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 basically missions

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Suna Genin
Suna Genin

Posts : 480
Join date : 2015-08-23
Age : 17
Location : Ogun State, Nigeria

PostSubject: basically missions   Fri Oct 30, 2015 3:22 pm

Mission Name: Milk and Cookies
Rank: D
Type: Helping
Client: Grandmas
Exp/Ryo Reward: 300 exp/ 0 Ryo
Mission Description: This mission is strictly for
helping grandma's how you help them is up to
Location: Any village
Additional Information: In the end you get milk
and cookies
Eligible Members: anybody except MN
Mission Name: Ramen Time!
Rank: D
Type: Helping
Client: Ramen Owner
Exp/Ryo Reward: 300 exp/ 100 Ryo
Mission Description: Help the Owner get his
ramen to his customers, whether its delivering or
simply helping out in the kitchen
Location: Any village
Additional Information: N/A
Eligible Members: Anybody except MN

Mission Name: Not the Children
Rank: D
Type: Either
Client: Local Daycare
Exp/Ryo Reward: 200 Exp | 100 Ryo
Mission Description: A local daycare has
allowed some of the children under its care to
escape and cannot seem to find the time or
manpower to go hunt them down. The children
are now roaming the village and it is your job to
go hunt them down and bring them back safely.
Location: Konohagakure
Additional Information: Repeatable
Eligible Members: Any

Mission Name: Scorpion Influx
Rank: C-Rank
Type: NPC
Client: The Village
Exp/Ryo Reward: 250 Exp|300 Ryo
Mission Description: As of late citizens have
been noticing a great deal of Scorpions in the
village. Given their venomous sting, this has
easily become an issue that needs to be dealt with
with urgency. Do your share by eliminating at
least 10 Scorpions. They are no bigger than your
typical scorpion, but be careful to not get stung.
If you do you forfeit over your ryo reward for
treatment to the venom.
Location: Sunagakure
Additional Information: N/A
Eligible Members: Sunagakure Ninja

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Suna Genin
Suna Genin

Posts : 480
Join date : 2015-08-23
Age : 17
Location : Ogun State, Nigeria

PostSubject: Re: basically missions   Fri Oct 30, 2015 5:02 pm

Bambo sat at home doing nothing, he had become quite bored for a whole day, he was stuck doing nothing.
He was happy for the new day, he had performed the genin test and passed with flying colours, he was now Sunagakure's newest genin and pretty much the 2nd kaguya in the whole of Sunagakure, the first being his dad.
He was excited, he had received a mission not long ago, it was his first mission, or maybe it would be better to say first "missions". He was given a scroll which contained a list of things he should do for the village in order to increase it's reputation and power.
He would move closer to the scroll, his eyes battering each time he crept closer, his face shooting out a smile every now and then, a grin formed on the sides of the face, he would giggle for quite a few times before getting a hold of himself. Finally, he could now leave the house if he wanted to, his father's commands and must-do-rules may be ignored to an extent because of his new job.
Bambo had just been given a Sunagakure headband, not sure whether he should use it on his first mission, he would stand and tilt his head left and right while thinking, until the brief moment of pondering was halted, he smiled, not to anyone, but himself.
He held the headband, held the two extendable ropes that dangled flawlessly on the air to the back of the head, if there was an observer before him, they would only see his hand wiggle around for quite a bit unknowingly that he was actually tying the forehead protector to his head.
He headed towards the mirror and hit his forehead protector repeatedly with his face beaming of smiles just as soon as he saw himself in his official attire.
Hehehe, I'm now a Shinobi of the Hidden Sand Village, I can't wait to go on adventures and fight many people. Were the first words that came out of his mouth. Of course, this was an important day for Bambo, it was his first day as a shinobi, he was wearing his favourite outfit as usual.
The olive-skinned kaguya combed his hair upwards and physically stroked the top of his black hair sideways at different sides, he loved his look to be both neat and rough.
Bambo stared at himself through the mirror, he wore a blue shirt and black sandals, his ninja pouch bag was placed on his lower middle back, though it was surprisingly empty with the fact that his father had bought him a few tools he could find handy, the young Kaguya wasn't ready to just use up all his weapons, so he had to improvise, he walked away from the mirror and sat on the sofa In the expansive sitting room, it was ironic how his father had gathered such mass wealth for just working with a local shop in Sunagakure, though the shop was quite influential, Bambo didn't really think it could afford to pay his father large amounts of money for his daring missions.
Bambo sat on the sofa, his left leg was on the floor, while his right crossed and was resting on it, he would extend his hand, and slowly, he would manuipulate his bones to form at the outskirts of his epidermis, slowly, 10 bone-like daggers would erupt from his hand, they were actually bones from his body shaped as daggers thanks to his unique bloodline ability.
10 bone daggers would drop to the ground, each time it fell, it generated a sound which was similar to dropping bamboo on bamboo.
He gathered the bone daggers and pilled them on top of each other, all were on a scroll he had unscrolled with a sealing formula at the middle. With one handseal, he would make the bones piled up to disappear into the seal, after doing that, he would grab the scroll and shove it in his ninja pouch bag.
He was pretty much ready to walk out of the house and perform the missions he was assigned.


