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 Raionhato, Gambaldi [Kiri Jounin]

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PostSubject: Raionhato, Gambaldi [Kiri Jounin]   Sat Oct 10, 2015 11:38 am

Shinobi Dossier: Kirigakure's Black Lion

Name: Gambaldi Raionhato
Nickname: Black Lion
Age: 29
Gender: Male

Height: 7'0
Weight: 255lbs
As if carved from marble by the Gods of Greek lore, Gambaldi's physical build is like a picture of perfection. He stands 7'0 and weighs 255lbs of solid well-toned muscle. His skin tone is white though slightly tanned, showing he is no stranger to being outdoors. He has broad shoulders which only adds to his regal bearing and attitude; his posture only simply exudes this. His eye brows are a little bushy and always look make him look as angry, which most times isn't the case. His voices is deep and commanding, making it an easy one to remember if heard or recognize if heard.

The most noticeable characteristic of Gambaldi is his eye color. His eyes are best Gambaldi as being a greyish green, and always have a mischievous yet relaxed look about them. In the light it almost appears as if they are luminescent. His teeth are perfectly white and his canine teeth are noticeably more pointed than the average person, giving him an feral almost wolfish look when he grins. His hair color is black and is styled to the back like a member of mafia. Very short and trimmed.

He has a few minor scars on his body from incidents in his youth. What stands out the most is his large tattoo that spans from his chest, over both shoulders and halfway down his back. On both sides is a Japanese dragon, one black with white eyes the other white with black eyes. The two heads meet face to face on Gambaldi's chest. The black dragon's face is seen snarling as if ready to attack, while the white dragon's face appears calm and composed. Their long bodies go over the shoulders and travel down his back, both bodies never crossing as they create an "S" shaped pattern with the tails of both stopping at the center of the back; completely parallel to each other and mirroring each others pattern. The tattoos is meant to serve as a balance, similar to the yin and yang concept.

Despite his humble upbringing, Gambaldi is a man who prefers to make appropriate first impression. Thus, his attire alone speaks just as much about himself as his actions does. His favorite color is black, which is pretty much the standard for all his clothing in terms of color. He prefers the more formal type of clothing as he will almost always wear a all black button up vest, fitting perfectly to his build; not to snug but not to baggy. The buttons on said vest are a pearl white, matching Gambaldi's white moon-like eyes.  

Under this, should he decide to leave the button up unbuttoned, he wears an all black long-sleeved button up shirt that fits only slightly similar to the vest. The shirt fit is only a little more loose than the rest of his attire. On occasion, Gambaldi will wear a suit jacket. The jacket's length fits like a typical suit jacket. The jacket has no outside pockets, instead only have two large inside pockets. The jacket itself is fairly light and is loose enough to easily slip out of if the need arises. 

Maintaining his formal appearance, Gambaldi wears black dress pants. The pants are a perfect fit being not to baggy, but fitting to his size allowing room to deliver wide kicks and maneuverability without ripping the pants. However, it is hard to notice this fact by simply looking at said pants. To the untrained eye the pants look as if they restrict movements, which sometimes grants the element of surprise.

Though his pants fit well enough to do without, Gambaldi still wears a typical black leather belt mostly for looks than actual need. His socks are black and reach just above the ankles. What perhaps stands out most in the outfit is Gambaldi's footwear. Rather than traditional patent leather shoes, his shoes are more like a Shinobi sandals and dress shoe hybrid. Smaller tight fit like sandals and cover the whole foot, but smaller than traditional dress shoes, the shoes grant good maneuverability while maintaining the formal appearance.

Gambaldi prefers to not wear headgear, simply out of personal preference. As stated previously, he doesn't like to wear jewelry and has no piercings. On occasion he may wear a monocle, though he doesn't require them to see properly. Just likes the look. He is prone to wear different outfits, this is just his favored style.

Village: Kirigakure
Character Rank: A-RANK Jounin
Clan: N/A
Element: N/A


Positive Side
Code of Honor ~ Perhaps his most obvious trait. As a King (self-proclaimed), Gambaldi believes that honor is by far the most kingly trait one can have. Though he isn't above killing or brutal beatings, he will rarely beat a individual that can no longer defend themselves or pleading for mercy. It should also be noted that he isn't the sort to interfere in a fair fight, though he would never assist anyone over his own. Though he may have an issue with it and won't hesitate to state as much, he doesn't ever choose anything over his friends (the few he has). Only on rare occasion will Gambaldi fight an ally, and that is when they directly disrespect him (explained more in the negative traits).

Trust & Loyalty ~ Loyalty is often seen as a fickle thing, however, this isn't the case for Gambaldi. The few that manage to call Gambaldi friend will find that his loyalty doesn't waver. Because his trust is extremely difficult to earn, once one has it they are considered family in his eyes. That said, whether they are right or wrong in a situation, Gambaldi will always support his friends. Even if this means taking on impossible odds or staring death in the face. If one has earned the trust of Sebastian then he would gladly stand with them till the very end.

