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 FNE Numero Dos! (Squad 001)

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PostSubject: FNE Numero Dos! (Squad 001)   Wed Oct 21, 2015 3:17 pm


Soul's eyes fluttered open as he awoke form a pleasant nights rest. The young boy stretched his arms and legs and sprawled across his bed letting out a long yawn. He sat awake in bed for a few minutes, rubbing his eyes occasionally as he debated whether or not he really wanted to get out of bed quite yet. Mustering up his last bit of strength before he dozed back into the darkness of sleep he threw his blankets off him and swung his legs off the edge of the bed. Forcing himself into a sitting position he sat off the edge of his bed, letting out another yawn and then reaching for a glass of water that was sitting on his bedside table. He pushed down on his bed to ease himself up off of it, once he was standing up he stretched up and stood on his tippy toes and let out one last big yawn. Soul started his early morning routine by pick out some clean clothes for the day and a clean towel before heading over to the shower. Soul probably spent a little too much time in the shower as he enjoyed the hot water a little too much. Stepping out from the sweet confines of his shower he snagged his towel up quickly and dried himself off. He threw on a casual attire for a normal day with no work to speak of yet. His attire consisted of dark gray gym shorts and a dark blue shirt. With a quick brush of the teeth he was done in the bathroom and made his way down to the kitchen. Passing his mother and father on the way down he gave them a quick good morning before fixing himself a quick breakfast. A bowl of cereal would suffice for that morning, he drank the milk out of the bowl and put the empty dish in the sink before leaving the house, shouting a quick goodbye as he opened the door and stepped out into the sunshine.

"Oooooh the sun is out again! But that mist is back... What on earth could it be."

The mist that was hanging outside the walls of the village was still present yet again. Now that he had thought about it that same mist had encompassed the outer walls and then some for the past few days and it was becoming quite peculiar. As Peculiar as it was Soul couldn't help but feel a little curious about it. It was quite unusual for a mist like that to inhabit the area let alone circle a village. The mist wasn't moving like it should, it was thick and heavy... Almost like a literal blanket on the area. Soul couldn't help but have a deep curiosity for the mist, something about it wasn't right and his curiosity was yearning for him to go figure it out. But first he had to run over to the store to get a bottle of water. There was a small convenience store just a few blocks down that he was able to make a quick stop at. While he was there he purchased two bottles of water and then left, his next destination was the village gates. Luckily enough for his curiosity Soul was due to meet his teammates for a legitimate sanctioned mission involving the mist that hanged outside. After meeting them at they gates they were supposed to head back out to the mist and find out who or what was causing this dreadful mist yet again. Soul was the first to reach the gates, this was likely because he was the most eager to solve the mysteries of the mist. The plan of action once Kai and Lil' K arrived was to head back out into the mist. However this time Soul knew something was out there so he would prepare himself ahead of time by activating one of his sensory techniques. A specific sensory technique that was limited to only Jiton users. The technique involved sensing metals, including the metals inside a persons blood steam. The technique was limited in the way that it couldn't detect chakras but it was quite handy when those could suppress their chakra this jutsu was sort of a work around.

Soul wouldn't have been surprised if Kai had a sensory technique of her own that she was using, in fact he expected her to have one that was superior to his. Lil K didn't have any sensory techniques that he knew of, but she did have her genjutsu so that could become quite handy if a battle were to break out in the mist. Soul could handle himself in most combat situations and he had no doubts that Kai could handle anything thrown at her. With that being said Soul, Kai, and Lil K would head out from the gates and explore the misty surrounding area. It didn't take long before Soul could detect hints of metal in the distance, he would glanced over to Kai but from the look on her face she had already detected the presence. The group quietly approached and the first thing that came into view where two person shaped outlines. Soon though it became obvious that the two people were donned in white cloaks that camouflaged them in the thick mist. The two cloaked people would notice the group eventually and attempt to flee. They wouldn't escape however, not with two sensory ninja tracking them.

