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 Case 007: Guide.

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PostSubject: Case 007: Guide.   Wed Oct 14, 2015 9:50 am

Mission Details:

Kaitekina liked giving people a tour of Kumogakure and with the way she jumped at every opportunity to show someone around the village that much was obvious. No one was really sure why the kid that had only made her debut within the outside world after the Bijuu attack liked doing such task, but no one was complaining since the mission was lying around collecting an obnoxious amount of dust. It also allowed Shinobi to go on task they deemed more suitable for someone of their talents such as capturing an escaped tiger or riding the valley of insignificant bandits that thought it a good idea to terrorize the people of Kumogakure as well as visitors. For all intents and purposes, Kaitekina could deal with all the village’s D-rank missions single-handedly and she wouldn’t complain about them either. To be frank, she enjoyed doing the mundane jobs available since she got to interact with people and learn more about the village at the same time.

“That over there is the administration building.” She said as she motioned her hand to the building that all officials gathered at for work and where shinobi went to pick up a mission. It wasn’t the sole administration building within the village nor was it the primary one since that made all who frequented it an easy target. Sincerely, they only used the building enough to convince people that it was in use and there was always someone there to complete the illusion. As for where the real administration building was, well that was known only by the Kage and her ministers, but Kaitekina knew it wasn’t on Mount Saisho. “People call it the Raikage building, but that isn’t its official name,” she continued as she stared at the group of seven. This was the last spot on the three hour tour she had taken the visitors on and it was a befitting last location.

A smile spread across her face as she waited for the group to snap pictures and ask questions before concluding the tour. With a wave of her hand, she would disappear into the administration building in search for none other than Kai Hyuga-Furue.

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Case 007: Guide.
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