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Suna Genin
Suna Genin

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PostSubject: Bambo.    Mon Oct 19, 2015 2:13 pm

Name: Bomba Baknu
Age: 12

Weight: 40kg
Appearance: Bambo is average in height, his height actually fits his age.
Bambo has black hair, his black hair is spiky, depending on the day, Bambo may let his black hair extend from the originating point down his nasal bridge while some few bangs just extend and end on his forehead.
He can also like his hair to extend backwards, forming downward-looking bangs near his neck( or at his nape), the top of his head is where his hair is more concentrated, the top of his head has his hair swept upwards and tilts to different directions at the top.
Bambo is olive skinned, his body appears a little muscular, his abs are well defined and he is usually seen wearing clothes, his favourite cloth is a blue shirt and black pants, with a blue pair of sandals ending the look.
Bambo is usually seen with a ninja pouch bag hung around the middle of his lower back, his lower leg has few scars due to the intense training he had as a kid

Village: Suna
Character Rank: D
Element: N/A

Personality: So uhm, how do I start this.

Oh yeah.
Bambo is pretty much a normal kid or maybe that's what people say, he isn't that normal but he shares a few things children of his age would love.
He loves candy, loves to play and loves to interact, but due to the way he was brought up, he cherishs family and battle mostly, but he isn't dunce enough to just engage any random ninja without thinking through except it's for his family members or something of great importance to him
Bambo likes to analyze a lot, especially people, in a battle, Bambo's main concern is discovering the opponent's strength and weakness, and when he does, he would look for a way to terribly strike them.
Due to his nature, not being able to perform genjutsu bbecause he spent very little time in it, he has been looking for various ways to combat any form of genjutsu or illusion.
Depending on the flow of battle and his love for it, Bambo can go berserk and act unpredictable, and can even go to extreme lengths to fight an opponent if he is worth it, even capable of hurting, or killing in the worst case if he is denied that fight.
To those that Bambo is close to, he can be very affectionate and can fight to the last breath to protect that person. Bambo doesn't value human life due to his history and teachings as a ninja

Bambo is a prideful ninja, and is a strong believer of the saying "If that didn't happen, something worse would have happened".
Bambo likes to travel a lot and he also likes swimming, which is one of the reasons that he always leaves Sunagakure for an escapade to an area with a lot of water like Kirigakure.

Character History:
Bambo comes from a lineage of kekkei genkai-seeking people, a part of the kaguya clan, though they inherited the kaguya's crazy lust for battle and irrelevant shit, they were more crazy than what others would call crazy.
They seeked every kekkai genkai and technique that existed on the earth, and by attempting, they divided themselves into a group of 7, each with 3 masteries in a 3 different skills, to achieve their goals, they had to break the long-standing Kaguya rules of their clan and this led to their banishment.
Now out of the Kaguya clan without protection, they established their home outside Konohagakure no sato where they began to execute their dreams, they created their own group and sent spies into every known ninja clan, gathering as much information as they could. Eventually, with the information gathered, they decided to attack the senju clan first, not the entirety, they just wanted to kill one to get their infamous wood release kekkai genkai.
They mobilised themselves to set up an ambush against a Senju they had been tracking for days, knowing his usual route, they lied in ambush waiting for him, when he got near, he was killed by the ten drilling finger bullet of the Kaguya, but they didn't know, they shouldn't have killed that particular Senju, because he was the crown prince of the Senju, he was supposed to become Clan leader.
This made the Senju clan investigate thoroughly and deeply, since they couldn't bear having the whole world know that their crown prince was dead, because it could cause internal strife as to which clan member would become the next leader, and it would also deaden their reputation.
With the Senju's excellent sensory and tracking ninjas, they eventually found one of the bones used to kill the Senju.
With a part of the Senju clan's elders identifying it as Kaguya bones, they decided to wage war on the Kaguya, but they confronted them first, by so doing, the Kaguya said that it would probably be the ones they banished that were responsible for the misdeed and a partial collaboration was formed, eventually.
They found them, they saw the Senju's body on the floor, alongside others that died when they attempted to transplant it, some had their transplants successful, and some didn't.
A bloody battle ensued, between 2 kaguya groups where one was supported by the Senju, the Kaguya-Senju collab wiped them out, the Kaguya clan and Senju clan called their alliance quit once the goal was accomplished.
However, there were few survivals, one included Bambo's father who was warned not to transplant it, in order not to be targeted by the Kaguya if they know that he's still alive, he went to the Land Of Snow and changed his last name, he married a samurai in the land of snow and later gave birth to a baby boy.
In the land of snow, the baby learned a lot about the samurai's heritage and got to see most of their techniques, he was taught to love battle and cherish his family most.
He was equipped with more than enough information for him to win a battle, and he was left deprived of something other kids would want-Socialization.
He was always left to train in the house and was allowed to leave only when he was sent on an errand, he later left the Land Of Snow where he enrolled in the samurai academy and graduated before leaving with his family to Konohagakure , but things didn't look too good there, so they went to Sunagakure no Sato, where they acquired a job for a local restaurant that acquires it's crop and food materials mostly from Kirigakure.
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Suna Genin
Suna Genin

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PostSubject: Re: Bambo.    Fri Oct 30, 2015 1:53 am

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Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Bambo.    Fri Oct 30, 2015 1:07 pm

Approved i guess
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PostSubject: Re: Bambo.    

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