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 The Blood [Private/Ryujin/No Kill]

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PostSubject: The Blood [Private/Ryujin/No Kill]   Sun Oct 25, 2015 11:56 am

The young new Genin of Konohagakure stood awaiting the Hokage in his office. He had been summoned there upon his induction to Konohagakure, which he had done for a multitude of vastly complicated reasons. He supposed that the best way to get over his grief for the loss of his home village and his family, was to become a part of something new. Konohagakure wasn’t perfect, but it was warm and welcoming. The people he had talked to required a background check of Roku which involved a series of Genjutsu and mind-probing techniques, and, once he checked out, he simply needed to go to the Academy and take the Genin exam, which he passed with no effort whatsoever.

The boy was beginning his new life. He stood in the Hokage’s office, afraid to touch anything, or even observe too closely to avoid accusations for inspecting top-secret documents. But… this was where the Mansion staff had taken him. He was just becoming a member of Konohagakure, there was no reason to screw it up now.

The boy wore a simple white robe which opened slightly at the chest to reveal his toned pectoral muscles and even tan, even beneath where his clothing would normally cover. He had a ring on his left middle finger that each member of his household back in Iwagakure possessed, and he twisted it nervously as he stood, fearful of what was happening. He wore a pair of black ninja sandals that were almost completely featureless. Across his chest from left shoulder to right hip was Konohagakure’s ninja headband that Roku had fashioned to somewhat resemble a sash. Inside his robe was a small pocket that held the container with Soul’s blood inside.

He knew the Hokage was quite famous within Konohagakure for his Medical prowess, and, fleetingly, the young boy wondered whether the man would be willing to perform the somewhat conspicuous operation to transfuse Soul’s blood into Roku’s own to perhaps gain use of his Jiton Kekkei Genkai. As it seemed to lately, the uncharacteristic vision of an enormous iron sand spear piercing the eye of the Kyuubi, the Nine-Tailed Fox once again infiltrated the young boy’s mind. He needed this power to avenge his village, his family, and his friends.

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The Blood [Private/Ryujin/No Kill]
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