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PostSubject: FNE- Mission   FNE- Mission Icon_minitimeThu Oct 15, 2015 6:22 pm

Quote :
Mission Name: Strange Mists
Rank: C
Exp/Ryo Reward: 300 EXP, 300 Ryo
Mission Description: Lately outside your village there have been some strange mist formations that are assumed to be Chakra based. Investigate these formations south of your lower most village gate and then report in to your commanding officer. (After spotting mist, your character should investigate only to find the source is gone without a trace. Even the best sensory will be unable to detect a source)
Choices: None: go to 2

Mission Name: Allure
Rank: B
Exp/Ryo Reward: 500 Exp
Mission Description: Once again the mist has appeared and you've been sent to investigate in the same location as before. However, upon reaching the location, the player will see a person with a pair of white robes running into the nearest forested area.
A: Pursue the target (can only be chosen by players with 4+ ninjutsu and sensory technique ): go to 3a
B: Report to your commanding officer about what you've seen: go to 3b

"Kazekage sama, Kazekage sama!!!". The frantic shouts of a guard could be heard as he sped towards the Kazekage's office. Behind said door, Horus could hear the man, and also sense his presence. A most exasperated sigh was released by the man, now thinking this was just another meaningless emergency. The vagabond instead kept staring out his windows, not paying much attention to what was happening outside. But after a few knocks, and shouting the Kazekage's name. Horus was suddenly compelled to rise from his current position and go investigate. The Kage opened the door to his office, only to find the individual knelt down before him with his head bowed. The man was ready to debrief the Kazekage on the current situation, and he needed to do so and quickly. "Kazekage sama, sorry to be a nuisance. But there is something strange happening south of the village gates. It would appear a most peculiar most have formed out of nowhere. And as you already know, mist are not common in Sunagakure. The mist also has a chakre presence within it, but we're finding it difficult to figure where its coming. I was told that I needed to report this to you as soon as possible. Considering that the village came under attack under mysterious circumstances, we decided it was best not to take any chances. Now what do we do Sir?!". The vagabond stepped beyond the individual with his right hand on his chin. A mist forming out of nowhere was most definitely an alarming thing. The man was right, mists are not a common occurrence in Sunagakure, and so something strange was definitely happening. This would make more sense had it been Kirigakure. After all that is the hidden mist village, but this is Sunagakure we're dealing with now. Looking out in the distance, Horus gestured for the man to rise to his feet. Now realizing that he may well need to take action, and investigate what was happening. The Kazekage was a sensor type Shinobi, and may well be able to do discern what was happening, probably better than most actually could. "I will take a look and see what I can make of this. Thank you for your report, now please return to your post and support your fellow Shinobi. And don't worry, I wont allow harm to come to the village without at least trying to do something about it". Horus stated meanwhile facing the direction where the strange event had occurred. Without another word, the man vanished, utilizing his space time abilities. He was at his destination in a flash, appearing out of nowhere, leaving some of his men startled by his sudden appearance. The Kazekage walked along, edging closer to the mist, meanwhile his sensory was put to use. If a mist suddenly appeared out of nowhere, then it makes sense that there is a source nearby. The Kazekage had several other Shinobi on standby in the area. Many of whom were also trying to figure what may have caused the disturbance in the area. They all gathered around the Kazekage, hoping that he at least had some answers to give. At this point, Horus had no answers for what was happening at present. He was also there to investigate and hopefully come to a plausible conclusion. The mist had chosen to come about at a most inconvenient time. Not only that, but it seem to stretch on at great distances. The Kazekage decided to take the plunge and step into the mist. But not until after he had given strict instructions on what to do, should he suddenly disappear by entering the mist. Sunagakure simply couldn't afford for the Kazekage to disappear without some contingency plans in place. Moving forward, Horus already had all his tools, weapons and various items on him. He was good to go should a battle erupt. But there he was inside the mist, trying to pinpoint the source. Since in his experience, if another Shinobi was maintaining the mist, then they may end up giving away their position. Horus found himself walking along, and while he couldn't see a lot. The desert sands was his best friend, and he was no stranger to it. In any case, the man continued to search, not realizing that he was moving further and further away from the village. But this was to be expected, and this is why he left instructions with his own Shinobi. They know what they needed to do should things suddenly took a turn for the worse. After a long while of traversing the mist, the man exited the mist, while picking up on the faintest of Chakra signatures. As such the man decided to investigate even further, since strangely enough. The damn thing disappeared while leaving the man dangerously close to the borders. The mist had also suddenly lifted, which brought forth a bemused look on the face of the vagabond.

