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 bad bad day[Private]

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PostSubject: bad bad day[Private]   Fri Oct 30, 2015 1:23 am

KArou was on a mission with two other konohagakure shinobis, one had died while the remaining one, was with Kaoru running for their dear lives.
They would keep running until a gigantic figure appeared 20m before them, Karou would tilt his left foot inwards and then slam it terribly on the ground, in an attempt to gain friction, he skidded uncontrollably for 5m before he came to a stop, by that time, the man before him had appeared behind Karou due to his speed, he intended on stabbing Karou, but Karou rolled backwards, passing through the alley created by seperating his two legs, just as Karou rolled backwards, a swift but powerful low kick was delivered to the man's ankles, which made the man fall on his side.
Karou would activate his sensory technique instantly after that in order to not get caught unnoticed, he could sense multiple chakra signatures coming, with that, he brought out a flute and started playing a melody, a dreadful one that paralysed his opponents. The few that could break the genjutsu broke through, but Karou could sense them coming, so he materialised his chakra chains, engirdled the fallen man's wasit before him with the chains and hurled him at the incoming throng. A few agile enemy shinobis escaped, but were met with Karou's Great Fire Annihilation technique.
By that time, Karou told the man before him(ally) to run, knowing that both of them couldn't escape together, the only way to escape is for one to run.
Karou was willing to fight this enemy shinobis to the death, they killed his mother, and they wouldn't go scot free.
Karou charged at one ninja, throwing a punch, which lead to an elbow spin by his free arm and then a spinning crescent kick that were all blocked and evaded by the man before him, going for a punch at Karou's midchest, Karou instantly moved backwards, dodging the punch and then unsheating his kunai blade.
The man before him removed his kunai as a means of defence, after several attacks being blocked by the other, both jumped back and formed the seals for the great fireball technique, shooting a large flamethrower with a dragon head towards the other.
The fireballs met with each other, and both shinobis began to struggle, engaged in a deadlock, they tried their best to blow the flamethrower at the other by adding more chakra to it, but it all ended in a deadlock.
With the two shinobis halting the great fireball technique. Karou used the smoke created to his advantage and jumped upwards, away from the man's view, he stabbed him from behind only to notice that it was a log of wood he stabbed, his eyeballs dilated, seeing the man behind him, he would materialise his chains once more to terribly slash the man, this happened, the man was slashed, but he had managed to stab Karou with his deadly kunai coated with poison.
Karou shrugged off the gash, he thought it was nothing until he started fending off the other enemy shinobis.
At first, he began to feel dizzy while fighting, making his movements clumsy, then he began to feel nauseous, from there his movements retarded drastically which left him unable to evade attacks properly.
Eventually, one of the enemy shinobis shot a fireball at him(great fireball technique), due to his speed reducing, he was hit by the technique and was burned to death.

The other man with Karou got to the exit, but unknowingly, he stepped on a trap and a large log of wood fell on him, crushing him to death.
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bad bad day[Private]
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