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 Sand in Uncomfortable Places [Invite]

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Fukui Takuma


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PostSubject: Sand in Uncomfortable Places [Invite]   Fri Oct 23, 2015 1:02 am

Suna was unarguably the greatest hidden village on the continent.  Of course, being a sand shinobi might make Takuma just a bit biased to that fact.  He contemplated this fact as he walked through the narrow streets of Sunagakure, relishing in the winter coolness, (only 30°C today, but it would drop much lower come night fall).  While pondering the magnitude of his villages greatness, and deciding how best to contribute to it that afternoon, he was besieged by the one aspect of desert life that wasn't amazing, the sand.

Frankly it was out of control.  Now his normal plan for dealing with sand was to blow it away using his futon jutsu, unfortunately he had once again forgotten to actually learn a futon technique.  He kept getting distracted with things like helping citizens and trying not to die from the various hazards of living in the desert, or a hidden village, or frankly anywhere in the world with the hostilities between the elemental nations.  Oh well, that's why Suna nin were the toughest in the world.  What was he thinking about again?  Oh right.


He immediately began flaili-I mean extricating himself from the minor dust devil that had sprung up and deposited it's granular payload under his clothing.  Surprising given that under his wrapping and other accouterments he was wearing a skintight bodysuit.

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Liu Jin
Suna Genin
Suna Genin

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PostSubject: Re: Sand in Uncomfortable Places [Invite]   Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:20 am

Truly, it was an immutable fact that living in a desert meant one had to cope with sand. And not that there wasn't really nothing wrong with sand, mind you. Just that sand had an aggravating tendency to ... well ... invade every last bit of open space in just about everything. Especially clothes. Still, that was probably why he avoided wearing skintight clothing, even though mesh was apparently becoming vogue as protective gear. The sand would, like an undeterred, inexorable foreign horde, penetrate through all means of defensive barriers and layers and root themselves where it should be not.

In layman's terms, sand was a piece of shit since it gets EVERYWHERE. Not that sand itself is bad! After all, why the hell else would someone voluntarily stay in a village surrounded and filled with the stuff?

Speaking of someone positively insane well adapted to remain in this awfully hot splendid, and most horrendous fantastic hellhole village of all the nations fucking-hell-on-earth: Jin himself was looking for someplace quiet and isolated. There weren't any missions that he was apparently qualified for that could be undertaken, and he'd nothing better to do today. So, it seemed as though locating a secluded training grounds was his next bet. In fact, he had one in mind already, a favorite spot of sorts that he frequented before his accident to study or train. It would do nicely for today, as he relearnt the skills he sure as hell recalled having before.

Or well, it should have if he hadn't run into someone loitering dangerously close. Either it was someone who was either into some very strange fetishes, given he seemed to be wearing ... a bodysuit underneath? Or, he was ... ... ... no, it's likely some sort of pervert.

"You know, flailing only makes it get worse." Jin offers the unsagely wisdom whilst keeping a respectable distance from behind whoever this person was. That kernel of unknowledge was a greeting of sorts, announcing his presence before the strange person did something incredibly baffling. Like, summon an angel from the heavens who would smite him with a glowing rod of light. Or magically manifest a spear upon which he would thrust himself through with.

Either way, he'd made the terrible mistake of beginning the dialogue first rather than, perhaps, fucking coughing nervously to attract attention. Now he would be paying the price dearly, but hopefully it would be the first step in banishing this strange entity back to the depths of whatever bizarre realm he crawled from and free up this area for his personal use.

Wordcount - 420 Words
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Sand in Uncomfortable Places [Invite]
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