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 Ōtsuki Akemi - Suna

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PostSubject: Ōtsuki Akemi - Suna    Thu Oct 22, 2015 3:26 pm

Name: Ōtsuki Akemi
Nickname: Those who know her well often call her Kemi, Mi, Em, Aki, and a few other playful pet names.
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Height: 5'2”
Weight: 115lbs
Akemi is a tall and elegant girl just reaching the pinnacle of her physical form.  That she is pretty is rarely debated, however more than her exterior, it seems to be the joy in her heart that bleeds through to color her a radiant shade.  There is always a genuine smile on her face, her lips painted a soft shade of pink and always seeming to welcome any who see her to join her her merriment.  Her eyes are alight with an inner warmth that soothes even the shyest of nerves, offering little other than kindness and understanding.  How such an angelic face could ever belong to a shinobi is a mystery, but not all who see her recognize her for the talented ninja that she is.  There is not even a headband or village symbol in sight.  Instead she presents herself in the guise of a noble child, or the daughter of a successful merchant, certainly showing off much more worth in ryo than any amount of martial skill.

Hair like satin fire shimmers in moonlight from atop a head seemingly unsuited to the shinobi life.  She is a sight of luxury, of finery, of more nights spent being pampered than days spent working.  She has taken excellent care of her outward appearance, and it shows well in those crimson waves.  Always each hair is in place, glossy and straight, forming a thick flowing mane long enough to pass her bottom and reach to tops of her legs with unknown years of growth and constant care and comfort.  She wears it casually, however, because her smile holds a sense of warmth that denies any entitlement, arrogance, or positions of nobility.  The look of her face, instead, is one of genuine friendship, a serene expression of blissful satisfaction with her own life.

She carries with her a parasol, a soft sheet of red silk drawn smooth and tight over a frame of bamboo trusses.  It seems to be a defining feature of hers, always aloft to protect her from the sun and cool her during Suna's long days.  It is innocuous, not a weapon of any kind but a true to form umbrella used to accent her images, both true and fabricated.  She has no obvious weapons in sight, however she does have a small belt pouch worn beneath the bow of her obi.  It is hard to notice, but is there.  

She could be a tourist, perpetually on vacation, or a merchant's daughter traveling the countryside.  Expensive, extravagant silks compose the clothing she wears, formal kimonos serving as typical daily wear for those of her class.  The fabrics are always soft, and they are always dyed in the most vibrant of colors.  She prefers brilliance, yellows and reds, fiery oranges and lively greens.  Flowers seem to fill in for decoration, softly hued petals complimenting light fabrics in the various outfits she owns and wears.  She is almost five and a half feet tall, and carries herself with all the grace, poise, and civility one of noble bearing should.  To add the final accent to this scene of finery and society, exquisite jewelry hangs from her.  She shies away from cut stones and instead leans towards lighter things, pearls and jade among her favorites, but also visited with a fair amount of gold and silver.  Why any shinobi would dress in such a manner could be a mystery, but it was all a part of the costume.

Village: Sunagakure
Character Rank: Special Jounin
Clan: Yūrei Te
Element: N/A

Her life has left her an incredibly happy individual, completely devoid of childhood trauma or trouble which darken the past of so many others.  She comes from a loving and honorable family well versed in the paths of a shinobi.  She is well educated in matters beyond the scope of missions and war, and practiced in both the nohkan and the shamisen.  She has grown up amid privilege few others are lucky enough to receive, and she is grateful for every moment of it.  She recognizes her special place in the world, and lets nothing ever dampen her mood.  

Instead the illusion of cheer and joy come easy to her, because they are two emotions her heart overflows with.  She is kind and gentle in every situation she can be, and offers all around her more compassion than scorn.  Her life has instilled within her a great fondness for her home town, and she offers the same amount of kindness and respect to the lowest and most common of farmers as she does to the highest ranking guardians of the city.  She loves her people, and her people are frequently kind enough to offer the same back to her.  She can often be found idling away her free time wandering her city, offering pleasant words and gentle smiles to the people who fill it, and loving every seemingly unimportant moment of it.

