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 what a day! Phew

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Suna Genin
Suna Genin

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PostSubject: what a day! Phew   Sat Oct 10, 2015 1:06 pm

Name: Iron Leaf: Wave One
Rank: A
Type: Player Controlled
Client: Konohagakure
Exp/Ryo Reward: 800 EXP
Mission Description: The southern gate has
been raided by some grunts. While they're small
in size their number is far from. Thirty D ranked
missing ninja are attempting to enter the village
and lay waste to the women and you're the only
line of defense.
Location: Konoha Gate
Additional Information: None
Eligible Members: Konoha
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Suna Genin
Suna Genin

Posts : 480
Join date : 2015-08-23
Age : 16
Location : Ogun State, Nigeria

PostSubject: Re: what a day! Phew   Sat Oct 10, 2015 3:30 pm

KArou woke up from his slumber, he was clothed in his usual ninja attire, a blue jacket that had a hood with it, a white T-shirt underneath and black pants, lastly, the casual look was finished with black sandals. His ninja pouch bag was stuffed with every weapon he had, his kunai blades were in their sheath. Nothing was lacking with him, he slept with his whole jutsu and item collection. He was at Misoju's, the house was a comfortable and arranged structure, better than what he calls home, all he knew was that the sitting room would always be stuck with his mother's panties or his father's boxers. His two parents liked fooling around with each other, Karou's life became quite the oddity. He had wanted to have a sleep over with his friends once so he could feel how it felt to be in another family, not in the one he was.
He had been witnessing it, although Misoju's parents were ex-bandits, they acted like the gentle people. His mother was overly nice and always wore a smile, though his father, not having a smile on always, at least had the nice attitude, the personality that attracted other people, the charm, the charisma to attract people, especially the opposite sex. Though he looked handsome and always got the attention from the opposite sex, he was not one to fool around, he stayed committed to his wife, his wife, never bothered about the girls following her husband. They would never have a shot at him.
Karou stood up, the bed sheet was wrinkled, terribly, that was the after effect and the fate of any bed sheet Karou slept on, having a sleeping disorder, anyone would not like to have him on the same bed as them.
Karou stood up, stripping naked, he didn't care if anyone would open the door, he sluggishly making his way to the shower, washing every bit of dirt off him, he had forgotten that he should have brushed first, so after taking his shower, his body smelling for bath soap, he still brushed his teeth.
After that was done, he came out with a towel engirdled around his waist, he dropped the towel and hung it where it was to be hung, after that, he wore his clothes, sliding them back on. He made his way to the dining, where he met the whole family at the table, waiting for Karou, Karou pulled the chair back, Karou sat for breakfast, ready to eat, but at first, he had to greet, that would actually portray him as a good, educated and a respectful boy.
Good morning Mr Makurota, how do you do sir. Karou asked the eldest in the room, Misoju's father, that sat beside his wife, on the dining, he sat at the opposite end of Karou, he was the only one that didn't have to tilt to see Karou. Oh, I am fine Karou, what about you, I hope you had a nice and good sleep, hope no nightmares?. The man said, Karou would open his mouth to talk again, Yes sir, I had a nice sleep, no nightmares and the bed was comfy and soft, I am fine, I have no troubles at the moment, and I wish I don't. After Karou's words, the man would laugh a bit, I have to say, for a 10 year old like you, you sound like one, naïve. Hahaha, hope you're not taking this as mockery?. The man said. Of course, I understand what you mean, you're trying to say that I'm a little unique, that I'm free, and that I'm quite open-minded, at least that's what people tell me. The man would laugh again as Karou said those words, Hahaha, that's more like it, but that isn't all, your words are based on things that are quite irrational, not that I insult your way of thinking, but I think it's a little funny and childish, aren't you a child?. Karou would chuckle a bit, not that it was funny or something, but that it was a little bit infuriating, his remarks and comments brought out an uncomfortable side in him, it was like he was irked by his own mind.
He didn't show this however, and would still maintain a happy face, not that it was true.
Well then, I guess we should get to eating, right?, I mean, I know you have a journey, so I wouldn't want to slow you down and impeded your speed with unreasonable chit chat. With that said, Karou foamed his lips, staring blankly at the old man, though he had an emotion of frustration, but it was negligible.
The man would laugh one more, and grab a fork, in a flicker, he would raise the fork to his head, raising it in a stabbing position, Well if you insist he said, just as he finished the sentence, his hand descended unto the food before him, stabbing the food on the plate. Let's eat! he said.
