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 To Improve (Mission/Private)

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PostSubject: To Improve (Mission/Private)   Sat Oct 24, 2015 7:59 pm

The air was deathly cold. It had been for the past few days, despite the season being Summer. It was early morning, 5 AM, and young Roku could see his breath as he walked with nothing more than a kimono on. He walked through the village of Konohagakure, and he noticed the quiet and stillness. He hadn’t been out this early before, and it seemed almost as if he was the only living thing within a few miles. There were no sounds, no smells, no busy sights. Just… complete and utter stillness. Not even the forest had ever gotten this still. The boy paused a moment to observe.

A few moments later, he continued on and arrived at the Konohagakure village gates. One of the two ninja there protecting it asked Roku his name, which he gave, and his purpose for leaving the village, which he described as training and a mission. Roku was allowed to exit and he continued to his destination into the woods. As he moved closwe and closer to the wilderness, the stillness of the morning completely evaporated. He saw critters, smelled flowers, heard birds… and he loved this too. The beauty of nature. The place he selected in the woods was a circular clearing about 20 meters in diameter.

Roku stood quietly and pondered a moment on how he was to learn this jutsu. That was the mission anyhow; to focus on training himself. As he stood, he realized it may not be as difficult as he thought. If he were to… yes…

And so he stood, and through his feet, he flooded chakra into the ground. It felt similar to standing on a cold floor and feeling the heat from the entire body draining. Once he realized this, he also realized that he was probably pouring too much chakra into the ground and terminated the flow. At this point, Roku performed the handseal, the snake. Simultaneously he tried building the Calcium deposits from the ground with his chakra the same way he does Shikotsumyaku on his body. The result was a wet powdery white substance that the boy could only guess was Calcium. So that didn’t work…

It took another moment of pondering for the young Kaguya to decide whether this method would not work or if he just needed more practice. So he did it again. This time, the result was nothing. And so he did it again. This time, he was able to create a small stiff frame of a bone, but it shattered with a small gust of wind. After a few hours of doing this and becoming completely exhausted, Roku was able to create a 5 meter tall, 25 centimeter wide bone pillar with, as it seemed, as much density as his Shikotsumyaku. But he was still using far too much chakra to complete the jutsu.

The boy opened the pack which he had brought with him and pulled a meal from it and relaxed a bit to allow himself to regain some chakra. But, immediately, he was back at it. Now he focused on using less chakra to complete the jutsu. More hours passed, and, as the sun lowered, Roku was able to perform Shikotsumyaku: Erupt with far less set up and with a mere C-Rank amount of chakra.

Roku reported back to Konohagakure that he had trained himself to perform a new jutsu and that this mission was a success. The elders, of course, did not pay him as the village made no monetary profit for this, but it was another C-Rank mission under his belt on record.

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To Improve (Mission/Private)
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