*Gained 10bone daggers, all sealed in my small scroll
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Suna Genin
Suna Genin

Posts : 480
Join date : 2015-08-23
Age : 17
Location : Ogun State, Nigeria

PostSubject: Re: basically missions   Fri Oct 30, 2015 5:34 pm

Bambo with his scroll would head out, though he had taken the mission scroll he was given earlier, he gently opened the door by tilting the door knob slightly sideways.
He had two scrolls with him, one in his ninja pouch bag and the other was tightly held with his right hand, not intending to lose or fail his first shinobi mission.
He unrolled the mission once more, he looked at it and saw that it had little danger, no wonder people hated genin missions, they were practically boring and had little danger, though danger meant that it could lead to death, but Bambo didn't mind if he would die prematurely, like most Kaguya, he had a lust for battle, though he wasn't all that stupid to randomly engage everyone.

He would read the mission once more. "Grandmas eh" he said, whispering to himself. He would walk towards the town, walking past a big alley to entre another street, he would see 2 grannies in need of help, they were trying to take their vegetables home, and Bambo could easily see that they were in need of help, he would walk towards one, having little interaction, but still displaying enough respect and had just enough interaction to share their thouhgts.
Bambo's words were simple and short, he wasn't a fan of "Beating around the bush", though he had to listen to the unmerrilous sayings of the old woman, who drove around south, north and even west with their little proverbs and then hammering it at a time Bambo looked confused.
Bambo stamped their words in his head, with that, he took the load of the old woman at the left first to wherever she wanted him to deliver it and he repeated it with the other grannie.
After he was done with that, he would scratch the part of the scroll that wrote the mission name of the mission he had just performed, "One down, three to go" he said, with a soft yet emotionless tune
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Suna Genin
Suna Genin

Posts : 480
Join date : 2015-08-23
Age : 17
Location : Ogun State, Nigeria

PostSubject: Re: basically missions   Fri Oct 30, 2015 6:20 pm

Bambo would move towards the next stop, for the entirety of the time he was walking, he had been looking downwards and upwards, whenever he looked downwards, it was just to let him find his way around using the coordinates and the map giving to him, while he would also look upwards to ensure that he does not get struck by something off the map or was just too small to be included in the map.
Bambo was heading to a local daycare, two daycares besides each other, each gave a genin of sunagakure a mission, but that mission was handed over to Bambo, he did remember seeing that he shouldn't take too long to bring the childrens home since their parents would be back by sunset.
Bambo would walk towards the daycare, seeing 2 adults outside, waiting with scornful faces, ready to pounce on the two little brats that escaped, of course they gave it out as a mission, it would only save them less time if they also kept a watch on their surroundings, to see if the kids would passby.

Karou would approach them, with a soft tone, he would say, "Good morning, my name is Bambo Baknu, I'm the genin of the hidden sand village tasked with finding the two runaways, I would like to have my reward first, since it is guaranteed that I would pass this mission" Bambo said, though not one to be so lengthy when talking, there were times that did happen, the two adults would turn their heads sideways, looking at each other with a confused face, they weren't sure about just giving Bambo the money, and the way he asked for such a thing coupled with his boldness was a thing, they would look at themselves once more, one of them would reply, "Uhm, I don't think it's good for me to just give you money like that, I can't fall for your "guarantee" as you say it. Action speaks better than words, prove that you can do this gracefully and then you can have your pay, I don't want to go for another loss, I just lost a child today, wouldn't want to lose some free ryo too." The man would say, he paused a bit to catch his breath, then he would continue. "So are you ready to hear the deatails, uhg" he said.
Bambo would look at him once more, he took quite a time to assimilate the description, now he was armed with everything he needed to know.
He suggested that as kids, they would probably be out In the play or at a candy shop or something.
At that moment, something kept puzzling him to go to the park first, and he went to the pack, only to find two kids that matched the description he was given exactly.
Bambo had no doubts, they were the one, he would approach them, both were seated on the ends of a seasaw, Bambo approached one, pulling his shirt backwards, which would make the young child or rascal as many call him to fall on his feet, Bambo hurriedly held his body to the earth by violently pushing his chest downwards, this allowed The boy to breath with few lapses, the boy struggled to stand and gain his breath, but while struggling, he would meet Bambo's cold face, a face that looked like it could tear someone apart with the slightest annoyance.

