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 Yūrei Te - Ghost Hand Clan

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PostSubject: Yūrei Te - Ghost Hand Clan   Wed Oct 21, 2015 5:07 am

Clan Name: Yūrei Te
Clan Location: Kumogakure
Size: Small

Clan Ability Description:  Ghost Motion / Telekinesis

History: The Ghost Hand are a quiet and secretive bunch who do not often flaunt their abilities without reason.  Keeping it under lock and key has been the central focus of the clan since it was first established a long time ago.  The story began with 4 Suna shinobi who had seen enough peace to sit down and talk.  In the shade of an oasis the idea was proposed to create a splinter art similar to puppetry, but not devoted specifically to the use of puppets.  Instead the art would focus on the chakra strings, and the ability to cause motion in distant objects without physically touching them.  They likened the ability to stories of telekinesis, though knew their creation was not truly some manner of mystical power.  No, it was well defined though rigorous research and careful record keeping.

After the first mastered the ability to move objects with this chakra strings, the users agreed to call their creation  Ghost Motion, and then they quickly sealed the name away in secrecy.  This is the true establishment of the clan, all though there are no detailed records or dusty tomes with any history of them officially forming.  Instead they've always kept themselves on the periphery of shinobi society, and simply did their best to go unnoticed.  Of course, in a world of shinobi, no information can be kept safe without effort.  While the common sense progression of their secret jutsu could naturally lead someone to the sealing arts, it was really the need for security that pushed the family in that direction.

They began with a simple enough estate, a walled trio of stone buildings located on the outer edges of the city, but quickly began to enhance it's security.  Seals mark much of the exterior wall, serving as anything from an alarm system to a painful deterrent, to markings that will cause those who look upon them to fall into a deep genjutsu sleep.  The walls were reinforced, thatch roofs were replaced with solid wood and stone, and the grounds themselves because to see a more constant patrol of low ranking house guards.  Not everyone in the clan learns the Ghost Motion, though just about everyone knows what it does, and has seen it used once.

This is not to say that those lower ranking members of off shoot branches have been given any instruction in the art, but they've certainly been given a chance to marvel as large statues and boulders are lifted off the ground with seeming no effort, and moved about like they were made of air.  Training for those in the main branch of the family begins at a young age, mostly with book learning.  It takes a long time to explain such an ability to children, but those who catch out soon find themselves practicing with a kunai.  The simple knife is always the first thing they're taught to lift, because first and foremost the Ghost Hand is a ninja art, and should be refined with the ability to kill in mind.  By the time they're 7 or 8 most of the children have a pretty solid grip on the jutsu, it's use rather simple once the fundamental theories at work are better understood.  They then begin to split their time between their Ghost Hand, their academy learning, and the basics of item sealing and storage.

This family has never produced a ninja of immense fame.  There was once a man who might have been from this village, who seemed to have the ability to levitate his items and move them with his mind, but it's never truly been confirmed.  Instead, the Ghost Hand is more often known for novelty, a rare bit of lore sometimes referring to them as being telekinetic.  This is not to say that no shinobi from this family has ever controlled power, or that the Ghost Hand itself does not lend towards gathering glory, it is just that elders of the clan often go out of their way to ensure such news does not get far.

Bloodline Reputation: Mostly Unheard Of

Clan Jutsus:

Name: Yūrei Undō : Ghost Motion
Rank: E - S
Type: Kugujutsu
Range:Varies by level
Handseals: N/A, however the user must gesture with their hands and/or fingers in subtle or dramatic manner to control their chakra strings.
Speed: Varies
Description:  Users of Ghost Motion practice a technique very similar to Puppetry, however their talent is less refined.  While they are able to attach their chakra strings to objects and control them from a distance, Ghost Motion lacks the precision that allows a true puppet user to work the delicate latches, levers, and switches that activate hidden weapons.  Instead they are able to only move items through space, and control the manner in which they move.  This means that while they can not construct and operate deadly puppets, they are able to lift a kunai, and slash, slice, and stab victims with it from considerable range.  Of course, this is not the only application, but is often the starting point of clan members training with this closely guarded clan secret.

The rules for Ghost Motion follow similar rules to the Kugujutsu skill, but has noticeable advantages and disadvantages to it's better known counterpoint.  The largest disadvantage is that a user of Ghost Motion may not use their skill to operate a puppet of any rank.  Each rank provides a number of Chakra Strings the user can make use of, and defines how much each string can lift and control, and how fast they can move each item.  While incapable of the fine control of true puppetry, Ghost Motion is eventually capable of controlling a wider variety of objects, and much heavier weights.

Because victims can move, struggle, and otherwise resist the effect of the Ghost Motion, strings may not be attached to unwilling humans or equipment they are holding on to.  String attachment is nearly instant at up to maximum range.  Ghost Motion may be used to intercept thrown weapons and projectiles, however twice the normal strings for the item's weight are needed to deflect, or three times the normal strings to catch and control an object thrown or shot at the user.  Once fully under the control of Ghost Motion, excess strings may be detached at will.  Of course, the user must be aware of these objects, and be able to see them.  No user of Ghost Motion may attach strings to them selves and fly with them.  That's not how physics works.  Moving a living human with Ghost Motions requires concentration.  Due to the moving parts and shifting weight in travel, living humans are moved at -15 speed skill no matter how many strings are attached.

Yūrei Undō is not a jutsu in itself, so much as a different way to use an already existing skill. In order to make use of Ghost Motion, the character must purchase the Kugujutsu skill as if they were a puppet user. Instead of using the listed abilities under the Kugujutsu skill, the table below is used to determine what the skill does, and how it may be used. No user of Ghost Motion is able to use their skill to also manipulate the inner workings of a puppet, nor may a standard puppet user make use of Ghost Motion. Like anything else, this skill can be taught to others, however the Yūrei Te will always refuse to teach it to someone outside of the clan.

