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 FNE [Squad 001.]

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PostSubject: FNE [Squad 001.]   Tue Oct 20, 2015 10:50 pm

Mission Detail:

It was another gloomy day in the village known as Kumogakure. Kai was seated in her office, as usual, awaiting the arrival of two of her students as she looked over several documents that she had laid out on the floor. Some of the documents were reports on the village borders, others the funds available to Kumogakure and where they needed to go, whilst others were mission reports written by every Shinobi who embarked on a B-rank or higher mission. Yet, all of those documents only made up thirty percent of the papers on the floor, the other seventy were reports of a strange mist. Now, mist wasn’t an uncommon occurrence within Kumogakure, but the way this mist was reported to have formed was cause for suspicions. It was only located on the southern side of the village, specifically in the region where Mount Shiomi and Mount Takoyaiba were located though it did threaten to cross the water and into the region where Mount Tengu and Mount Hyuga resided. Due to the mist forming in their area, most of the reports came from the Takoyaiba clan and inhabitants of Mount Shiomi. They were, understandably so, concerned and so Kai decided that she would investigate this personally.

She simply needed to wait on Kaitekina and Mei to arrive before she got things underway. She already informed those who worked within the administration building that Diana was in command until her return, though they really didn’t need a reminder. Everyone knew, or should know, that Diana was second in command and thus it was natural for the female to take charge when she was out doing various things. Kai was pretty sure they had gotten use to the notion of somebody else being in charge of them besides the Raikage, though it was probably the norm seeing how most people within the building responded to a higher up. She couldn’t be sure, she didn’t know how adults did this sort of thing, but she knew it was similar to how the Shinobi chain of command worked. She should probably ask Diana about that, but that would have to occur after this investigation for her students had arrived.

Mei and Kaitekina would be whisked out of the office upon their arrival, Kai deciding that there was no need to debrief them within the confines of her office when she could do that on the trek to the southern part of the village. They would be going by cable car to Mount Shiomi and that’s where she would debrief them. After the cable car ride they would make their way down to the valley floor - where the mist was reported. She instructed her two students to stay close and keep their eyes out for a source - a source they would not be able to find. It would probably take, max, fifteen minutes for the group to come to this conclusion, but Kai would still utilize a sensory jutsu just in case. Sure, Byakugan would be better, but she didn’t feel like wasting chakra sustaining it when she had a perfectly good sensory technique in her arsenal. It did provide fruit, a chakra signature being detected and so she would motion for the girls to follow her.

She approached in utter silence, conscious of where her foot landed, but not so much that she advanced slowly. Kai wish not to alert the person of her presence, but she also didn’t want them to walk away. Yet it would seem she had no reason to do so since the chakra she had detected didn’t belong to a stranger, it belonged to her other student - Soul.

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PostSubject: Re: FNE [Squad 001.]   Wed Oct 21, 2015 2:29 pm

Sleep. That was something Kaitekina should be catching up on this gloomy day within Kumogakure. Kai had told her that the dark clouds and almost depressing atmosphere would be enough to lull her to sleep, but that hadn’t happened. Not yet at least. She found it incredibly strange to lie in the twin-sized bed that was shoved on the wall farthest from the door. She was use to doing something rather that be missions or talking to one of the numerous Hyuga’s that dwelled within the mountain named after their clan and so this was odd to her. She tried really hard to allow her conscious to fade into nothingness, but sleep alluded her. She did nod off a couple times, but those naps were interrupted by her body suddenly coming to awareness and her mind aborting the whole sleep mission she was trying to force herself to complete thus her naps didn’t last very long. After a while, the nine-year-old stopped trying and simply laid on her bed, purple eyes staring at the white ceiling whilst occasionally inspecting her room.

Her room was pretty darn messy now that she thought about it. Toys and books were strewn all over the floor instead of placed in their proper place whilst her clothes was slung over every piece of furniture within her room. Her drawers seemed to have burst open with the way her clothes spilled out of them, but she didn’t have that many. It simply looked that way thanks to the haphazard way she had thrown them in there after laundry day. Kai always commented on how a tornado had gone through her room which never failed to get a giggle out of Kaitekina. She knew that Kai was subtly telling her to tidy something other than her bed - her bed was impeccable - but she always had an accuse for why she couldn’t at that very moment.

She didn’t feel like tidying anything but her bed on a regular basis, but now she felt like picking up her room. Maybe it would tire her out which would hopefully result in some sleep. Sure, she could definitely leave her room in order to interact with people, but Kai had instructed her to not leave her room until she called for her and Kaitekina wasn’t one to disobey the person who had sought to it that a roof was put over her head and food in her stomach. So, the nine-year-old slid from her bed and began the process of putting her toys in the large chest shoved on the same wall as the bed. Books would be next and clothes would come last, though she wouldn’t have time to finish tidying her room.

Whilst she had been busying herself with neatly folding her clothes and putting them away, a shinobi had entered her room. She, of course, knocked before she had let herself in, but that really didn’t matter. Before Kaitekina could greet the woman nonetheless ask why she had barged into her room, she was informed that Kai had summoned her to the administration building. She dropped everything at that moment and headed straight for the door, knowing that she would be somewhat late given the form of transportation she would have to take in order to reach Mount Saisho. She did cut travel time down considerably by running along the cable and she arrived at a reasonable time.

She wouldn’t be in Kai’s office for long though, the female whisking her and Mei away without a word. A cable car later and the trio would arrive on Mount Shiome, Kai having debriefed them during the ride. The descent down the mountain was fast, but unnecessary since they didn’t spot the culprit of the thick mist. They did run into Soul though.

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FNE [Squad 001.]
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