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 I Spy. [Squad 001][Flashback]

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PostSubject: I Spy. [Squad 001][Flashback]   Wed Nov 04, 2015 5:03 pm

Mission Detail:

Kai liked detours since it often presented her with a set of challenges she hadn’t been prepared for. So, though she had been hunting down the two individuals clad in white, she couldn’t resist not taking up Haku’s request. Her partner was injured and he - she thought Haku was a she before told otherwise - required a strange herb in order to heal him. Golden seaweed, that’s what the trio were on the hunt for and she knew that it would take them a moment to find it. Personally, she never knew seaweed could be golden so this was a first for her, so she hoped for Haku’s sake he wasn’t pulling her leg. If there was one thing Kai didn’t like it was being fooled and she would ensure Haku’s death was painful if she was sent on a wild goose chase. Sure, she liked adventures, but she didn’t like her time being wasted since it could go towards something important such as her Kagely duties or doughnut purchases or training.

So, she briskly made her way through one of the various forest Kumogakure boasted. Anyone not from the country would be surprised to know that the village had an abundance of trees since people tended to assume that Kumogakure was void of them seeing how it was situated within and on the mountain. Some of these forest had small lakes smack dab in the center or off to the side. And seeing how Haku had informed the group that the golden seaweed would be found at the bottom of a lake, Kai had taken them to the nearest one. Of course, no seaweed had been found there or at the next two places they hit up, but Kai was determined to find it.

She wasn’t about to give up because she couldn’t find this super duper rare plant, so she led the group to another lake situated in another forest. Kai, personally, was having fun since she got to swim, but she wasn’t really sure about her students. Kaitekina had attempted a dive, but she didn’t get very far before the water pressure threaten to crush her so she had to stay out for the other two. The experience did well to have Kai make a mental note to improve her little kitty’s durability. As for Soul, she wasn’t really sure what sort of mood he was in. Either way, they arrived to the fourth lake.

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PostSubject: Re: I Spy. [Squad 001][Flashback]   Sat Nov 07, 2015 4:09 pm

It turned out to be quite the crazy turn of events. Well perhaps it wasn't all that crazy in the eyes of the ninja world but it was certainly an unexpected turn of events. It was turning into quite an eventful day as a result. Turning into such an exhausting day he couldn't help but let his mind wander towards the simple parts of his day, the morning in particular. He recalled a few things specifically, Things like how he the sun felt so good against his back, and the great relaxing feeling of a hot shower in the morning. All in all there many things he somewhat looked forward to doing again when he got home, a hot shower in particular. In any case his wondering mind was getting tired of wandering and came back to reality. It was presently scanning the cave they stood in and the two stangers before them. The strangers name were Haku and Zabuza. Haku was the boy or man? Who looked liked a girl. Zabuza was without a doubt a man, however he was covered in plenty of bandages but Soul saw no blood, Haku said he was injured. Perhaps the mans wounds were old injuries coming back to haunt him, or maybe there were no injuries whatsoever and they were being tricked. Whatever the case was Kai listened intently and he was somewhat certain that Lil K didn't really care what they were saying. Soul stood patiently, listening, waiting, he was ready for the worst.

The worst never happened though... Well it was damn close to the worst. Instead of fighting or saying leave us be or any of that blah blah blah kinda stuff Haku asked for help. Not just help with anything simple either it was a ridiculous task that she asked them to do. Her request for them to find golden seaweed which was by her description super rare and only found in certain areas. Obviously being seaweed it was underwater as well, they three amigos weren't lucky enough to have a to find a plant with a misleading name, nope this one was perfectly accurate, a lump of gold seaweed that was found in lakes. With that depressing though in his head the three best friends left the cave, and Haku and Zabuza, to go find this magic seaweed. Normally one would be curious as to why they were looking for seaweed in mountain country. That was because Kumo was surrounded by about fourty hundred thousand three hundred and fifty two kajillion mountains... Well. Perhaps Soul was exaggerating slightly. The three musketeers trekked on now, onwards to any lake they could find. The search for the golden seaweed was now on. The group of extremely young ninjas made there way to not one, not two, not three, but four lakes! Lakes one through three were busts that lacked any notion of seaweed that was gold. In fact all the trips did was ensure that Soul's clothes stayed wet and kept him uncomfortable. Finally however they were nearing the end of their search. They had just reached the fourth lake and this one was a monster. Probably one of the biggest lakes Soul had ever seen around lightning country. It was quite the beauty but he had to dive down to its depths and try and retrieve the seaweed. Lil K didn't venture into the deep blue waters with Soul and Kai. The pair of physically fit shinobi dove quickly, Kai speeding deeper and deeper, moving at a much faster pace than himself. The depths of the waters made it dark, so dark that he began to lose site of Kai only making out her outline at this point. He had no idea just how deep they actually were but the force of the water on top of his was beginning to hurt. He wasn't going to make it. Soul was forced to turn around, he could have gone down further but he would have only hurt himself. He rushed to the top of the lake, his breath getting thin as he neared the surface. He finally broke the plan of the water and gasped a deep breath of air. Wiping the water off his face before swimming back to solid ground. He took seat next to Lil K and waited for Kai to return with or without the golden seaweed.

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Kumo Genin

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PostSubject: Re: I Spy. [Squad 001][Flashback]   Mon Nov 09, 2015 10:26 am

Kaitekina was very upset after the trio had hit up the first lake, a rare emotion expressed by the nine-year-old Genin. She was excited to hunt down this golden seaweed that was super duper rare even if the chances of coming across the plant was nine percent, but that excitement came crashing down after the first dive. She wasn’t sure what it was, but she felt like her body was being crushed as she swam further down. Her attempt to ignore the pain only caused her to dive a couple more feet before she was forced to turn around. As a medic, she was fully aware of when her body was about to have some complications and so, she had to abandon her desire to be right with Kai when the golden seaweed was found.