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PostSubject: Re: FNE Numero Dos! (Squad 001)   Thu Oct 22, 2015 1:25 am

It was back - the mist that put the inhabitants of Mount Shiomi and Mount Takoyaiba on edge due to how mysterious it was. She had investigated the area a couple days ago when she had some time on her hands and she had found absolutely nothing that could possibly be the source of the mist. She did run into Soul though and she exchanged observations with him before heading back to the office a little bit confused. She left her squad to investigate a little further though, instructing them to head for the administration building and report when they were done. It turned out to be a waste of her students’ time in the end, neither able to find the source of the thick mist, but theories were definitely toss around the room. In the end the trio were dismissed, allowed to go about their day as they had planned whilst she resumed her Kagely duties, relieving Diana of the load and thus freeing her up to take care of stuff that went along with her position as the Minister of Defense.

The mist would clear up at the end of the day and they went several days without hearing about it. She had begun to think that it was a freak occurrence thus there was no need to worry. Her mind was preoccupied by other stuff, such as scheduling the next team meeting and evaluating the village defensive measures. She even planned on talking to Tsuki about what measures she would take if the village was to ever leave its neutral status for a warring one, but those plans came to a screeching halt when an inhabitant of Mount Shiomi came to her office. The man was out of breath when he had burst into her office and though she hadn’t expected any visitors, the Raikage was not startled. She did raise an eyebrow out of faint curiosity, but she waited for him to catch his breath before asking why he thought it right to damage the wall by flinging the door open like he had. She attempted to put a name to his face, the man obvious a shinobi of the village given his attire and the forehead protector he sported, but she failed miserably. Her memory may have gotten better since she came into office, but she still couldn’t properly identify the random shinobi that waltzed into her office unless she had seen them several times before.

He eventually caught his breath and the first words out of his mouth was an apology for his sudden entrance, but he had something important to tell her. He paused then, probably waiting for Kai to tell him to go on though he got a roll of the hand instead. He continued, stating that the mist had returned. Confusion was evident on her face as she had forgotten about the mist, but she would realize soon enough what he meant as the man further explained the situation. She, of course, told him to calm down, but she didn’t tell him that there was nothing to worry about since she was unsure of that fact. She did assure him that she would investigate this mist once again and this time find the source. With that said, the man was dismissed from her office and she waited for the door to click behind him before summoning two shinobi to her office. She decided she wasn’t about to investigate alone since this could be a good learning experience for her and her team, thus the three were instructed to hunt down two of her members.

Soul and Kaitekina, those were the two she wanted. She wished Mei could come, but with the girl being mute and the team embarking into mist, Kai felt like she would lose the girl. She would make it up to the Terumi though, the Raikage having plans on doing a personal training session or mission with the thirteen-year-old refugee. Yet that would have to wait for now. She left her office the moment the two shinobi were dismissed with every intention of arriving at the location of the mist first. She was prepared to reprimand whoever was the cause for the mist with force for there was plenty of things she could be doing right now instead of investigating. She ran the cable that connected Mount Saisho to Mount Shiomi and arrived at her destination relatively quickly. She was the second to arrive which made Kaitekina last and upon her arrival the trio got down to business.

She immediately initiated a basic sensory technique upon entering the mist filled area, instructing Kaitekina to stay close since the kid was unable to utilize sensory techniques at all. Genjutsu, Fuinjutsu, and Medical Ninjutsu were the three things the council had focused on with the nine-year-old and so Kai was fully aware of the purple-eyed kid’s complete lack of Ninjutsu skill. It wasn’t like the little girl needed to waste her chakra anyways even if she was able to use sensory Ninjutsu since Kai and Soul had that covered. They didn’t have to search for the source of the mist for long, the trio coming across two individuals clad in white robes. They immediately fled before either of the members of Squad 001 could make a move to restrain them but the duo couldn’t hide from Soul or Kai. The two would find them and the mysterious individuals would have a lot of explaining to do when they were found.

