth, [color=blue]As you know, all you have to do is deliver the ramen and let the recipient sign, then come back and show it to me, if you truly did the job, then you'll get your pay [color] he said

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Suna Genin
Suna Genin

Posts : 480
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Age : 16
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PostSubject: Re: way to jonin(Private)   Sat Oct 10, 2015 2:46 am

Karou took the bowl, ready for anything, he would hold the two handles the bowl had, which were opposite in direction to the other. Karou bolted out, as fast as he could, but he slowed down his speed to avoid spilling the ramen from side to side. He was not capable of jumping with considering the situation he was, he however tried all his best to evade the throng of the common people in the hidden lead that wallowed in discussions, Karou moved as fast as he could, after a long run, he got to the location, he climbed the stairs till he got to the top floor, looking for the room he would deliver the ramen too.
After few seconds of searching, Karou found the place, and knocked the door, a man as tall as Karou opened the door, Yes? Can I help you the tall man said, having the same height as Karou, Karou only needed looking straihgt instead of looking downwards like he always did.
[color=red]Uhm, I'm here to deliver, uhm I'm herre to deliver ramen I meant[/[color]. Karou said, stammering, apart from his fatther, this was the only man that Karou had met in his whole life that was as tall as he was. The man would smile upon hearing that Karou was there to deliver ramen. Oh, good, I think I'm expected to sign right the man said, Karou opened his mouth to talk, to give a reply, Yes sir, it's to know the credibility and sincerity of the deliverers, most deliverErs just lie to them that they've delivered the ramen, yet they haven't, so they came up with the signing of slip bags to issue works to people. . The man smiled after hearing those, I have to go get a pen and my glasses, hope you don't mind?. The man said, "Of course I don't mind" Karou said, the man replied with an ok, and slid his body in.
Scrambling for a pen and his glasses, after he was done with that, he came outside, wearing his recommended glasses, So where's the paper he said, Karou moved the ramen bowl closer to him, by the top of the bowl, the man wrote his name and signed there. Karou gave the man the bowl and cut the paper, that was evidence of him delivering the ramen. Karou walked down the stairs, when he saw two kids from the window, Mario and Luigi, both being friends and known for escaping to aanywhere once given the opportunity, their mothers are friends to Karou's mother, and Karou sees them occasionally, he had even babysitted them once when he was forced to do that and eventually cope with the children's mischievous thoughts. He would walk to the two boys, hiding behind a fence, tucking their heads out every 2 seconds to see if someone was coming. Of course, if Karou had reached ground level, he wouldn't be able to see him, but his vantage point provided him with more than enough height to see the two boys, they were being cautious, it seems that they had escaped the daycare once again, cause they do that occasionally, when given the chance and whenever an opportunity came.
Karou grinned, his cheeks pushed backwards at a point, he ran to the the entrance, in a fit to gain ground level and catch the kids. After few seconds, with his speed, he got to the entrance, running to the direction of the children.
Mario and Luigi were scared, was he coming towards hem or are the ones behind them coming for them.
Karou kept running to their direction, once he got to a good distance, he jumped and landed behind the kids, unknown to both kids because of the way he moved. Why are you two so troublesome? he said behind them, his hands clenched in on their collars, tucking them in his palms, Now you too better start going back to the daycares your mothers sent you to be, or else, I'm gonna beat the hell of that leg you use for running. Even thogh Karou was not so menacing in his speech, the young kids feared him because he had not whooped their asses once, but thrice, and each one was not a pleasant experience. Of course, Karou knew the daycare's they were, the daycare's are beside each other, Karou knew this since he had always been picking them up from the daycare when their busy nothers weren't around. The daycare was near to the ramen shop, though one would encounter them before getting to the ramen shop.
After a long walk, they arrived at the destination, they were at the daycare, Karou had forced the kids to walk in his front, he wanted them by his front so that he could watch their every move, instead of him leading the boys, which could eventually end up in them running away secretly, Karou took the kids to their respecitve daycares and ended up with ryo for bringing them back from both owners.
After that, Karou walked back to the ramen shop and claimed his prize

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Suna Genin
Suna Genin

Posts : 480
Join date : 2015-08-23
Age : 16
Location : Ogun State, Nigeria

PostSubject: Re: way to jonin(Private)   Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:34 am

Karou was done for the day, he made sure that he rested under a tree that provided him with more than enough shade. After that, he walked home, he didn't interact with anyone, and no one interacted with him.

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PostSubject: Re: way to jonin(Private)   

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way to jonin(Private)
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