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 Learning of his Past (P,NK) WIP

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PostSubject: Learning of his Past (P,NK) WIP   Wed Oct 14, 2015 6:37 am

Rikaro was sitting on the porch of his house within the Uchiha district. His father had told him it was urgent and that he needed to hurry and get ready so they can leave. Every since last week when Rikaro had awakened his Sharingan 1st Tomoe his father had been edging him into learning new things. Of course Rikaro listened to him and learned all the things he could think of, closing his eyes and opening them staring at the vast see his Sharingan would glow showing the pain and sadness that was needed to unlock it." Are you ready " said his father who was leaning against the threshold of the door arm crossed. Rikaro would nod deactivating his Sharingan as he got up." Where are we going " said Rikaro awaiting an answer from his father." The Naka Shrine, I am going to show you something that would be deemed helpful within the future " said his father with his reply. The Naka Shrine? Most Uchiha were not allowed within the shrine unless they were accompanied by a elder Uchiha. His father was one of those of course." OK, let's go " said his father as he walked out of the threshold and jumped to the top of the house.

Rikaro would nod his head as he followed his father jumping on the roof of the house as they began their journey to the shrine. His father was slight faster than Rikaro so Rikaro always was some distance behind him as they jumped from building to building. However, Rikaro experienced no tiredness because he was eager to find out what his father was talking about.
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Learning of his Past (P,NK) WIP
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