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 Hyuuga Itsuko - Rogue Nin

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PostSubject: Hyuuga Itsuko - Rogue Nin   Tue Oct 27, 2015 7:08 pm

Name: Hyuuga Itsuko
Nickname: Ko
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Height: 4'7”
Weight: 89lbs
Appearance: She is a rather standard Hyuuga youth with dark and eyes as blank as a field of snow, but there is still so much more to see, and to wonder about.  The first thing noticed about Itsuko is the simple fact that she is a mess.  She is covered in the grime and dust that suits the lowest commoners and dresses in somewhat tattered clothes.  She wears only simple britches and a loose shirt, both of which share in the layer of dirt covering her from head to toe.  Her feet are especially dirty, their soles all but black from long periods spent barefoot.  Her hands show signs of digging in the dirt, her skin tough and fingernails chipped away almost to nothing.

The rather unpleasant exterior is paired with a wild expression on her face.  Her eyes always seem to be wide, which seems all the worse for their pure white color.  They seem to be filled at all times with a barely contained sense of panic, like she might snap at any moment and bolt for the nearest escape path available.  Her hair is dark, long, and tangled, a flower that seems intentionally placed sitting along side a few twigs which she may simply not know are there.  She has a habit of grinding her teeth, tension seeming to ooze off of her, just like her aroma of freshly turned earth.  She is pensive and restrained, always on edge and more hesitant to speak than she is to run.  She has the look of a wild animal, though this look is not quite what it seems.

Closer inspection reveals marks on her hands, black circles and fuuinjutsu script written on her blacker than the dirt and muck that covers her fingers.  The seal covers both of her hands with a figure looking much like a spider, the large black picture covering the tops of her palms and darkening the skin all the way the first knuckle of each finger.  The ink continues up the lengths of her middle and ring finger, blacking them out.

Village: None
Character Rank: D
Clan: Hyuuga
Element: N/A

Personality:Ko is derranged, though few see it immediately.  Behind the frantic and distant exterior, Itsuko battles literal demons constantly seeking to manipulate her actions.  Over time she's become a master of containing her delusions, however she has done so at a cost of her own personality.  She can only really be described in a handful of words for outsiders, those ranging from weird and quiet to strange and reserved.  She's rarely spoken a word to most who have met her, only seeming to stare for an uncomfortably long moment before once more lowering her eyes and either walking away or simply slipping into some manner of catatonic trance.

Some pity her, others mistrust her, but few would ever go so far as to say they like her.  As always, though, Ko doesn't notice.  She is too busy with the voices, scratching and whispering their intentions gently into her subconscious.  They spur her to do many things, to hurt and to take, but most often they spur her to learn.  Where they came from is unknown.  No memories more than 2 years old linger in Ko's head, but she's never pursued that line of thought to deeply anyway.  

Character History: Ko's first memories stretch back only 2 years, but her tale is much longer.  Her situation, her placement in the world, how and why she became the fractured girl she has grown into is a complete mystery to all.  It began 14 years ago, with an attack on Kumo.  The day she was born she was stolen amid the chaos of a great fire in a hospital.  Many died in the all consuming flames which spread with remarkable speed from one wing to the next.  Smoke and flames licked at flesh and stone alike, eventually collapsing one entire floor of the hospital, and half of the floor above.  

After the tragedy many bodies were located in the rubble, however many others were never accounted for.  Amid a mass of unidentifiable remains it was hard to tell who truly died, but her Hyuuga family found no trace of her.  There was no trace to be found, as it turns out, for the fire had been started exclusively for a small group of honorless villains to steal the child and secret her legendary eyes away.  They did not intend on killing her, of course, but crafting and honing her into a new sort of legend, one that would let them rival the nin of the hidden villages.  

Their plan was a long one, requiring much work and more risks.  In the end, nothing was to come of that.  Their hide out in the woods of Konoho were located and the bandits were dispatched with little effort.  Her “home” at the time was consumed in fires alike those that met her birth.  Bodies once more turned to ask, trees fell like massive candles and a small portion around the hide out was reduced to a heap of ash slowly dispersing out of a smoke filled, still hot crater.  None should have survived, and yet somehow Itsuko did.

She couldn't tell you how, but in time she found herself being taken in by a school teacher in the land of wheat.  There she's been for the past 3 years, spending the first recovering from burns and getting her feet back under her.  It is perhaps because of her status as orphan and her the obvious trauma she'd come from that kept others for disliking her for so long.  In spite of her very odd demeanor, they understand why she's at least somewhat distracted from time to time.

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PostSubject: Re: Hyuuga Itsuko - Rogue Nin   Wed Oct 28, 2015 1:46 am

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Hyuuga Itsuko - Rogue Nin
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