Pride of a King ~ As previously stated, Gambaldi believes himself a king and demands to be acknowledged as such. When it comes to applying his convictions, he does so with the utmost confidence. He believes that his way is undoubtedly the right way and even if he must do it alone, he will see any task done. Despite the fact he is loyal and honorable, these two traits apply first to himself over all things. He doesn't believe in abandoning his own ideals for his friends, but will not stop said friends from doing their own thing. He views himself as the epitome of what a true shinobi is, and isn't the sort to shy away from stating as much. In truth, all he feels he has is his pride and his word; neither would be broken for anyone, not even friends.

Knowledge Seeking Inquisitor ~ Gambaldi is sort of an eternal student in the sense that he is always eager to learn. Whether it be about other cultures, world history, or another languages; Gambaldi is always more than happy to absorb information. To him knowledge is a requirement if one intends to be a leader, the brain must ultimately match the brawn. Due to his nature of wanting to learn more, often times Gambaldi will remain silent as he listens to every word in a conversation. He is almost always looking for signs of deceit in what people say and do, thus he always appears to be sizing people up. When it comes to his desires, he is basically detective like with his search for truth and knowledge. This is often displayed when he traverses the land, seeking to unearth its numerous secrets. Some may even deem him to be an archeologist.

Ambitiously Driven ~ Gambaldi is best described as a truly ambitious individual. When it comes to his desires and intentions, he is borderline obsessed with seeing it come to fruition. He has no issue with doing things alone, attributed to his pride, and will push himself to his limits to see a task done. Not even friends can sway the mind of the future Shinobi King and he would gladly impose his will by force if need be.

Fearless ~ I know what your thinking, but this isn't fearless in the most traditional sense. Gambaldi is fearless in that he doesn't shy away from what needs to be done. Even in the face of his own annihilation, if he is all that stands between his enemy and his honor (or the honor of his perceived peers overall); he would meet it head on and deal with the consequences as they come. He doesn't make excuses and if ever wrong will admit it without hesitation. He is possibly the most honest individual one could meet, because of this fearlessness. To him those that fear to speak the truth often fear those that the truth concern. Gambaldi holds no such fear and will gladly tell anyone about themselves, the very moment he feels the need to.

Negative Side

Stubborn ~ The second most obvious trait of Gambaldi would be his stubbornness. As previously stated, he is a very ambitious and prideful individual. This in mind, once he has made his mind up about anything, he is damn near impossible to sway from his goal. To him his method is the only method (the kingly method if you will) that can get the job done. Even when it comes to those who are in his favor, his word still trumps theirs in terms of opinions. Only in the most extreme cases will he relent and even then he still may agree and do his own thing anyway.

Volatile ~ Though he is easily angered, he becomes volatile when he feels disrespected. As a King, he commands respect from peers and peons alike. Those that prove incapable of showing respect often may find themselves on the receiving end of Gambaldi's rage. This is also a weakness as sometimes he gets a sort of "tunnel vision" state of mind where he focuses solely on the one who dared to disrespect him. He'd drown out all else and focus solely on the one instigating his rage. This anger is just as bad in the face of betrayal, making it nigh impossible to quell Gambaldi's  anger.

Distrustful ~ Earning the trust of Gambaldi is considered a feat in and of itself. His upbringing has shown him the true nature of people and as such makes it difficult for him believe anything being told to him. This is what gives way to his inquisitive nature, as he always is looking for signs of deceit in a persons words or body language. This distrust has made him into a very observant  individual as a result, putting nothing past anyone because under the right circumstances one could easily turn on another.

Chivalrous ~ While some may consider this to be a positive, for Gambaldi this is a sort of weakness. If he can help it, he will avoid harming women or at least avoid killing them. He would even go so far as to let his guard down in the presence of a women that has piqued his interest. Though he still would maintain his inquisitive nature, he is more lax in his judgement when it comes to women that interest him. This applies only to women that he finds an attraction to, mind and body.

Tyrannical-ish ~ Ultimately, Gambaldi's entire thought process revolves around the idea that he must rule in order to protect. This in mind, he isn't above getting his hands dirty in order to achieve his goal. In order to ensure that shinobi remain in check, he wants to uplift the people of all the countries under his rule so that peace can reign. He feels this strongly only because the current leadership of the Kage and Daimyo only feed the chaos. Through force he'd show all the right path. His path.

Character History:
Gambaldi was born as the first child to parents whom he thought adored him. A year after, Hayato was born to this same loving family. Life was good for the boys. They held little care about the world, to them this place with there parents was a utopia. Sadly, this would not last. Gambaldi was the one who discovered his parents true colors. He would sometimes catch them, without being caught, abusing drugs and even seeing his mother sell herself for money. Such was the harsh reality of the two boys circumstance, something Gambaldi always hid from his little brother. However, it would only get worse when the day came for them to be taken away.The parents that Gambaldi trusted with his life, being to young to know any better despite what he had seen, had sold their two sons into slavery. Emotions ran wild as Gambaldi tried beg for help, only to his parents turn their back on him. 

