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 Let the rivers flow with blood

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Kumo Genin
Kumo Genin

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PostSubject: Let the rivers flow with blood   Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:48 pm



The time had to be no earlier than 4 am but Jinrou was up bright and early. His body already covered in sweat as he proceeded to do his push ups. "997... 998... 999... 1000..." Lifted his body from the wooden floor, Jinrou would stretch his arms and yawn as he wasn't even phased by this workout. Today was going to be the first day he decided to take part in missions. As he looked through his closet he grabbed a all black shirt with the words "Lets Get It" written in white on the front. Grabbing his black sweat pants he would lay them down on his bed before he would grab a towel and begin walking to the public bath in his complex. Jinrou relaxing in the bath gave his muscles a much needed rest as he would float on the water thinking about what the day would bring him. It took about 30 minutes for Jinrou to get out the bath and get prepared for the day. After all his clothes was on he would grab his forehead protector and tie it around his right upper thigh. Looking out his window Jinrou would dash toward it jumping out it. His room on the second floor he would turn his back towards the ground and allow himself to plummet into the ground. As a loud boom is produced clouds of dirt cover the body of Jinrou who is not hurt even though he jumped out the second window. Jinrou would get up and dust himself off as he proceeded towards the council building to receive his missions from the elders. Standing in front of the building Jinrou would sigh heavily as he waited for a good moment to open the door.
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Cookie Monster


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PostSubject: Re: Let the rivers flow with blood   Fri Oct 09, 2015 11:57 pm

Soul was sleeping soundly until his alarm had gone off that morning. It had went off the first time at 5:30 in the morning but thanks to hitting the snooze button not once, but in fact twice, he was just now getting up right around 6:00 in the morning. From what he could hear from the confines of his bedroom, it had sounded like today was simply another peaceful day, apart from the fact that he had taken on two C rank missions for the day. Normal this would prove to be a little stressful but the boy had a partner for the two missions. Though what he had heard about the boy had led him to have some concerns but whether or not he even saw him, the two missions would be completed. Soul took great care in easing himself out of his bed, the boy didn't want to get up but knew he had to or else there would be hell to pay. With a quick spurt he pushed himself into a standing position and started his daily morning routine. In roughly fifteen minutes or so the young man was prepped and ready to go thanks to a quick shower and light breakfast.

His first stop for the morning was a farm off on the coast. On his way to the coast he passed by the council center, in front of it was the boy whom he thought was supposed to be his partner. He gave him a slight wave and motioned him to follow as Soul wanted to hurry and get the work for the day done. Luckily the coast wasn't too far away so he managed to get there in no time at all. His mission here was to remove the wolves or kill them. As he approached the farm they were supposed to clear out and the presence of wolves was quite obvious. Not because of tracks or claw marks but because he could clearly see the pack of wolves not too far in the distance. There were four wolves in total and being that they were average wolves it should pose too much of a problem for him let alone if his partner tagged along.

Soul reached into his pocket which had a small amount of iron sand stashed within it. Gather some chakra into his hand he manipulated the iron sand and forced it to accumulate together into the shape of a sword. It started off small but as he pulled his hand from his pocket the sand would follow until there was a five blade. His little trick would give off a sort of illusion that he just 'miraculously' pulled this blade of his pocket... Perhaps he was a magician of sorts. Whatever a bystander may think Soul was now armed and ready to fight the wolves. Slowly Soul stepped towards the wolves, slowly and as quietly as possible. Soul got within twenty meters when he assumed that one had smelled him as it head turned to look. The light blue eyes of the creature locked with his and a light howl alerted the other wolves. Before the other wolves could turn and prepare for what was coming Soul started coming, his element of surprise was all he had as an advantage at this point. The closest wolf to him had its back turned and head cocked back to try and see him. The wolf had just managed to get up on its feet when the iron blade pierced through its back and straight through its chest. The body of the wolf went limp almost instantly and Soul pulled his pulled out swiftly. As his sword came out of the wolfs chest the wolf that saw him first was up and running towards him, taking a leap to no doubt rip his throat out. The leaping attack worked against the wolf however as Soul easily side stepped and pulled his sword up with his might in a vertical slice aimed at the wolfs neck. The blade heaved through the flesh of the wolf cutting about halfway through its necked before hitting its spinal cord and stopping. The momentum of the wolf pulled him back slightly as he held onto the blade. Two wolves were left and they were about to strike, but what would his 'teammate' do?

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Cookie Monster


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PostSubject: Re: Let the rivers flow with blood   Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:23 pm

Much to Soul's dismay his 'teammate' was nowhere to be found. Perhaps he got lost somewhere along the way or just lost interest, hell maybe he went to a different farm, either way Soul was on his own here. Even though he was slightly off balance from the corpse of the wolf dragging his blade back he was able to recover before the next wolf attacked. The blade flew out of the wolf he killed last as he gave it big yank. It slid somewhat cleanly out of the wolfs neck and was now being held in a ready position by Soul. The two wolves attacked simultaneously, charging at him from directly in front of him. Soul grabbed the edge of his sword quickly and bent the blade until it snapped in two. The two wolves leaped toward him simultaneously once more, acting in unison again. Each of his arms acting as separate tools now, each wielding a blade, targeting a separate wolf. The wolves collided into the broken blade parts which pierced their chest, they let out a high pitched whelp of pain as they collided. The impact of both wolves was enough to knock Soul back with them. Finally he had finished the wolf threat and he was ready to go back to the village and continue his second mission. If he was lucky it would be an uneventful one and Soul could relax while he was there. The iron blades he carried had now broken down back into sand and returned to his pockets where it usually rested.

Much later in the day now Soul was walking through the street yet again trying to find his way towards this Mob bosses home which was where he was going. Thankfully he had plenty of time to clean himself up and grab his scroll and a new set of clothes from his home before he was set on his way. It didn't take Soul long to reach the home he was supposed to help keep watch on. The house was... Enormous. Once inside Soul was instructed that he was to simply stand watch wherever the family would be sitting while the father was off doing his meeting. With those simple instructions the father went off to go do whatever sort of dirty shenanigans happened at his meetings. As far as light humor went Soul like to consider himself a master. In any case, whatever kind of meeting was happening it must have been fairly serious for the father to consider ninja protection for his family... Well that or he just didn't trust his own henchman. With all that in mind the night was rather uneventful. There was one moment where Soul suspected there might be somebody coming and they're may have been at one time, but the threat was quick to disappear, perhaps the henchman did their job. In any case the mob boss returned home later at night and when he came back Soul was finished with his job and was given the ok to go home. It was a quick walk through the darkness for Soul as he was eager to go lay in his bed after a long day of work

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PostSubject: Re: Let the rivers flow with blood   

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Let the rivers flow with blood
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