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His body still aching from the training he had done with Kosuke it wouldn't stop the young Kitsuen from taking the long way home, the scenic route in a sort of way. Kitsuen's path is paved with gravel alongside a small body of water. However it wasn't like that at first, Kitsuen had to make his way through a myriad of small mountanous structures and therefore left Kitsuen with even more exercise of some sorts. Kosuke's words ran through Kitsuen's head. "Always question, nothing is-" Kitsuen would only say that much before something was happening. The mist that had been around the village here lately is still here. Kitsuen stopped before going into the mist, it had a sort of strange feeling to it. Before Kisuen would be what seemed like a solid block of mist, nothing on the inside could reach Kitsuen's vision. Kitsuen took a deep breath before continuing what his sensei said, "Nothing is true." with these words spoken for the second time Kitsuen took the first step inside the mist. The mist engulfed Kitsuen's entire world, his whole vision had a tint of light blue and nothing else. The small river that is flowing beside him not even three meters away wasn't even entirely visible to him. Kitsuen looked around to no avail. This wasn't working, his sensing activated as he searched around for any chakra signatures in the area. A few moments went by, Kitsuen stood still with his right hand in his pouch clutching a kunai just in case. Suddenly a chakra signature hit his senses just in front of him, about fifteen meters. The look of surprise was evident in Kitsuen's eyes and how he treated the situation. He jumped forward leaping about fifteen meters and without surprise he found someone but it isn't what he expected at all. The man that Kitsuen sensed seemed to be a member of Kumogakure, and not just a member but one of the Jounin that he had seen around the village many times, seemingly a gate guard roaming around making sure nothing suspicious was happening, same thing Kitsuen was doing.

"Identification please!" The man hollered out with his authoritative tone and nothing else. The man stood his ground while Kitsuen was finding his footing after the jump he just took. "You first." Kitsuen said, whiping out his kunai he was clutching and bringing it forward in front of his torso in a defensive manner. "I am your commanding officer! Identification please!" It wasn't hard to tell that this was no joke, at the man's tone and choice of words Kitsuen determine that this was no joking matter and let his kunai slide back into his pouch. "Alright, alright sorry. Kitsuen Kuma, Genin of Kumogakure no Sato." Kitsuen said as he slipped out his identification card to show to the man. He simply nodded and was on his way, walking the path the way Kitsuen came from. That was weird. Why was he on high alert all the way over here? Kitsuen scratched his head in confusion before continuing his sensing. That man wasn't the source of this mist and that was clear to him but that still left some questions, who was the source of this mist? And why was it here in Kumo? These questions rang inside the young genin's head before coming to the conclusion to see Kosuke. He said to come to his house if he had any questions. Kitsuen reached into his back pocket for the paper with his address on it and read it to himself silently. With a nod the young man would nod with an affirmitive action in his head. It was time to train again in a way, and so the young man jumped away until he got out of the mist and into the housing district of Kumogakure away to find his sensei.


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Cha-Ching! Mula Baby~
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