These moments she savors, for all the finery and poise tend to go to the waysides the moment it is time to present herself for the shinobi she is.  She is not fearless, but Akemi is bold, willing to put herself before an enemy, even if only to slow them down.  In battle she is cool, calm, and methodical in her planning.  She is caluclating and cautious, more than pleased to keep an opponent at range and feel them out before trying to actually land any strikes of her own.  She can switch from bubbly and friendly in the blink of an eye, and when needed can be nothing but business.  In spite of her positive bend in life, Akemi has taken more than 1 life.  Such is the life of Shinobi, only the unfortunate ones escape, too young but with blood free hands.

For her, death is a last resort.  She prefers to not kill if any other option at all is open, and still keeps the citizens of Suna secure.  Though her art was designed with a swift and brutal death in mind for her enemies, she tempers that ability with a level of compassion most often seen in medics and spiritual healers.  Even causing another pain does sting her soft heart a little, but when it comes to Suna she will do everything required of her to come out victorious.
Character History:
Akemi was born to a pair of respected shinobi, both belonging to a secretive organization known as the Ghost Hand.  While this organization has no world wide renown for being brutal killers, skilled nin, or even overtly powerful, they have always done their best to exist below board and out of sight and mind.  Instead of focusing on developing supreme killers or unstoppable behemoths, the Ghost Hand above all has focused on building and shaping stable nin who are able to keep secrets.  Thus was the girl born to a pair of loving parents and into a world padded by luxury and education.  

Even as a child she was given all she needed, life served to the girl on a silver platter.  The Yurei Te own their own small complex of buildings, an estate of great worth that serves as both home and school for all born into the clan.  Akemi's placement in the main branch of the family assured that one day she would be pushed in the direction of a shinobi, but for the first several years of her life she simply wallowed in the warmth and love her immediate family.  Her parents were accomplished shinobi, though they rarely went out on missions.  Their task, instead, was simply in the development, practice, and teaching of the technique they had long since mastered.  The Ghost Hand, however, is no simple technique, and requires as more teaching, learning, and understanding than a year of apprenticeship could provide.

Like all Otsuke children she began her learning with a basic education.  Letters and numbers were paired with lessons on mythology, history, and esoteric lore which leant itself towards opening the mind to possibilities.  The varied course material left her open to spontaneous change, and at the same time graced the girl with manners, refinement, and a grasp on language that would serve even a poet well.  She was pampered with the finest foods and clothes, given every advantage she could have been given, but at the same time tempered with a profound sense of appreciation.  Over and over it was explained to her that without the Kazekage, without Sunagakure, without the shinobi and most importantly the people, none of her life would have been possible.

This method of teaching her, the strong base of appreciation to those around her and her innate kindness and joy made her an easy child to teach, and that did not change when she joined the academy.  She moved through the classes quickly, practice with Ghost Motion doing wonders for her chakra control, and her strong education making any of the written tests a breeze.  She was there for hardly a year before she graduated to the life of a genin, however she almost did not make it.  It took a small amount of convincing from her parents to get the instructors to pass her, because they still felt that she was soft, gentle, to kind to ever hold a weapon or harm another.  Shinobi did not exist on their knowledge alone, after all.

It would prove to be no mistake at all to move her on, for while she had been well taught to display apparent weakness and vulnerability, none of it was truly the case.  It was a mask she wore, a mask as deceptive as her posh upbringing and apparent care free attitude towards life.  This mask was lowered soon enough when she was granted with a mission to clean up a portion of the desert that had been the recent home of a number of highway men.  They'd been preying on the local merchants traveling the desert road for too long, and seemed both above the mundane guards of the village, and the higher ranking shinobi alike.  They were well armed and quite dangerous, but it was still seen as little more than another C ranked mission.

Akemi, along with her team was dispatched to scour the sands and locate their hide out.  She was aloof as ever on the mission, amusing her team mates with quiet words, stories of past and ambition for the future, and her team may well have said she contributed nothing to mission at first.  Even at that young age she lived beneath her parasol, and often enough got comments questioning it's point.  It occupied a hand, some would argue, and left her both unprepared to fight and one hand short of fully functionable.  Akemi, as always, smiled and laughed softly, shrugging off the honest commentary and dismissing it.  She was different, she insisted, and it wasn't until this mission that people quite understood what that meant.  The medic on their team had located the bandit's hide out, a rough and narrow crack in some outcrops that lead to a much larger chamber and a labyrinth of caves beyond.