The boy would quitely halt his dance for freedom, it wasn't soon that the other boy succumbed to fear few metres away from Bambo and the little kid when he saw what happened.
Bambo let go of the restraint and pulled the boy upwards, he didn't have to say it, the other boy would follow him to the daycare, at least he saw what happened to his friend.
Bambo would walk both kids to the daycare, both were crying, not just because of what Bambo did to one, but due to the secondary beating they would endure by the daycare's owners for leaving. Bambo would collect what was rightfully his and would go home, happy that his first day was quite easy.

When Bambo got home, he would notice some scorpions gathering for a celebration of sugar round the table in his bedroom, though he was not given the mission by the genin, he did see it the other day he went to the academy to have his genin exam, he saw a mission that had the participants kill scorpions in order to decrease the increasing scorpion population in Sunagakure no sato.
For an hour, Bambo would sit with a large spoon, squashing every possible scorpion he could find, until he killed about 12 of them . He would head out to the administration technique wherre he was given the reward for killing the scorpions
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Suna Genin
Suna Genin

Posts : 480
Join date : 2015-08-23
Age : 17
Location : Ogun State, Nigeria

PostSubject: Re: basically missions   Sat Oct 31, 2015 1:48 am

Bambo would hastily hurried home, he was on his way home when two jounins approached him, Bambo thought it was a mission, and was a little happy at the thought of it, but there was a probability that it couldn't be a mission, if it was he would be glad because he didn't really have anything doing at home. Slowly and gradually, the smile crept and faded away quietly, Bambo took gentle steps, approaching the jonins without having his guard down and not uttering a single word, it was one of the lessons he was taught by his father during their gruesome training sessions that always ended up using up the Kaguya's energy . The jonins walking up towards him didn't seem like they had anything in hand and weren't a bit interersted in Bambo, though Bambo thought they were, Bambo would look and them and wait for their call patiently, only to notice that they weren't even staring at him and he didn't even gain their attention, instead, they were more focused on something, Bambo looked back to see if anything like a distraction was behind him if that was the thing keeping them from focusing on him, but he couldn't see any, there was none in sight.
Maybe they weren't coming for him, Bambo sat down for a while on the arid landscape, the sand being a good insulator prevented heat from passing throat it, whivh let it stay at the surface.
The ground was burning hot and Bambo was sweating profusely, the mid-day sun of the Sunagakure had extended out it's warm and uninviting heatful claws on the arid plains.
Bambo would stand up, and head for a ramenshop, he heard that there was a job opportunity there, he was informed about this due to the owner of the ramen shop being close to the restaurant shop his father worked with.
Bambo headed to the ramen shop, after minutes of deteriorating sauntering, he arrived at the place, he could easily see a poster that offered a job for working at the shop.
Bambo would enter the shop, with little interaction, he made a his purpose known and he was responded with attention and with calm and soothing responses.
"I'll be taking care of this place and will deliver some ramen to earn double the amount of ryo, if that's ok" Bambo said. "Of course, you can do that" the man said.
Bambo scrambled for a broom, and decided to sweep the ramen shop, his hand would move left and right, packing the dirt that came into contact with the broom.
Bambo managed to sweep everything he could, packing the dirt to different spots in heaps, taking a break, Bambo would start reading a book for a while, when he noticed tat he had killed way too much time, he would stop reading, and put the book where it was last kept.
He would pile up dunes of sand and dirt in different places, going for the dust bin and a parker, he would scoop the dunes of sand into the wastebucket and pack the rest on the parker with the aid of the broom.
When Bambo was done doing that, he would sigh of relief, he informed them about the completion of the job and the work he did was inspected, When the man was satisified with it, he gave Bambo his reward which was ryo and entrtusted him with delivering some ramen for their customers.
Bambo began to deliver the ramen, from one house to another, he would bask in the scorching sun with bowls of ramen in a plastic bag held by his left hand, the mission had high yeilds for the young Kaguya, though it was troublesome, Bambo collected his reward and was headed home

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PostSubject: Re: basically missions   

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basically missions
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