Having walked for a little while, Horus thought it would be a good idea to take a break. The man realizing he was quite far out, decided to look back towards his own village. But only to notice the village was being bombarded by this strange mist once again. No doubt his fellow Shinobi would be getting worried, and was probably on edge now. But before he could make a move and head back to the village, a sound in the distance caught his attention. This prompted the Shinobi to turn, only to notice a figure dressed in white darting off into the forest. This very forest bordering Konoha and Suna. Horus narrowed his eyes, now able to sense the individual, who was moving extremely fast, but this wasn't speed he would have trouble keeping up with. Horus himself soon set off into the forest after this stranger. He was under this assumption that this may well be the culprit behind the mist, and so he needed to investigate and see what was happening. The vagabond of Sunagakure started chasing the individual, now in the forest area of the borders. The Kazekage leaped into the trees, jumping from branch to branch, moving rapidly, and yet strangely enough the man looked as if he was simply gliding gracefully through the air. The vagabond seemed determined to get to the bottom of things and to find out what was happening. He could not afford for another attack on Sunagakure. And even if this wasn't an attack, then maybe the individual wearing white robes will know a little bit more about what is currently happening. One could only hope that it would all be as simply as that. The Vagabond was right on the tail of the individual, while ensuring to keep a safe distance. His eyes were also scanning the area for booby traps, and as such he was being extremely careful not to get caught. That could spell trouble for the man, and his pursuit of this stranger in particular could end badly. The Kazekage was known for being cautious all the same, that and he was highly perceptive. He had learned long ago about how to read his current surroundings. Learn how to notice the subtle changes in the area, the reaction of the wildlife around them. All these were tell tale signs that commands the attention of those proclaiming to be a Shinobi. This is why it is extremely important that the vagabond didn't let his guard down now. After all he may be extremely close to figuring out what is happening without even realizing it. The vagabond knew he simply needed to keep at it and not lose focus now. This was important, although he probably should have deployed one of his own men to deal with such a situation. In the mean time though. The Kazekage could sense that the target was beginning to slow down a little. It could be that they had reached their destination. Maybe they had decided to slow down and set up a few traps. Whatever it was, it hardly even mattered anyway since Horus was prepared for whatever that would come his way. It was preposterous to think he could be caught off guard now. Horus himself slowed down also, before finally coming to a stop. He could sense that the stranger had moved on ahead of him. Said stranger also seems to be operating with a great deal of care. And Horus can only assume that such a person was trying to protect something. Whether that be themselves, or another, or they could be attempting to lure Horus into a false sense of security. The pressure was now on for the Kazekage, and he couldn't let this person slip through his grasp right now. He needed to take control of the situation, which is why he decided to start moving forward once more. The vagabond was finally at his destination now, and would you believe where the stranger decided to lead him to? A very confined space, which means they would hold the upper hand, but Horus could sense something deep down in the bowels of the cave. "What in the blue hell is going on here now?". The Shinobi said to himself before releasing a sigh. He will have to investigate sooner or later, and there was no two ways about it.

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PostSubject: Re: FNE- Mission   FNE- Mission Icon_minitimeSat Nov 07, 2015 3:23 pm

"I can most certainly sense that there are at least two individuals present in there. Although, the constant fluctuation in Chakra signatures, could be one of many things. Caution is of the utmost importance right now. Even so though, I feel compelled to investigate the happenings deep inside that cave". These were the thoughts of the Kazekage as he stood outside the cave. He had several thoughts about approaching, but he didn't want to do so carelessly. At times like these, calling upon an old friend for help may  be extremely beneficial to himself. With that in mind, the Kazekage formed a few hand seals while biting his thumb. The blood flowed in small amounts, but was enough for him to be able to accomplish what he was setting out to do. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu; come forth Chime". The man announced, meanwhile a cloud of smoke went up in the area. Immediately after forming the hand seals, the Kazekage had knelt down and placed his hand on the ground. At which point the seal patterns which represents a summoning appeared. These patterns extended into a web like manner, while not holding the same exact identity as a spider's web. The end result as you can imagine was that cloud of smoke rising up. A silhouette remained hidden behind the cloud of smoke which soon began to clear. The Kazekage was noted to have a smirk on his face as he stood there. It had been such a long time that these two was in each other's presence. So much so that the vagabond was most definitely looking forward to spending some time with his old friend. Behind the cloud of smoke stood a two and a half feet tall Monkey known to Horus as Chime. With the smoke clearing, it revealed the cheeky monkey in all its glory.