The next chapter of their life was filled hard labor, poor food quality, sleeping on the hard ground, and daily beatings. Gambaldi, whom had vowed to protect the only true family he had left, often received beatings by interfering when Hayato was involved. Incidentally, they caught the attention of another slave, a man who had lost his freedom when had tried to free the slaves. He noticed that the two brothers were not broken spirited like the other slaves. This lead to the boys eventually learning from the old slave. It was he that pushed the "knowledge is power" concept on the boys. 

When the time came, Gambaldi had secretly rallied the other slaves to cause a mass rebellion. During the confusion, the brothers and their mentor cut down all who stood in their path. They made their way to the nearest Kirigakure, and parted ways with thier mentor. Gambaldi recalled the skills of the ninja that he had seen, and wanted that for himself. It wouldn't take long before they were able to explain their situation to the authorities. From there the boys were given a small one home, and at the brothers request, get enrolled in the academy. After only a year, Gambaldi being 15 at the time, the two graduated and earn the right to be called shinobi. The same day he and his brother took the last name Raionhato, which meant "Lionheart". With nothing to his name aside from the skills he learned and a heart full of ambition, Gambaldi vowed to establish a name for himself. He would one day get revenge for what was done to him and his brother, and become known as the greatest shinobi to ever have lived. 

The years to follow were filled with challenging missions and gruelling tests of will. He and his brother earned respect and honor amongst the villagers and their peers. The two had adopted the insignia of a black lion to represent themselves and soon the nickname "Black Lions" was born. By the time the boys were chuunin, they had earned renown even outside of the borders of Kiri. Slavers feared the name of the brothers as they took revenge for their there past and freed those that currently suffered that fate. However with so much violence in the boys wake, a specific group of slavers set a trap for the brothers. The result being the death of Hayato and Gambaldi barely making it out alive. Filled with rage Gambaldi left Kiri to hunt down those responsible, spending the majority of his years as a jounin on the task.

The journey to find the culprits was a long one and it eventually took him with the borders of Konoha. Keeping his presence hidden and maintaining disguises, it took Gambaldi a year in Konoha to find a trail and another year just to see where it led. He found himself in a small village outside of Konohagakure, inside the small quaint village was the culprit. A single shinobi who, upon interrogation, set up the act with the help of a Kirigakure ninja. Apparently the two brothers had killed a good friend of one Konoha shinobi and paid off a kiri ninja to set the duo up. After killing the man and leaving the borders of the Country of Fire, just as quiet as he entered, Gambaldi returned to the Water country.

Gambaldi, during his investigation, learned where this traitor lived and was fortunate to discover he didn't stay within the village. On the island nearest to the mainland, Gambaldi found and killed his prey. It was ironic that the man dabbled in slave trade, making the killing that much easier to do. Do after paying respects to his brothers grave located on the island where Kirigakure was, he returned home from his long journey.

At the age of 28 he had not only found the culprits of his brothers murder, but also greatly reduced the percentage of slave trading in Kirigakure to nearly zero. His task done, he returned to Kiri shortly after the bijuu attack. As one of the few elite shinobi left in Kiri, Gambaldi stepped up and assisted the current Mizukage in rebuilding. Though deep down he knew that one day he would be the one to lead the village to elite status. From there all the land would bow at Kiri's feet as the strongest village and soon after the strongest country. Then further still make it so Kirigakure is the only country.

With the recent disappearance and death of so many Kiri ninja, however, this task will prove to be the mans most trying to date. The future of Kirigakure more or less fell to him and the last remaining shinobi. Gambaldi knew his return marked the end of the villages fall or he would join his brother in the afterlife trying. The Black Lion of Kirigakure was determined to have his name synonymous with fear and respect in equal measure. Patience would be all the man required and that was something the shinobi had in spades.

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Kiri Chunin
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PostSubject: Re: Raionhato, Gambaldi [Kiri Jounin]   Sun Oct 11, 2015 1:37 pm

Your rank is a "No". You can't app an 'S rank anbu captain'.
I believe you first have to be anbu IC and then the kage can make you an anbu cap.
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PostSubject: Re: Raionhato, Gambaldi [Kiri Jounin]   Sun Oct 11, 2015 1:40 pm

Overstood. Edited.
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PostSubject: Re: Raionhato, Gambaldi [Kiri Jounin]   Mon Oct 12, 2015 11:18 am

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PostSubject: Re: Raionhato, Gambaldi [Kiri Jounin]   Mon Oct 12, 2015 11:30 am

Sorry for the delay
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PostSubject: Re: Raionhato, Gambaldi [Kiri Jounin]   

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Raionhato, Gambaldi [Kiri Jounin]
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