She sat at the edge of the lake with her arms crossed, waiting for Kai and Soul to resurface. When they did, Kai explained that her body probably couldn’t handle the change in pressure. It made sense given how Kaitekina wasn’t the most durable person to ever grace Kumogakure, she was the least durable one on the team if she had to wager a guess, but that didn’t stop her from being sad about it. She whined that she wanted to dive with Kai, the Hyuga, patting her head, told she knew but they wouldn’t be risking her health. So, for the next two lakes she was forced to sit at the edge and wait for her two teammates to resurface with or without the plant.

She was just a little bored, but she alleviate it by talking to herself. Now, Kaitekina could’ve used the time in between her teammates dives and the walk to the next lake to hone her skills, but she wasn’t in the mood for that. Oh no, she was still a little upset about not being able to join them though the feeling would fade by time they arrived at the fourth lake. Lucky enough for her, and unfortunately for Soul, the sole male member of Squad 001 would join her by the side of the lake. She flashed him a smile, clearly pleased that she had a companion this time. She didn’t have to be bored now for she had a Soul to play with and talk to. The first order of business would be to get to know her teammate and she knew the perfect way to start.

“What’s ya favourite colour?”

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PostSubject: Re: I Spy. [Squad 001][Flashback]   Wed Nov 11, 2015 8:46 pm

It seemed like Kai would be taking this dive alone. Even though she had entered the waters with Soul, a quick look over her shoulder told her the water pressure was taking its toll on his body. She had expected for this to happen sooner or later for each lake they visited only got deeper and deeper. Though not fully aware of his training background, she had known he would be sitting out with Kaitekina sooner or later. Though he had her by two years, rigorous amount of training had prepared Kai’s body for anything and with her durability through the roof, well she wasn’t worried about having her body crushed underneath the increasing pressure. To be frank, she didn’t feel a shift in the water’s pressure at all nor did she feel funny in some shape or form which told her she would be fine. Alone, but fully capable of grabbing the golden seaweed and reaching the surface unharmed.

Soul was pretty fortunate to have made it as far as he had though and she felt like he would be able to do this with no problem with the proper training. Perhaps she should put him through the same training regime her father had her under. Of course, she would tone it down just a tiny bit for his sake - she didn’t want to break the boy - and increase the difficulty as he got use to it. And even though Kaitekina wasn’t a physical fighter, she would too put her through the same regime. Her body needed to become more durable and the regime would do just that.

A smile on her face and a mental note made, Kai continued to the bottom of the lake in search of the seaweed that may or may not exist. She knew it would take a moment given the amount of land she needed to cover, but it was not a task she was incapable of completing. It would’ve been nice to have Soul and Kaitekina by her side since the process could’ve been a lot quicker, but she wouldn’t dwell on that. Instead, she would put her focus on finding the seaweed so that she could regroup with her teammates - oh, and take a gulp of air.

Either way, it would be a moment before she found the damn seaweed which gave her students more then enough time to get to know one another.

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PostSubject: Re: I Spy. [Squad 001][Flashback]   Mon Nov 23, 2015 5:58 pm

(No leaving the Flashbacks for you)

As Soul flopped his way up the beach forcing his exhausted muscles and cold body to move more than they already had to he found himself plopped down on the beach next to Lil K. The little girl flashed him one of her famous smiles as he made his way up the beach and he couldn't help but smile back. He had noticed earlier after they had finished the searching the first lake that Kai didn't want Lil K to dive with them anymore. It was likely that what just happened to him here happened to her too and Kai wanted her to be safe. Of course it made sense, but the feeling of being not helpful or useless hang over his head now and again at this lake and he could only help but think that Lil K had been feeling the same way. It wasn't a good feeling having to sit and watch the others do the work while you were powerless to do anything. And it certainly wasn't a feeling he wanted to keep having on a regular basis. With that in mind he made a silent promise to himself to get stronger. So he wouldn't have to sit here and watch the others do work for him because he wasn't able to. He glanced over to the smiling bundle of rainbows and sunshine next to him. He was certain she had already made herself a similar promise after the events of today. Soul was snapped from his dreary and cheesy ways of thinking when Lil K spoke up. She asked him what his favorite color was. He put a finger to his lips and let out a long 'Hmmmmmmm' as he thought about it. Soul liked a lot of colors but he didn't really think about any as his favorite.

"Well lets seeeeee.. I think my favorite color would have to beeeeeeeee. Red. Yup definitely red. Whats your favorite color Lil K?"

And so the two talked about each other for what seemed like a good chunk of time. Favorite animals, colors, clothes, jokes... Pretty much every kind of favorite thing imaginable was discussed by the two children as they joked about on the beach. It was a nice way for the two team members to get to know each other better. Soul never had problems making new friends and didn't really think of going out of his way to do anything about it. Weird how it all works out sometimes. The two kids laughter was interrupted by the crashing of water as Kai surfaced. Soul let out a soft sigh as he immediately assumed they would be travelling to a fifth or possibly sixth lake but upon further inspection he could see the glimmer of gold in her hand. What was initially a sigh of disappointment was immediately followed up by a sigh of relief as they would no longer have to dive into the icy waters. The trio would no doubt spend the whole walk back getting to know each other better... And Kai immediately planning a new training regime for the two kids.


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PostSubject: Re: I Spy. [Squad 001][Flashback]   

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I Spy. [Squad 001][Flashback]
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