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 King of Katanas, The Muramasa

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PostSubject: King of Katanas, The Muramasa   Thu Nov 05, 2015 6:07 pm

Name: Muramasa
Rank: S-RANK
Type: Custom Katana
Materials: Chakra Metal
Visual Description:
A very long single edge katana made from chakra metal and shaded so that the blade to shimmer like platinum. The blade's length, excluding the hilt, measures 6ft long and curves slightly as the blade extends. On the blade itself is an emblem of a gold dragon on both side of the katana, 2 cm away from the hilt. The hilt is made from several carved bamboo and fashioned into one thick piece with the bottom portion of the hilt being slightly hallowed. Inside of said hallowed portion is a removable cap made of gold. Connected to this golden cap is a 2in long spike, thrice the thickness of a typical senbon. The hilt's appearance is rather typical, in comparison to your basic katana hilt in that it rather smooth and very easy to maintain a grip even in slippery conditions. However, it is very much longer than your average katana hilt mostly so the user can alternate between a one-handed to a two handed style of fighting with relative ease. Combined with the hilt, the Muramasa's length is an astounding 7ft tall. The blade is razor sharp, able to cut a leaf in half in mid flight with a single stroke. Merely touching the blade can result in a slight cut.
1st Ability: TBA

2nd Ability: TBA

Final Ability: TBA
Cost: 2000
Requirements: 5 Bukijutsu

*I intend to unlock abilities of the weapon as I rp so I will be updating this application each time I have enough to purchase the next ability.*
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PostSubject: Re: King of Katanas, The Muramasa   Thu Nov 05, 2015 6:09 pm

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King of Katanas, The Muramasa
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