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PostSubject: Re: FNE Numero Dos! (Squad 001)   Fri Oct 23, 2015 2:06 am

Kaitekina had been asleep when one of the various members of the Hyuga clan banged their fist upon the door that separated her room from the hallway. It may have been in the middle of the morning, or maybe it was the afternoon, but the nine-year-old didn’t so much as stir. She was tired and rightfully so, the blonde having done just about every last D-rank mission available to her within several days. She hardly gave herself a time to rest in-between missions and so she was exhausted beyond belief. All she had planned today was a very long nap that was well deserved. She even let Kai know that she would be crawling into bed as soon as she completed an hour of training and washed the grime from her skin. Kai probably thought her joking since Kaitekina didn’t seem capable of sitting still for anymore than an hour, but the blonde proved the Raikage wrong by doing as she said she was going to do. She halfheartedly completed her training regime for the morning, took a nice long shower, and crawled herself little self into her bed after donning her pajamas. She had no intentions of doing anything else from here on out.

More banging on the door. Kaitekina let out a whine and rolled over, throwing a pillow over her head to muffle the noise. She threw the arm she wasn’t lying on over the pillow, pressing down on the soft material to completely cut off the noise as well as to secure it to her head. She let out a soft breath and within seconds she was drifting back to the realm of gumdrops and lollipops. She was abruptly ejected from that dream though by a thunderous knock on the door. Kaitekina was suddenly fully aware of her surroundings, the pillow falling to the ground as the nine-year-old jolted upright in her bed, eyes frantically searching the area for a threat. She didn’t move a single muscle for a solid minute, sighing deeply once her mind caught up to the situation at hand. Her nerves were calmed and her breathing returned to normal. She threw a glare at the door, far from pleased that someone decided that now was the time to disturb her slumber. Couldn’t they have picked one of the many times she was bored beyond belief within her room to pound on her door? She guessed not.

She slid out of bed and headed straight for the door after throwing the fallen pillow back on the bed. “This better be important,” she muttered under her breath as she took ahold of the door knob. In one swift motion the door was flung open, revealing the young man that had taken it upon himself to disturb her well deserved rest. She was, noticeably so, cranky and the man took hint of this. Not wishing to stick around, he immediately stated that the Raikage requested her presence at the bottom of Mount Shiomi and Mount Takoyaiba. For what reason? That was unknown to the man, but Kaitekina could definitely figure out the reason. With his message delivered, the man ran off to do whatever and Kaitekina closed the door. She sighed deeply as she looked around her room, the child rubbing her eyes once before throwing on some clothes. She was tired, but she wouldn’t miss out on a chance to do a mission with Kai. So, she would suck it up and put a smile on her face.

Dressed in her usually outfit, Kaitekina embarked for Mount Shiomi. She would be the last to arrive due to various factors, but it wasn’t like she was tardy beyond belief. A hug later and the group was off to the location of the mist. The blonde thought this had been taken care of already, the group having come to the conclusion that it was just a freak occurrence last time they had investigated. The mist suddenly clearing up solidified that theory and everyone went about their days as usual. So, the mist showing up again was a minor annoyance since it meant someone was producing it. She hoped they’ll find the culprit this time.

With no Ninjutsu skill of any kind within her arsenal, Kaitekina followed Kai and Soul closely. She could only see a couple feet in front of her and she had no plans of getting lost in this thick mist - not that it would be the most terrible thing to happen to her. She did keep her eyes out for any figure that could’ve produced this mist just so she was doing something, but her help wasn’t necessary since Kai and Soul both had sensory techniques and they both activated them. It sort of made the blonde want to develop her Ninjutsu skill, but Kai would probably tell her to focus on her strength which was Genjutsu and Fuinjutsu. Either way, the two would locate two individuals clad in white. Instead of sticking around, the duo immediately fled the scene which resulted in the trio giving chase. They had questions and the duo was going to answer them.

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PostSubject: Re: FNE Numero Dos! (Squad 001)   

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FNE Numero Dos! (Squad 001)
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