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 Yurae Shinohara

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PostSubject: Yurae Shinohara   Tue Oct 20, 2015 7:17 pm

Name: Yurae Shinohara
Nickname: Gwishin
Age: 23
Gender: Female

Height: 172cms
Weight: 48kgs
Yurae is perhaps the healthiest looking member of the Temasa Clan. Usually the members sport an array of ailments that physically show on their body. Extreme dark circles around their eyes from lack of sleep, pale skin from vitamin deficiency and the likes. Yurae appears healthy, good skin on the non-pale side considering she lives in a desert. The clan has no tendency when it comes to height they come in all heights. They however all display general slenderness, meaning an overweight female is rare. Yurae however is tall for a woman. While most would range in their 160to 168. Yurae holds about an inch or so over most woman. Her weight is normal for a woman of her stature perhaps slightly bony in appearance but a warrior is a warrior. Her body is conditioned for the harsh environment of the desert and toned for the rigorous lifestyle of a Shinobi. Funny enough she lacks the scars that some Shinobi sport, while it may appear as a Knight with an untested metal it also can reflect an unharmed metal.

Upon her thin cream face rests a small pointed nose, lips of a soft shade of peaches and blue eyes as open as the heaven's ascension. Red semi curly hair falls down in waves over her shoulders. They are kept in particular fashion some of her bangs falling past her eyes. She does prefer the lose  freedom of her hair but a pony or bun is also comfortable. This same shade of drk red is the color of her eyebrows and eyelashes. Sexy or cute aren't the words used when people describe her. Nor are the words ugly or beautiful. She is just natural if that can be a word used to describe someone's appeal. Her breasts aren't naturally big nor are they monsters. It would have been nice if they were even normal size but it sits kinda on the smaller end attributed to her height. She doesn't have a flat bum and has a peachy shape to it, but it is nothing to brag about.

Yurae sports her Flak Jacket with her pouches on the front. She wears an under long sleeved shirt ranging colors and even length at some times. Her arms are wrapped lightly in darker bandages with padded open fingers gloves. With the peaceful state the new trend has been to wear skirts but Yurae sports the normal pants that men usually wear. Fitting around her curved waist and down into bandaged leg and sandals. Yurae has a ring of bandage on her middle and index finger on her right hand and a ring of bandage on her thumb and last two fingers on her left hand.

Her forehead protector is often missing on her outfit. Some say its because the Temasa clan are not an officially accepted clan within Sunagakure and that is why Yurae does not wear it in public. There are speculations it is because she did not graduate the academy to become a Genin. Really, its because the Sun makes the Metal hot and it is bothersome to wear it. When she needs to wear it she will wear in on her forehead or left arm or right thigh.

Village: Sunagakure
Character Rank: A-rank Jounin
Clan: Temasa Clan
Element: N/A


Yurae isn't the most interesting person in the world. She'll come up in a conversation but in passing. However if anything that sets her apart is that she is smart. Even people considered to be a child genius feel the fear of her insight. It's not vast array of knowledge from studying but her ability at observation and resolution that sets her apart. From a young age Yurae has always displayed a characteristic to quickly understand something and even extrapolate information to further understand concepts. Her memory is astounding and her brain exceeds that of even a high IQ human. Some have said her smarts is a cheat method through her ghost which have the myth (could be true) of being able to read minds. This is partially true, the Spirit which resides within her does teach her things but really the Child is simply smart.

Hard worker is not who she is. Effective is what Yurae does. She works faster than her peers and works smart. She does have good work ethics which can be seen for diligence but Yurae never quite needed to read and read and re-study for anything in her life. Her mind isn't quite 'photographic memory' but observant and well organized it won't take long to process and organize information.

Yurae is a woman of few words. She keeps to herself mostly, introverted by nature. Growing up with the stigma of ghosts isn't exactly the most popular choice on the playground. However she isn't the reclusive anti-social type. She enjoys a good conversation and spends a lot of her free time with friends and family. She just isn't the type to greet every person she sees on the street. Some say it's hard to hate her strange charms but some are simply turned off by her. When one says strange charm, despite her vast intelligence there are some things Yurae doesn't process. It could be because she is not paying attention but she is prone to leaving food on her face forget her belongings at times or drink other people's drinks at times.

Yurae keeps to a schedule and is usually a person of habit in her everyday life. Things seldom change but she doesn't live the life of an OCD patient. She is pretty much care free in regards to changes in expected. She will ponder on it but she isn't the type to kill herself over it. She is a forgiving person, in the sense that few things get to her. Live your whole life around dirty ghosts and you end up not even baiting an eye lid to trash talk.

She is an individual of little appetite eating in small amounts and drinking even less. It does not mean she eats once in every 6 days and even then like a candy bar. She just eats portions smaller than a normal person. This does tend to lower metabolism but she seems okay in her daily activities as a Shinobi. Yurae has few attachments to the world she doesn't have obsessions or hobbies.

