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 The Strange Mist

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PostSubject: The Strange Mist   Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:35 pm

[code"FNE #1 Mission #1]Mission Name: Strange Mists
Rank: C
Exp/Ryo Reward: 300 EXP, 300 Ryo
Mission Description: Lately outside your village there have been some strange mist formations that are assumed to be Chakra based. Investigate these formations south of your lower most village gate and then report in to your commanding officer. (After spotting mist, your character should investigate only to find the source is gone without a trace. Even the best sensory will be unable to detect a source)
Choices: None: go to 2[/code]

The morning air was fresh and had an edge to it. It seemed to flow into the lungs of the young boy almost without command. Clean. Crisp. Konohagakure was quiet. The villagers had yet to awaken from their slumbers and start about their day, so Roku only saw a few ninja and some early morning shopkeepers getting ready for their days. It surprised the boy at how jolly and indifferent they were. Almost totally unaware of the destruction that had ensued just over a month before. The death of his family, all of his friends. The destruction of the only home he had ever had.

Roku was on a mission; not really a mission, sort of a favor. He was not a Konohagakure Shinobi, or a Shinobi at all, but he was asked to complete a task nonetheless. Maybe the strange man who had asked Roku to do this saw something in him and this was his attempt to recruit Roku to Konohagakure. Maybe the man was just a lazy bum and didn’t want to complete his mission so he manipulated Roku into doing it. Whatever the reason, Roku didn’t mind. He was told that it would help to pay back his debt in hospital expenses and his room and board, plus he was getting cramped in that hospital room and he needed to get himself some exercise. He needed to get back into what he found was his element over the past month; loneliness.

It took a bit of back tracking and retracing his steps, but eventually Roku found his way to the Southernmost gate of Konohagakure. Upon his exit of the village, two ninja on either side of the gate asked Roku to identify himself, and when he did, they simply gave courteous nods and allowed his passage. For a brief moment, the boy wondered if this village could handle an attack from the giant monstrosity that had ruined his home. His guess was probably not. They seemed nearly invincible to human adversaries, but who would prepare for a giant multi-tailed fox to come and wipe out their family?

Roku was supposed to be investigating some strange mist formations forming just outside the village; he was told that this had to be different from simple fog or morning mist because the shape was utterly erratic and didn’t seem to be possible. So the boy was sent to see what he could find out and to inform the man who assigned him this task.

And there it was, simply put. Strange mist, about half a mile outside Konohagakure. It surprised him. He didn’t think it’d look like this… even the color was darker than it should be. And it was so dense…. And it swirled. It really was strange. More out of curiosity than to complete his task, Roku approached the mist. Slowly at first, at a cautious walk, and eventually at a full, dead sprint. But the moment he was close enough to see any detail, the mist was gone. It had completely disappeared. Gone, inexplicably.

Completely and utterly perplexed, Roku stayed for a few hours to see if it came back, but eventually made his way back to the village. All the while, he thought of all the possibilities of what the strange mist formation could have been. But he knew he had too little knowledge on the subject to figure it out; there was no mist in Iwagakure. Too dry. Roku met with the man who gave him the mission and explained to him exactly what happened. He seemed to be a high ranking official in the village… he just had this air about him…
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The Strange Mist
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