Chime is probably one of the smallest Monkeys in size that is apart of the Monkey contract. Chime has brown fur and stands at a mere 2 and a half feet in height. The young and courageous and adequately experienced primate, also sports a golden colored headpiece. A blue scarf is also worn by Chime, with bracelets worn on his upper arm. Chime's face is white, with red markings on it. There are also bandages wrapped around Chime's forearms. The primate sports a pair of dark orange/brown trousers, with an almost apron like article of clothing around his waistline. This particular article of clothing is also brown in color, while a small rice wine bottle is worn on his right hip. Chime also sports a pair of brown shin guards. It goes without saying that Chime also has a long tail, that can be used with gripping, or to aid it when hanging from trees and other places. The primate's feet are like hands, in that they can be used for gripping also.  As for what Horus can remember of this primate, it may well make Chime the most suitable for the job. Chime is a playful primate, and is very intelligent and perceptive. Chime prides himself on being the best medic he can be, while his Genjutsu is above par compared to most others. Chime likes to dabble in the medical field, coming up with new ways to better himself, his fellow primates and those he is loyal to. The young primate, is not only playful, but also very serious at times when the moment calls for it. He is witty, and insightful, and is not afraid of facing hardship head on. Chime likes gifts, and even though he shouldn't he also likes to have a drink, much to the disapproval of boss Enma. "Yeehah!!" Chime exclaimed before launching his legs towards the chest of Horus. The man responded by blocking the strike and proceeded to grab hold of Chime's leg before tossing him towards a nearby tree. The nimbly primate used his tail to grab hold of a branch and steady himself before hanging, facing Horus' direction with a playful smile. His tongue extended in order to tease his summoner, and suffice to say Horus was most annoyed.

Despite all this, the man released a sigh and motioned for Chime to join him. "Ya not suppose to drink. King Enma will get mad at both of us, he already thinks I'm a bad influence, why ya trying to get me in trouble? Tch, bastard trying to set me up".

"Yooo. It ain't my fault you can't handle the swerve. Besides, the boss is busy with his own thing. I will tell you later. Whats the deal Horus sama?".

"Well since ya asked. I just now followed a strange individual here to this cave. I decided to investigate something after a very strange mist had formed outside the gates of Suna. I traversed the mist trying to figure out whats happening. But without realizing it, I ended up towards the borders of our lands. That's when I saw the stranger dart into the forest, and so I followed that person. But upon arriving here, I can sense that there is more than one of them. This is why I need ya to utilize your special skills and sneak in please. Once you've located them, just give the signal and I will join you. For that to happen though, I will have to mark ya". The Kazekage said while placing his hand on the back of the primate, leaving behind his Hiraishin mark.

"So lemme get this straight, you summoned me here so I can go inside the dark scary cave alone? Hell no, I'm going home".

"Ya scared? I'm gonna tell everyone Chime scared of a lil ol cave. And then everyone will laugh at ya, and call you a baby. Babeh Chime chime. I mean ya already one feet tall, must have problems growing". Chime's vicious tail soon whipped around, catching the Kazekage's legs causing the man to land on his buttocks. "You just wait and pay attention, I will go investigate. And I'm taller than one feet, you overgrown vagabond". Horus chuckled before picking himself up and dusting his clothes off. The man watched as Chime made his way inside, meanwhile he proceeded to secure the perimeter outside the cave. A few minutes went by, and Chime found himself in the presence of a young boy and a man seemingly injured. Chime noted the young feminine looking lad to be rather defensive, and Chime made sure not to challenge him. The boy hadn't attacked, but he acted like a lioness guarding her baby cubs. "Woah. Hold up, don't shoot. I am only here to see whats happening in this place. Need some help? I have some medical skills, but before I help out, please promise me ya wont try to kill me". The boy seemed reluctant to give in and one can only imagine that the boy had no choice. With Haku's blessing Chime patched up Zabuza, having come to know both their names by exchanging greetings with each other. Chime used his medical skills to do the job, while informing them of the Kazekage's presence. A few more minutes went by, and the signal was given via various monkey sounds. Horus vanished from his position outside the cave, appearing behind Chime who was currently standing before Haku and Zabuza. The monkey sure kept Horus waiting, but the man had no choice but to do so. He knew that if anything fishy was taking place inside the cave. Then Chime would have simply returned home and left Horus to deal with the situation. Thankfully nothing of concern to either party had happened, and so their meeting could take place.

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