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 Controlling the Hooligans

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PostSubject: Controlling the Hooligans   Wed Oct 14, 2015 3:09 pm

[code=”Mission”] Mission Name: Theft
Rank: C
Type: Solo
Client: Strange old man
Exp/Ryo Reward: 300 exp | 250 ryo
Mission Description: A mysterious old man of the village claims that a valuable item of his has been stolen by some hooligans. He has instructed you to retrieve the item for him by any means necessary. However, you may not allow the item to be damaged or destroyed and you cannot allow the people who stole the item to connect you to the old man. Stealth is of the utmost importance here.
Location: Konohagakure
Additional Information: Repeatable
Eligible Members: Any [/code]

Summer… undesirable. Dry, hot. But the closest to home that Roku had experienced since his arrival in Konohagakure. Iwagakure was in the middle of a giant wasteland that had little to no precipitation and the only climate it had ever come to know was described simply as hot. It was welcomed. He loved the Summer that Konohagakure offered. His nostrils flared as he exhaled and seemed to become slightly concaved as he inhaled. The air didn’t have quality… it had something better. Nostalgia. For the first time in weeks, he smiled as he remembered playing games with his brother and becoming so exhausted that air like this became the best thing he could ask for as he gasped uncontrollably. Then, in his mind’s eye, he saw a flash of fangs and claws and red fur and his smile disappeared as quickly as it had come.

Roku had become somewhat of a mercenary for the village of Konohagakure now. He wasn’t one of their own, but he had begun accepting missions anyhow as a means to make ends meat. And to become more powerful… but that was something else entirely. He was on a mission today, in fact. It wasn’t anything too difficult; but he still felt more in his element than sitting in the hospital. He wondered for short moment when he would find better living arrangements, as the hospital staff was bound to start thinking Roku was overstaying his welcome soon. He had become darker lately, but this place could be home… it was ill strategy to anger anyone.

An old man had tasked Roku with retrieving a valuable vase that was allegedly stolen by some young teenagers trying to turn a quick profit. He was to use the utmost level of stealth and retrieve this vase as soon and as discreetly as possible. The old man carefully and explicitly instructed Roku to get this vase and not to leave any connection back to the old man. Whether this was out of fear for his safety, or for something else, Roku didn’t know; but it wasn’t his place to ask questions. Just to do. And so he did.

He tracked to teenagers to a small abandoned house that reeked of marijuana and tobacco, and distorted laughs could be heard inside. They were not experienced Shinobi, or anything of the like, so Roku knew this mission would be absolutely easy. He knew that the teenagers – four of them by the sound of it – were not supposed to be here. The thought of being caught would spook them all. So Roku’s course of action was simple. He simply opened the door and closed it. The teenagers, whoever they were, would assume that someone had entered the house and probably go down to check it out. The boy immediately walked over to the side of the house and scaled it to the window on the third floor, where it seemed that the voices were coming from.

He entered through a window as soon as he saw the last body leave the room through a doorway to a dark hallway. He spent about 20 seconds scanning the room and saw his target; a vase matching the picture that the old man had given him. So Roku simply grabbed it and he was on his way. He left the building and headed back to the old man, returning to him his property. The man paid Roku and showered him in compliments, but the boy merely fabricated a smile and left to go report to the Hokage that his task was complete. Fleetingly, Roku admired the possibility of this place being his home.
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Controlling the Hooligans
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