She lowered her umbrella in this place, closed it and carried between the dusty stones that served as floor, ceiling and walls alike.  She was placed in the center of her team, those who they assumed were better prepared to fight placed on point and covering the rear.  The mission went as most suspect, blood shed to end the but it was note quite how even the squad leader suspected it would happen.  Indeed, most blood was shed by Akemi, and in such a fashion that it left her team shocked, and looking at the odd girl in a whole new light.  Details of the mission still remain mostly secret, but the report turned in would have have shocked those who know what the Ghost Hand does in the least.

The first attack was planned and executed by the highway men, and a number of kunai were all thrown at the group.  Even from behind a team mate, a swordsmen prepared to block the knives, Akemi simply lifted a hand.  The knives stopped mid-flight as if her silent and simple protest had convinced the knives that blood needn't be shed.  It was her, however, chakra strings flicked out with ease and attached to the knives that both stopped their progress and kept them hovering in midair for several long seconds.  There was a sense of confusion in the caves, nin and bandits alike marveling at just what had happened, but only a moment later the blades turned on end and shot rapidly back in the direction they'd come from.  Two bandits died easily as the blades penetrated their chests, though another was simply injured.  This was Ghost Motion, and it was the first time any in her team had seen the secret at the core of who she was.

In spite of the violence Akemi simply offered up a kind smile to her friends, and no explination at all.  Instead she stepped forward and leveled her gaze on the remaining bandits.  Dispatching those untrained in the shinobi arts is easy enough, and she needed no further motivation.  These men had preyed on Suna's citizens, and that would not stand.  She needn't approach to close, no just lifting her right hand towards the two that had died drew the kunai back towards her.  She wove a carefully series of motions back and forth, around and down, then once more extended her fingers towards the still living.  The knives obeyed each action, moving with speed and precision, cutting deadly arcs through flesh and spattering trails of blood along the stone around those she was slaying.  

Leaving there her own attitude had not changed at all.  She had justified the killings as the correct choice in her own mind, and none complained that she had done so.  Instead they seemed full of questions, curious how she'd kept her ability hidden for so long.  She answered none of those questions, and just remained quiet, cool and shaded beneath her parasol on the way back home.  Confidence had never been a problem, but this first successful mission had reinforced what she always knew about herself.

Life continued on in this trend, progress through missions as a genin eventually seeing her promoted to Chuunin.  She was taken from her previous team and solo missions began to be more common.  Each one she was assigned saw eventual success, even if she went about them in roundabout ways.  Instead of sneaking she walked in plain sight in a disguise of luxury and grace.  She carried few of her own weapons, because the world was simply so full of them.  Large stones served as her primary weapon in most battles, ten at a time floating effortlessly through the air, orbiting her frail seeming frame.  Those who drew to close would see one or two flying at them, not usually enough to kill but enough to keep her opponents on their toes and prevent them from too quickly closing distance on her.

At mid range combat she excelled, and her village elders soon saw her for the talented and competent combatant that she was, in spite of the meek and soft exterior she seemed to favor.  Mission after mission she returned with success.  She never voiced a single complaint about missions, be they overly dangerous or seemingly beneath her rank.  Each time she would accept her tasks with a smile and a small nod, and set about accomplishing them without delay.  She made a name for herself as one of the more loyal, one of the more eager, and certainly one of the more skilled shinobi in the village, and continued to move up the ranks.

She was only given Special Jounin as a rank some months ago, in recent enough memory to still give her a satisfied glow of accomplishment, and leave her unproven in her new rank.  Hopes are high for her, however, and she has yet to fail to please her masters.  Her missions now are almost exclusively solo missions of scouting, espionage, and assassination, and Akemi simply could not be happier.  She doesn't like to kill, but nothing pleases her more than serving Suna.  If she must slay its enemies, then who better to do so?  Others place themselves in danger, but Ghost Motion has always served her will, and she has no doubt it will continue to do so in the future.
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PostSubject: Re: Ōtsuki Akemi - Suna    Thu Oct 22, 2015 3:34 pm

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Ōtsuki Akemi - Suna
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