0: Range 5m.  You have no training in this skill and can only use E ranked jutsu.  You have access to one chakra string which costs double the normal chakra.
1: Range 10m.  You have acquired some training in Yūrei Undō and you're now able to use E and D and Kugujutsu techniques. With your chakra control having improved you no longer pay double the normal chakra but instead just pay the normal chakra amount for Kugujutsu techniques. You are able to use 3 chakra strings, and each string is capable of lifting 5 pounds.
2: Range 25m.  Your training in Yūrei Undō has increased some more and you're now able to use E, D and C ranked Kugujutsu techniques. With some more chakra control improvement you now pay 10% less chakra for Kugujutsu techniques. You now may use 6 chakra strings, and each string is able to lift 5 pounds.   Each additional chakra string attached to an item above it's weight allows the object to be moved at +1 speed skill.  For example, if 2 strings were attached to a 5 pound knife, one additional string is being used and the object may move at +1 speed.
3: Range 50m.  Your skills in Yūrei Undō have become noticeably strong with the amount of training you've put in so far. E, D, C, and B ranked Kugujutsu techniques are now available to you. With your better chakra control your Kugujutsu techniques now gain a 20% Chakra discount.  You are able to use 18 Chakra strings, and each string is capable of lifting 10 pounds.  Each string attached to an object above it's weight allows you to move the object at +1 speed skill.  For example, if 2 strings were attached to an item that weighed 8 pounds, one additional string is being used, and it would be able to move at +2 speed.
4: Range 75m.  With this level of skill in Yūrei Undō many know to fear you. By now you're able to use E, D, C, B and even A ranked Kugujutsu techniques without a problem. In fact, with your great chakra control your Kugujutsu techniques gain a 30% Chakra discount. You are able to use up to 30 chakra strings and each string is able to lift 20 pounds.  Each string attached to an object above its weight allows you to move the object at +2 speed skill.
5: Range 100m.  Your Yūrei Undō skills have reached their limit, some call you a God with your Ghost Motion Skill and fear you. You are able to use any ranked technique you wish, ranging from E-S. On top of that you gain a 50% Chakra Discount on all Kugujutsu techniques.  You are able to use up to 50 Chakra Strings, and each string is capable of lifting 20 pounds.  Each string attached to an object beyond its weight allows the object to be moved at +2 speed skill.

Name: Ghost Writer
Rank: B
Type: Kugujutusu
Element: N/A
Range: 10m
Handseals: Gestures are required to control chakra strings.
Speed: N/A
Description: By using at least 2 chakra strings with each hand(4 total), the user may control the motion of two brushes.  Both brushes can be used in unison to reduce the time required to construct a fuuinjutsu seal of medium size or larger, or may be used to write two different seals of any size.  Because two brushes are working at once, the time required to draw the seals is reduced by half... or they could just paint a pretty picture.

Name: Mountain Over Cloud
Rank: B
Type: Kugujutsu
Element: N/A
Range: 50m
Handseals: Both hands are required to focus on a single object.
Speed: N/A
Description:  By attaching all of their chakra strings to a single object and focusing only on moving it, the user of this technique is able to increase the maximum weight they are able to lift.  While using this technique a user is able to lift 50% more weight, however the object may only be moved at 50% of the user's speed.  Only a single object may be lifted in such a way, and so much concentration is required that the user can do nothing but focus on lifting the object.  They may not move from their spot, attack or defend, but they may speak, and the moment their concentration is broken so are their chakra strings.  Uncontrolled objects will immediately give in to gravity.

Name: Dancing Ghost Blades
Rank: C
Type Kugujutsu
Element: N/A
Range: 0-15m
Handseals: N/A, Gestures required to control chakra strings.
Speed: +10
Description:  One of the first and most vital techniques learned by adepts of Ghost Motion, this technique enables the use of a pair of blades in combat.  The weapon of choice for the  Yūrei Te is the scimitar, however any sword may be used in its place.  This technique requires two swords, and each one is linked by all of the chakra strings coming from each hand.  The blades will then be under the users control and can be moved around at will.  While using this technique the user has their speed increased with each weapon by 10.  This is a favored technique by the Ghost Hand for it's versatility, quickness, and ability to strike from unexpected angles.

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Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Yūrei Te - Ghost Hand Clan   Thu Oct 22, 2015 1:30 am


First off how does one obtain the Ghost Technique. Does it require blood, an heart, simply teaching?

Second, Yūrei Undō : Ghost Motion ranges from E-S and ultimate range is 100m when we mostly allow only rank S to 100 meters. Each range should be labeled.

Those are the ranges that most jutsu go by,
another thing. Arent chakra strings ninjutsu?

Ghost Writer
You would also need fuinjutsu to do these seals.

Mountain Over Cloud
Range is way too big. Raise the rank or drop the range.

Dancing Ghost Blades
I guess this is okay just keep in mind of that range.
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PostSubject: Re: Yūrei Te - Ghost Hand Clan   Thu Oct 22, 2015 1:35 am

Done and Done. Ranges added as recommended, I find them agreeable enough. I couldn't locate any information on rages for puppet stuff.

Ghost Writer: It is not actually for creating a seal, just for controlling the brushes that are painting the ink on. It would be used in unison with a fuuinjutsu seal to either speed up the drawing process, or just let you draw two at once.

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Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin

Posts : 349
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PostSubject: Re: Yūrei Te - Ghost Hand Clan   Thu Oct 22, 2015 2:18 am

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PostSubject: Re: Yūrei Te - Ghost Hand Clan   

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Yūrei Te - Ghost Hand Clan
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