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Routine. Nothing out of the ordinary. He, Enkai, simply needed to make his way up to the local bank and make a small deposit. His vault was a bit low as of now, but he had been making some rather wondrous purchases as of late and so this was to be expected. He made his stroll down to the bank as he normally did; he normally did not speak to those on the streets around him, though today there was no one for him to not speak to. He’d departed just a bit after the lunch hour, the time around one thirty, and as such, the streets were almost entirely abandoned. Business took a bit of a down turn just after lunch, people just getting back to their desks or taking naps and the like, and as a rule of thumb the bank was a wildly unpopular location at times such as these. Additionally, the kage and one of the only high ranking ninja of the village had left for a summit of some sort in a far off land, so the local military was a bit lacking as of now.

After a short jaunt, Enkai made it to the bank and greeted the guard who both watched over the place and served as the banker. Strange system, to be sure, but the Mist had fallen on tough times ever since the disappearance of their greatest kage, Rei Uchiha. As such, the money that the village did have was not only entirely unaccounted for – since the previous kage had not done any paperwork whatsoever – but also had not been put to any sort of use. So, the bank remained a tiny building with a single guard and a single banker who was, incidentally, the guard. Enkai smiled and waved, withdrawing a small stack of ryo from his jacket pocket and saying that he needed to make a small deposit. The banker agreed, though he did not see Enkai. Rather, he saw the result of the transformation technique the golden haired man had activated prior to leaving the compound. He’d assumed the form of a local chunin, a somewhat talented boy of brown hair though one who had a known bad streak which had become progressively worse as of late.

The banker took the boy inside, happy to at least have someone to talk to for a moment if not exactly happy to do his job. They chatted a bit as they entered before the man withdrew the keys to the vault, turning over his shoulder to ask how much he was depositing so that he may record it in the bank’s ledger, a book which essentially had no meaning any longer as the previous kage had laundered great sums of good through the bank, taking advantage the low accountability the kage had. As the banker turned to look at his customer, he met his eyes and was quickly overcome by a mass of tentacles. The man, weak, homeless, and essentially untrained in any form of fighting, succumbed quickly and silently to the illusion, passing out without any real struggle. All that was left now was to enter the vault and steal the goods. He probably did not need everything within it, but all within was certainly his right and, of course, it was better to be safe and sorry.

The vault looted and safely tucked into the man’s jacket, the funds dispersed such that they produced no noticeable bulk on his person. All that remained at this point was to exit the building, waving over his shoulder as he bid the unconscious guard adieu. No one was even around to see this, but gave the show nonetheless. In all likelihood, the man would not even report the theft as he was both hardly paid and the village refused to at least give him a home for his efforts. Of course, even if he did report the theft, he would point only to a different person, someone the village would find easy to convict even if they could not find the cash on him. Enkai simply strolled away, taking a circuitous route home by stopping in a public building, passing through it and ending the transformation after leaving the building and entering a blind spot in the ally. Once he’d become his real self once more, he doubled back, unseen, to reenter the building and pass through in the opposite direction. No one paid him any mind whatsoever, but had they he would simply appear as another person passing through the place. Money in his possession, he’d return home, stowing the cash away before going through a bit of training to keep himself sharp. He went over a bit of his actual abilities in the illusionary arts by learning and training a rather simple technique which many people knew of which was the technique of false darkness which was very useful because of course it was difficult to combat and was quite effective.

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