Karou and the others began to eat, engaging in a friendly chat with the Makurotas. Having a nice chat with his friend Misoju the most. After the dinner was done, Karou helped the family pack their loads for the journey they were to embark on. After they were done, the door was locked, and they embarked on their journey, a journey that involved them travelling 2 minor villages outside the leaf village.
Karou would wave to them as they left, the family was also waving to Karou as well, Karou didn't take anything except his weapons and cloth to the house for the sleepover, so his journey was smooth, he didn't feel like going home yet, so he decided to go to the south gate of the leaf village. He would keep walking until he found a ramen shop that was in need of help, anyone that helped them would be paid money. Of course, Karou didn't know this by just thinking of it, he saw a poster that proclaimed it, it was posted on the wall of the ramen shop itself. Karou walked in and introduced himself to the workers of the ramen shop, telling them that he wanted to help, and in the same time get paid for his services. Of course, they agreed, he worked as a janitor for a few hours and came out doing several jobs for them. Karou stripped off, sliding his janitor uniform out of his body and wearing his own clothes and weapons back. He would walk out of the shop, happy with the cash he received, only to see a group of genins storm in through the south gate into the leaf, they were genins, they looked like genins, cause they looked like 13 year olds, do they think they can beat and overthrow Konoha by themselves? He thought. Well, with the way Karou saw it, there was no ninja around to fight them. So he took it to his own hands, charging towards the group of genins, with a war cry he would run towards them. Having one hand on the kunai blade he had, having the other forming the ram handseal, he would sprint with a speed that was enough to blur the vision of the genins, while the body flicker technique was activated, he slashed the genins that he met in the course he took with the genin, slashing a total of 5 genins, that fell to the ground helplessly. Karou heard that a genin was coming, the thud he made with the ground alerted him, the genin jumped up, coming down with a haywire punch, but Karou would only step backwards, evading the punch, slashing the genins In the process, another Genin was coming, but before he could et close to Karou, Karou threw his kunai blade at the genin, stabbing him square on the chest, which resulted in an instant death, another genin came towards him, creating a shadow clone, confusing Karou, but Karou saw through their attack, the clone and the genin were running zigzag, side by side, Karou simply calculated the time they used in getting the middle, and when he did, he slid the tip of the sole of his foot on the floor, blasting dust in their eyes, Karou moved in for the kill, kicking both at their balls, then another genin approached, but from behind, jumping with his foot extended towards Karou.
Karou moved back while simultaneously holding the ankle of the extended foot, this prevented him from taking any damage and to have control of his opponent's feet, spinning while he had the foot of the genin, he would release the foot he held, sending the jonin into a genin, the two genins collided with each other, one was sent into a rock, which destroyed his skull. The other, well he survived.
For a pack of stupid genins that think their strength in numbers is a good thing, well think again Karou said, hoping that it would infuriate the genins, and yes it did, the unharmed and remaining genins would start screaming, they were irritated by Karou's speech, so they gathered into a group and charged towards him, hoping that they would have the chance to kill him, but they actually gave Karou the chance to kill them.
Once they were in range, Karou used the ram handseal, and boom!. Wind blades formed having a diameter of 20m, violently slashing the genins until they dropped dead.
What a drag, stupid genins, and I thought this would be fun, so they're just stupid genins that think they're strong and all, pfft, what a waste of time. Karou said, annoyed and angry, not that he was that annoyed that the genins were weak, but that they atttacked Konoha, an unforgivable crime according to Karou.
Karou had nothing more to do, honestly, he was not thinking of going home, he had been doing a lot of chores lately, it was part of his sensible thinking that he escaped the one's of the previous night, where he fabricated a reason for having to go to a sleep over with his friend. Oh well, there was nothing he could do, he should probably get going home, because, although he didn't like the idea, his parents would be worried sick about him, and he couldn't stand seeing his mother cry. He went to pick his kunai blade, and pondered over it, Should I go home? Should I have fun?

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what a day! Phew
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