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 MUSIC WARNING Tetrahydrocannabinol Application

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PostSubject: MUSIC WARNING Tetrahydrocannabinol Application   Fri Oct 16, 2015 5:18 pm

Seyusuko Natsumiku Kesashimaki Uchiha
Tetrahydrocannabinol(no mask)
The Hand of Death(Mask)

Six foot six
Two hundred thirty pounds

Basic Appearance:

Tetra stands at around Six foot Six inches. In no way does she look super strong but she is fairly tall. She weighs about two hundred thirty pounds. Her body is tight and a bit curved. Tetra is a light Caucasian female with a slim stature. Her body doesn't look like it's built the way it is. For the most part it looks athletic but not body builder-eske in the least. Because of this, she has no noticeable abs or other defining muscular features. Her breast size is a comfortable 32C with her face being a gentle mixture of features that come to a small almost pointy nose. As a genetic defect, Tetra's eyes were born abnormally gold. Last but not least, Tetra has long flowing green hair that reaches down to the small of her back.

General appearance:


This outfit is rather plain to say the least. This skin tight white suit has several adornments but reaches from her neck down to her ankles. Black belt like straps adorn pieces of her body which constrict the fabric to be skin tight. This enables her to increase or decrease the amount of tension in her clothing. The straps are placed in several locations which include, just below her breasts, her neck, upper arms, thighs, and her wrists. These belt like objects were originally designed to hold her captive but failed to do so. As of now, she is only known to be wearing these clothes but plans to change into something more comfortable. With this outfit, she bears high heeled boots which reach just below her knee. This set of clothing seems to be made of a silken interior and somewhat tough exterior.


Tetra's pride and joy outfit. This outfit was designed by a contact of hers which she gained from her Tracker Ninja job. Because of this, he deals in discrete outfit creation. This outfit is a skin tight white suit. This suit reaches down to her waist tapering off into tails. The pants are a full set which spans from her waist until it tapers off into high heels. This outfit gently rolls across her body giving it a firm and regal look. The regal look comes from the golden trim that adorns her body. This trim enters into an intricate design that spans her whole body. Often times she wears a set of gloves to match this outfit. The base color being white with intricate golden trim designs. The cuffs of the gloves flare outwards which give it an almost unattached look.

Tracker Ninja Wardrobe:

To start, Tetra wears a completely different outfit then she'd ever usually wear when it comes to her Tracker Ninja job. The reason for this is because of her history. To start, Tetra wears a somewhat spherical mask which can be made to open up in various ways. This mask is only the tip of the iceberg however. Below this, Tetra bears a giant cloak which spans from her neck down to the ground. But that's not all, the collar of this cloak is so large it actually spans upwards to just below her eye level. Added to that, the collar is quite stiff and rarely bends. Below this flashy cloak she wears a more regal like attire that one could attribute to a civilian.

This clothing has various added trinkets and do-dads to make it more appealing to the eye. Tetra's lower body is covered in a type of pants that follows the same lines as the cloak and shirt which were all made for comfort and freedom of movement. Lastly, Tetra bears a type of combat boots which are sturdy and easy to use as well as comfortable to allow extensive and prolonged use. As a final touch, this whole outfit's color scheme is a gentle purple/magenta which matches her hair with a golden trim.

Character Rank:
S-Rank Tracker Ninja


Tetra is a gentle and kind person. Her voice is usually a soft and kind one that seems to reflect the same nature she imposes upon the world. She believes that all beings should live in harmony and will protect her subordinates at all costs. Her aura gives off that of a gentle man with years of experience in helping those around her. Easily, she could be considered the most helpful person in existence. She makes no judgements and will help any person in need be them friend or foe. Tetra finds that war is not a good use for her skills but she will, as stated before, help where needed. Often times she's been mistaken as a Doctor because of this. Sure, she doesn't know medicine like a Medical Ninja would but she knows basic things like some herbs would help numb the pain. She finds that people are in grave need of hope and sacrifice in order to make the world a better place. Her only true goal is to make the world a place without hatred, without the need of fighting, a true paradise. She will seemingly get drunk off of simply smelling Sake or other alchoholic beverages. Added to this, she loves to go shopping and even hang out in a girls type of way.