Warrior born. Simply put, though she values all forms of life. Killing is not an agenda that crossed her. There is no hesitation or remorse. A bit of thought. She co-exists with ghosts her whole family does. The dead and the Living don't have much of a difference in her lifestyle.

"The Three"

Yurase is possessed by 3 Ghosts making her a Legion. (2 are non-active, no buffs). First is a man of around 32 previously a warrior whose obsession was to revel in combat and dance in a rain of his enemies blood. Strangely enough this was a contract possession. The man has Maniac tendencies but can control himself. A seasoned war veteran of a 1000 kills. He calls himself Shinmen and refuses to give any other name. He died from a common cold.

Minahara. Is a strange girl of 27 or so. She is secretive of her past but has psychedelic tendencies. Prone to very nymphomaniac actions. She is a manipulative type and understands the underbelly of society. It is suspected she worked as a prostitute before her untimely death.

Kotomaru. Is a 9 year old child. He is extremely shy but curious. He is the most dormant of the three. He has trust issues and likes it when Yurae is with her family members. He is the type to hide behind his mother when meeting new people. He also displays homosexual tendencies. He was killed during torture as a Genin in an age old war.

Character History:

Yurae Shinohara was born to a Female member of the Temasa clan. The father's background is unknown. Her mother was said to have died when Yurae was 2 years old. She grew up her clan members in a shaded Oasis part of the Wind Country. As her Clan was not affiliated with any Shinobi village. She grew up around a small family of 8 members. She grew up with a 100 different ghosts however all coming from different corners of the world. When she was 4 Yurae conducted a contract possession with a wondering demon spirit. This was what turned the eyes of every Temasa member around the world. A child of 4 underwent a contract possession with a Violent Spirit. Yurae did this outside of her scheduled ritual.

From that young age the elders in the Mother Clan kept an eye on her. Slowly molding her to be the new head of the entire Temasa Clan. Her quick understanding of the world and ever improving intellect only pleased the old ones and strengthened her claim to be the next head. At age 9 she became host to 2 more Spirits which came as a shock to everyone. A host of 2 was rare and even more than that was considered 1 in 500 years. She even seemed to be herself when under the influence of 3 spirits. Yurae grew up and age 16 became the Head of the Temasa Clan.

Normally she should have gone to the Shinobi academy when she was young but she grew up outside as a semi nomad around the desert. She learned how to fight from her Ghosts and through practice with family members or passing Shinobi members. For income she performed funeral rights, exorcisms and occasionally fortune telling. There were times the clan were shinobi mercenaries but as the clans around the world became more spread out they began to die out.

At age 11 She was invited to Sunagakure by the then Kazekage. There she wrote aptitude tests as she was too old to be an academy student. Though she was a bit weak and short on combat, she was smart enough. She was given a Headband without an academy graduation and was a genin for 1 week. At the time Sunagakure had a program to gather more clans into the strength of the Sand Village. Yurae was banded with other clans outside of Suna and entered into the Chunin exams.

Passing the written exams were easy, the puzzles and survival exams were easy enough but her short comings in combat gave her a fail. Yet Sunagakure required officers and Yurae had the skills to lead. She was accepted as a Chuunin a few months later voted as an approval by the committee of Chuunin Exams. She was given a desk job at first seeing to stuff non-combat related. Organizing patrol schedules and the maths for finances. However as time grew she learned how to fight like a real shinobi from the Jounin in the village.

At age 16 around the time she became the clan she was accepted as a Tokubetsu as an intelligence officer. She performed field missions of interrogation and intelligence gathering. At some point she was secretary to the old Kazekage and his aid in political aspects of the village. For a few years she served as such having her bout of successes and failures. She learned new things and her career was budding. She was specialized as an interrogation and intelligence officer.
During this time Yurae advocated the acceptance of her Clan into Suna. Serving under the Kazekage at the time her agenda passed the council an the Mother Charter of the Temasa clan was accepted as an official Clan of Suna. However her family suffered the stigma of practicing forbidden arts with the dead. It affected many things, open discrimination such as refusal to serve her at shops or public facilities. Some of the younger members of the family suffered at school due to name calling. However the clan persevered. Slowly they are integrating their lives in and now by gathering money together the clan has bought a sizable land within the walls of the village.

Yurae at 19 was approved as a Jounin Member of Sunagakure after passing her field tests proving to combat ready and combat worthy of a Jounin. She put a lot of hard work into it. Training with other Jounin whenever she had free time. Her family members are adjusting slowly to the new life style and the community is slowly losing interest in shaming them.

Yurae as a Jounin took on a few students despite the protests of parents. She would change between training Genin for a year and serving as a field jounin gathering intelligence or interrogating allied traitors or enemies alike. With the new change in Kage leadership she no longer serves directly under the head of the village and is only a Jounin now.

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PostSubject: Re: Yurae Shinohara   Wed Oct 21, 2015 6:56 am

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Yurae Shinohara
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