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 Playing in the Sand [Training]

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Fukui Takuma


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PostSubject: Playing in the Sand [Training]   Fri Oct 23, 2015 2:35 am


Takuma had heard that leaf nin called this technique "Tree Climbing."  Unfortunately trees were in short supply in the desert, but the walls of the village would make a fine obstacle to climb.  Now normally a genin would have a jounin sensei to show them how to do this, but he figured he'd do just fine after reading some scrolls and pestering a chuunin who was at a food stand he happened to also be eating at.

"Alright wall, prepare to be conquered."
He calmly placed a hand on the wall, his eyes closes as he slowly felt for the flow of chakra through his network.  He may be mostly self taught after leaving the academy, but damn if he wasn't one of the best genin ninjutsu out there, in his own humble opinion at least.  He slowly slid his hand across the smooth stone that protected his village, feeling for that sweet spot where they resonated with each other using his chakra as the conduit.

"Aha!  There you are."

He slid his hand up higher and brought his other to rest beside it before slowly raising himself into a horizontal handstand on the wall.  His face is set in a look of intense concentration, beads of sweat starting to form on his forehead, as he slowly subverts gravity by bringing his legs up vertically into a arch until his feet are planted on the wall as well, his hips pushed up in a back bend.  He cuts the flow from his hands and straights up until he's standing on the properly.  A triumphant grin flashes before he goes through a few of the basic academy taijutsu kata's before launching off the wall in a back flip, landing in a crouch in the dusty street.


He took a few moments to catch his breath before making an about face.

"Now to do it on water."

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Fukui Takuma


Posts : 8
Join date : 2015-10-19

PostSubject: Re: Playing in the Sand [Training]   Fri Oct 23, 2015 5:02 am


After a resounding success at the basic chakra control exercise, Takuma decided to up the ante.  He made his way to the tunnels that lead to the various underground rivers underneath the village.  Just to keep things interesting he made it a challenge not to touch the ground on his way there.  It was an odd sight for the villagers, but not an entirely uncommon one.  From the ground it would appear as if some animate mass of bandages was sprinting around the circumference of the village walls, on the actual walls, before suddenly launching off and hopping off the walls of buildings nearby.  Eventually he made it to the tunnels and decides to dive right into a narrow vertical air shaft instead of doing something normal like taking a lift.

"What are you doing down here brat?"

Takuma turns around and sees his father, still in his work gear, looking up at him from a trench leading to the access tunnel his crew is digging.

"Oh you know, being a badass." he said, an easy grin forming in response to the identical one on his father's face.  "I'm trying to figure out this water walking thing and this seemed like the best place to do it."

"Eh, alright ya little bastard.  I'll show you the channel we just dug, but I'm bringing the guys to watch you fall in."

"Thanks Dad" he deadpanned.

"I'm just keeping yer head from swelling up with all this magic nonsense." The old man replied, waving off his son towards one of the access tunnels.

"See, you say that now, but you always seem to want to watch when I'm trying new jutsu."
The grin on his face grew wider as the one on his father's face morphed into a fake scowl.

The old man starts to shake his finger at his son in what is supposed to be a menacing fashion.  "Now don't you try to bring facts into this.  You may be some big bad shee-noh-bee, but I can still bend you over my knee like the brat you are."

"Oh yeah?  Well bring it on old ma-ow ow ow.  I give, I give!" Takuma's bluster turns to pain when an equally gruff woman grabs him, and his father, by the ear.

"Now what kind of fool nonsense are you doing now?"  He launched into a long tirade about men and how these idiots were going to be the death of her.  Before she can really get started said idiots manage to extract themselves from her grip and scamper off into the tunnel to the river.

"Alright, now let's see if I can do this."

Takuma started pushing chakra out from his feet and tentatively placed a foot in the water, and immediately fell in thanks to the "helpful" assistance of his father.  He manages to get out of the steep trench and back onto solid land, much to the amusement of the old man and his crewmates.

"You're not helping!"

"I ain't tryin' too!"

Takuma went back to trying to figure out the technique, only this time it's accompanied by him grumbling under his breath about "old bastards," and "damn water splashers."  He took it slow, trying to figure out how to keep a constant flow of chakra to push him on the surface, occasionally flicking a kunai back at one of the diggers when they try to push him in again.  Eventually he misses one of them, but manages to stay on the surface of the water.  He stumbles a few times due to the current, but rights himself eventually, looking down at the amazing sight of the water rushing beneath the soles of his feet.  

He tries a few experimental steps before slowly going into the same set of academy katas he tried once he got on the wall.  His movements get quicker and more assured as he get's used to the unique feeling of the water.  Rather than just sticking to a flat surface, it's more like standing on a cushion of air.  He experiments with the texture, for lack of a better term and starts to slide across the surface instead of needing to plant his feet.  That leads to him starting to try and use his hands to spring into jumps and even rolls across the uneven surface.  

He actually falls back in in the middle of a handspring when one of workers makes a comment about him "splashing around like a little girl."  Instead of trying to struggle back over the edge though, he tries something else.  Focusing his chakra around him he lets it out in one burst, which blasts the water away from him just enough to allow him to focus it under his hands and feet again.  

As the water flows back into where he was it pushes him up into a leap onto the mostly dry ground in front of his audience.  He spins around and throws his arms into the air in victory.  "HAH!  Take that water, I am now your master!"

"Good, now you can go do my job."

Takuma rolls his eyes and leaves after exchanging a quick hug with his parents.  He makes his way back to the surface, often trying to run along the rivers and walls instead of taking the worker paths.  Eventually he makes his way back up, sticking to the sides of the ventilation shaft that he came in through, and emerging back into the city.  Now he had to think of something else to do.

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Playing in the Sand [Training]
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