****One can always tell which personality she uses because she puts her hair up or down like a switch****

Tetra is a manipulative individual with only her and her brother's goals in mind. She's also quite versed in psychology and how the mind works. Because of this, she'll often chose different methods to reach her goals depending on the person and how they act. The training in psychology grants her the ability to bury her emotions in a pit so deep that even her own signature move Valley of Penance has trouble reaching them. This means that she is able to portray any emotion she deems necessary while still holding the manipulative throne for herself. Morals are nothing more than imaginary shackles that hold a person from their goals in life. Every person is just that, a person, a nameless entity that could prove useful or annoying. She will take any action which will further her own goals or her brother's goal. Because of this, she puts on a facade for all to see. This facade was created long ago when she was merely 10. At that point she was smart enough to realize that her true nature would scare those around her. Her heart is pure by the most simplest of standards. She bears no ill will towards anyone and even accepts people for what they are or believe in. She simply doesn't care. However, her main goal is to see herself or her Brother sitting atop the world as its ruler because of the simple fact that all refuse to believe. Gods are not real. No, Gods are beings with power that the lesser beings look towards for truth, guidance, and hope.

Those people then look to more powerful beings and those to even more powerful. It is this cycle that Tetra believes needs to be broken. There is no one truly sitting on the top of the scale and that, is what she wishes to change. Though she is not all wrong in her pursuits, In the end, she wishes to create a Utopia for all. One thing she enjoys is the fear. The constant fear that one day, if given the chance, one of her cohorts may stab her in the back. She relishes this fear as she knows fear can make one grow strong if they know how to use it. She has never found this fear in any cohort as of yet. No, it's not fear, for fear is something that only the weak have. It's the inevitable treachery that she knows will come eventually. She knows that Treachery is nothing compared to the stab in the back which you never see coming. It is her training with her mental faculties that allow her to portray herself the way she does. Acting like getting drunk, and several other aspects which grant her the most interesting reactions. The final list of traits that Tetra holds deep in her mind is her Analytic nature and Hyper-intelligence. She's able to process a few moves in advance and even gauge the likleyhood of an action taking place. With this, she also has a remarkable capability of understanding. Techniques and objects are usually easily understood by her eyes. By this, she usually takes 3 times of seeing a technique before she understands the fundamentals about it. An object she need only take it apart once to understand how it works and how to replace its parts.

Character History:
Tetra was born to a small village off the outskirts of Kiri. This family held a secret which they closely guarded with their lives. That secret was what made them fear their child to be killed. And so, when the child was born she was carted off to a family which they knew would take good care of her.

After the last great war and sometime after the founding of the villages, two Uchiha children were born only a year apart and began their lives in a heap of wealth, befitting one of the richest families known to Kirigakure. They were named Seyusuko and Castigo and both of these children were born to Yaku Uchiha and Yoshi Uchiha. Their childhood was mostly uneventful, for they wanted for nothing. All in all, a peaceful household, minus Sey's unusually rebellious attitude she had developed. Around when they were seven years old, both siblings began their training in the Uchiha ways. Naturally, this training happened when they weren't attending the Academy, which they had been enrolled into not long after. Shortly into their training as ninja, both in the Academy and by their clan's teachings, it was readily apparent that Castigo was well versed in sealing techniques as well as Ninjutsu but Sey ... Well, Sey was only versed in Genjutsu and Taijutsu. She seemed to miserably fail at Ninjutsu altogether.

As time passed, Sey's aggressive personality tempered, as she grew more and more helpful to those around her. Castigo however, chose to focus his mind and body, aspiring to become something ... greater. The cause for this change was a fateful day where he encountered the Uchiha Clan Leader. That man seemed to be made of both power and honor, perhaps in spite holding a position possessing both. Either way, after that experience Castigo knew he wanted to rise to such a level. Meanwhile, Sey knew that her brother's goals were admirable, but she didn't share his desires or even his dream. Instead, she decided to simply help her brother achieve his aspirations and goals. After they graduated from the Academy, both siblings were placed into the same squad. However rare, they complimented each other's abilities nicely and thus were suggested to be partners in their doings. With this, the children set off as part of team Byukkake. During this time, Team B was led by none other than the legendarily infamous MegaPerv Sensei, Yasusa Kensen: The indomitable, all-consuming womanizer and the greatest pervert of all Kirigakure - no, of all the world.

