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 Water, Water and wow more WATER (P,I,NK)

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PostSubject: Water, Water and wow more WATER (P,I,NK)   Mon Oct 12, 2015 10:48 pm

Rikaro was walking around the village of Kirigakure as his single eye that was not blocked by the bangs that fell from his eye watched the area around him. He had been cautious of everything around him since his mom had disappeared. It was something his father had taught him. Walking around with a simple black T-Shirt, black leather pants and combat boots on he would look like a regular traveler besides his sharpened teeth that showed that he was a loyal member of the village hidden in mist.

The deep dense fog that traveled around the village slowly brought sadness into Rikaro's eyes. Kiri was not one of the village that was blooming with happiness seeing it's origin. The people who found the village were full of both hate and pain so it was only natural that it had passed down to the citizens within the large village. As he walked his eyes suddenly was blinded by a bright light. Squinting his eyes and rubbing them he would look around and see that no one was in sight. Was it only a hallucination from the mist that was infused with the chakra of many thought Kyofu as he ignored what had happened and continued to walk.

(207WC going towards Hiding in Water Jutsu)
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PostSubject: Re: Water, Water and wow more WATER (P,I,NK)   Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:54 am

How long had it been?

How long had it been since Gambaldi had stepped foot inside of Kirigakure? How long since he had left on his journey to find the hands behind his brother's death. Seeing the hazy daylight that only the mist possessed was more refreshing than the shinobi had hoped. After almost a decade long away from the only place the man could ever call home, after escaping death countless times, and after finally delivering his justice to those that wronged him; the Black Lion, Raionhato Gambaldi, had finally returned to Kirigakure.

He flicked his headband, which had originally belonged to his younger brother, so that he could hear the metal click off his nails. A smile came upon his face as closed his eyes and took in the moment a bit longer. "I'm finally home, little brother," he said in deep but low tone, "You can rest easy now." He raised his head so that he was looking toward the sky, his eyes half open as he looked into the haze. His mind trailing off to a few things his brother might say in this moment. Never the type to hide his opinion from anyone, Hayato was indeed a riot maker. Gambaldi being the older, was the one that was there to bail him out and fix his brothers mistakes. A task he ultimately failed.

The sight of birds passing by overhead broke Gambaldi away from his thoughts and returned back to the present. There was no longer cause to feel sad over his brother's death for he had been avenged. Now all that was left was to celebrate his life the only way the two knew how. A strong drink, a fat blunt, and a beautiful woman to relieve the stress. For now, however, this would have to be put on hold. Normally, prior to a mission, a shinobi reports to the council but during his travels he learned that a single leader had been chosen. Not only that, but the mantle had been passed only shortly after the first leader had taken up the job. There was also the large death toll in Kiri, bringing the villages military might to a staggering low.

Still dressed in a traditional all black shinobi gi, though it was tattered and dirty, Gambaldi picked up his traveling bag with his right and took his first step into Kirigakure. His land rubbed his short black hair back, as was his habit, and showed a rather obvious widows peak. A gift from his bitch of a mother, he would call it.

Almost immediately Gambaldi noticed all the missing citizens, "So the rumors of the evacuation were true," he stated as he turned left down a street. It was then he spotted off in the distance someone approaching. If what he heard was correct, then the village was now occupied by only able bodied civilians and shinobi. With no intention on stopping his relaxed pace, Gambaldi continued toward the individual. When he was within speaking rang, his voice like a dull roar deep and booming, he would acknowledge the boy. "You should hide your problems better, boy. To show pain or distress of any kind is to show weakness," he began as he gave the young man a rather stern look. He still held his traveling bag slung over his right shoulder as he continued without pause, "Unless that is your intent."

Standing only 10 meters away, not wanting to get really close and startle the boy. The white haired young man was not a familiar face, in fact Gambaldi was sure the white haired lad was to little to pick up a kunai when Gambaldi left on his journey. Still he felt that all shinobi of Kirigakure were his family and he always had the habit of speaking more formally to them, even those he'd never met. He wanted his allies strong and ready to serve in the best interests of Kirigakure. So his was quite prone to speaking bluntly when it involves progress. A trait that his superiors both applauded and complained about constantly since his days as a youth. Some figured the man to strict and ruthless, while others say a dedicated shinobi willing to do what it takes. Gambaldi himself cared little for the labels, only that he get the job done.

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PostSubject: Re: Water, Water and wow more WATER (P,I,NK)   Wed Oct 14, 2015 6:03 pm

Rikaro was quite suprisrd from the appearance of the mysterious man who carried a bag over his shoulder as if he had either arrived or was planning to leave the village. Rikaro would have thought he was a assassin if it was not for the Kirigakure headband the man wore with pride. Answering the man's questions Rikaro would say "I Can care less what others think of me. On the outside is the things that they see, the things that they bade their own opinions around. On the inside no one knows what is going on but myself ". True he could care less what others thought of him. Pain or not he would still go through the struggle at his strongest. His eyes pulsed making him feel a weird sensation of some sort. Looking down at the puddle of water under his feet he would see that his eyes still looked the same as before. Looking back up at the man Rikaro would say "What brings you here to Kirigakure, I'm assuming that you are a new recruit seeing as the evacuation is in progress. Or you may just be one of the people that are being evacuated ". Of course from the way the man spoke as if he was the embodiment of power itself Rikaro would think other wise.

The man's posture showed what he was all about.

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PostSubject: Re: Water, Water and wow more WATER (P,I,NK)   Thu Oct 15, 2015 4:03 pm

"You could care less, huh," Gambaldi stated as his right brow raised, "That's a very typical view amongst those that dwell in this country. I suppose that is what makes us strong shinobi." Gambaldi tossed down his bag his bag, the bag it self reaching as high as his hip. Rather large considering the man stood at a massive 7ft. "Good to see that the mentality of the typical Kirigakure shinobi has persisted in my absence."

The young white haired shinobi reminded Gambaldi of his younger brother. He too had a rather care free attitude, though Hayato was much more vocal about it. "My brother was like that, too, albeit more vocal than most. He was a chaotic force of nature that thrived only to satisfy his desires. He, like yourself, cared little for the opinions of others. However, I was always there to clean up the mess and solve his problems. Because that's what shinobi like that do, create messes and start problems. That is when true shinobi must step in and fix the mess our comrades have made."

Gambaldi looked upon the young white haired shinobi with a stern expression. "I'm here to clean up the mess and turn apathetic boys and girls into true shinobi. When I'm done, this village will be the crowning jewel of the entire land. As it fucking should be." His deep voice boomed as he spoke, easily heard over the silence of the village.

With that said, Gambaldi lifted up his bag and slung it over his shoulder. He gave the boy a nod and moved to walk passed him, continuing to the Mizukage Headquarters. He would stop just as he was getting right to walk past the shinobi's left side, keeping a meter of room between them. Gambaldi continued to face in the direction behind the white haired shinobi. "You have a interesting air about you, boy. I'm curious to see how far the road your on will take you," he stated without so much as turning his head, "Perhaps next time we meet, I will be intrigued enough to want to know your name."

His tone carried a bit of sarcasm in it as he chuckled and pressed on to his destination. He needed to report to the village leader, this Mizukage, and figure out what his next step was going to be. With so much going on in and around the village, from the bijuu attack to this evacuation, someone with sense would need to talk hold of the situation.

Wc: 422
(Sorry gotta exit, but I will pick you up for a mission to make up for it. Exit)
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PostSubject: Re: Water, Water and wow more WATER (P,I,NK)   

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Water, Water and wow more WATER (P,I,NK)
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