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Cookie Monster


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PostSubject: More Missions   Wed Oct 28, 2015 4:39 pm

Mission Name: Training For The Future
Rank: C
Type: Training
Client: Squad Leader
Exp/Ryo Reward: 350 exp
Mission Description: As a Genin you will soon be expected to guard the village with your life, so now is as good a time as ever to begin learning the duties of a village guard. May it be Gate Keeping, Kage Guarding, Patrolling, Intelligence Division, or even moving information throughout the village on foot, you are to shadow a Jounin ranked ninja for a day and begin learning the jobs. 
Location: Kumo
Additional Information
Eligible Members: Kumo ninja

Mission Name: FieldTrips!
Rank: C
Type: Escort
Client: School Teacher
Exp/Ryo Reward: 350 exp 400 ryo
Mission Description:  A class of school students (non ninja age 8-12) are taking a trip to the mountains of Kumogakure. On the path there are a bit of wild animals and you and two other Chunin are tasked with escorting the group. Most animals are only going to hiss or make alerting sounds at you rather than attack, but at the mountain peak there will be a slumbering bear, that will be very aggressive.
Location: Kumo
Additional Information
Eligible Members: Kumo ninja

Mission Name: Important Delivery
Rank: B
Type: Delivery
Client: Raikage
Exp/Ryo Reward: 550 exp 400 ryo
Mission Description:  Deliver a Sack of small handheld weapons from the Akuma family household to the Island Turtle for some shinobi in training. The sack also include some important details for the Akuma family in upcoming events and these instructions must reach them asap. Failure to do so could lead to catastrophe.
Location: Island Turtle
Additional Information
Eligible Members: Kumo ninja
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PostSubject: Re: More Missions   Wed Oct 28, 2015 4:59 pm

Akira says...
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More Missions
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