For several obvious reasons which need no explanation, both the siblings began to loathe the sensei for his behavior. But of course, Sensei is always right, and in spite of his mannerisms, was actually qualified for his position. So they were forced to keep their resentment and complaints to themselves as best they could. For several years, the children would train as hard as possible, working double and even triple the amount of effort asked of them, intending to be rid of this stage of their lives and path. It was this motivation, driven by personal expectation, but mostly to end the torment of bearing Kansen-sensei's mannerisms, that led them to skyrocket through the ranks of Kirigakure. At the age of 14 and 15, the siblings were accepted into a new program that would help train them to become Jounin within four years, by the age of 18 and 19. That training was a grueling accelerated curriculum, pushing both mind and body to their limits. Perhaps its true purpose was to break them down and help remold them into the ninja they were meant to be. Or perhaps it was meant to crush their, or rather Castigo's ambition to rise up, and Seyusuko's wish to help her brother, teach them that the road to power is treacherous, arduous, and merciless. Even if that was the intention, four years passed and ended to great success: At the age of 18 and 19, both boys became full-fledged Jounin. From there, it took them merely a year to be named Tracker Ninja and ANBU Captain respectively, becoming rising starts in Kirigakure for both moral character and efficiency (though that may have been more the drive of one of the two, as opposed to both of them equally).

Not long after their promotion, terrible news struck them. They learnt that their old Jounin instructor, Yasusa Kensen was exposed as a Konoha traitor. As his most prodigious students and as their new positions demanded, they were given their mission: Track down the man they once called teacher and eliminate the threat to Kirigakure. Despite their success and training thus far, the siblings knew finding their old sensei would be a lengthy task. What they didn't expect was for it drag on for so long, as days passed after their departure from Kirigakure. For a man who so seemingly incompetent and obsessed with wooing and bedding every last woman in Kiri, it was a peculiar experience. On the last day of their hunt, nearing the border between their country and the Land of Fire, they finally converged on the man's location. It was a grueling and long battle which ended in the siblings being victorious ... narrowly and at dreadful cost. They had lost a teacher who, for all his faults, had taught them much and led them down this path. Ultimately, it was the harshest learning experience for the two of them. What they took away from this incident ... perhaps they were different things, or perhaps they were the same. But, they would not forget what they felt after the mission was completed, after Yasusa Kensen was dead.

Now, both siblings, No, Both man and woman work their hearts out to assist the Mizukage in whatever task, ordeal or needs that arise. Oftentimes however, when not working, they can be found training together, pushing each other to greater limits in order to become the best they possibly can. After their most prestigious return to the village, they were elevated to being almost heroes for their work against Yasusa Kensen. Well, more to the fact unsung heroes. Being ANBU and Tracker Ninja, their missions, abilities, and other such activities were labeled confidential. Through whatever measures were taken or whatever move was done, their actions floated across the lands. Though their deeds were not specified the civilians soon came to calling the siblings, ‘The Hands of Death” For their actions against the traitor. It is true; their story does not end here. Instead, it only just begins at this place, at this time.

Both of them are heralds of new and dangerous waters of which the likes of them may have never seen before. Perhaps their lives will be forever changed from this moment on or perhaps their lives will never change. It is fact that the future is a mystery to those in the present but there is one firm statement that stands true. Both of these siblings are on a quest to bring forth a new and exciting prospect for Kirigakure. They wish to do their best and bring great honor and wealth to Kiri during their exploits as ‘The Hands of Death.’ But alas, this is not the only thing that can or has happened. No, a few days after the execution of their sensei Kensen a mission was assigned to the two. Their job was to root out a group of bandits using Kensen’s own knowledge to disrupt operations with in a local town. Sey arrived a day earlier then Castigo, who was away on another mission. Once he received the go ahead he made with haste towards his sister’s location. Sey, however, was blindsided by the group and taken prisoner. She was wrapped into somewhat specialized clothing which prohibited her movements, or so they thought. After extensive planning and preparation, she managed to break free and disable or execute the members of the group inside the building. Before she could react to the rest, Castigo had already dispatched said individuals. Luckily, Sey had made it out of the fight before her ‘captors’ had taken advantage of her. After having dealt with that problem they were now finally free to their own devices and future contracts. No longer would they need to look back upon Kensen and his treacherous lies.

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Kiri Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: MUSIC WARNING Tetrahydrocannabinol Application   Tue Oct 20, 2015 3:07 am

I'm ready to tackle the character app however I won't finish the update section with out Valley being finished moderated x.x So might as well set things up now I guess XD
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PostSubject: Re: MUSIC WARNING Tetrahydrocannabinol Application   Tue Oct 20, 2015 3:38 pm

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PostSubject: Re: MUSIC WARNING Tetrahydrocannabinol Application   

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MUSIC WARNING Tetrahydrocannabinol Application
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