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PostSubject: Shinsui Raikan   Sun Nov 15, 2015 5:15 pm

Name: Shinsui Raikan
Nickname: N/A
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Height: 5"9
Weight: 143lbs

Shinsui stands at 5"9 and weighs 143lbs. His hair his a silvery white, medium in length going down to his chin while his fringe is long enough to cover his eyes, though normally styled out of the way of his sight. He's a bit muscular, not a lot though. He always wears a cloak, colored dark blue with light blue outlinings. The patterns are also light blue. The cloak is joined just under his neck with buttons. Underneath the cloak is a short sleeved shirt, black, with dark grey long sleeved pants. An item pouch accompanies the pants on the right leg. His eyes are black, with his pupils being gold.
Alpha form/True form: Shinsui is covered with black hair, not long though. His body is noticeably more muscular than his human form, and no he does not have a tail. He doesn't wear any clothes except for the cloak mentioned above. His eyes are the same as his human form.
Village: Kumogakure
Character Rank: Genin | D
Clan: Raikan
Element: N/A

"For Peace:" Shinsui strives for peace in this world torn apart by death, murder and hatred. Though don't mistake him for being a hippie. He uses force to prevent the death of others. If he finds something that will stand in the way of peace, or takes "the wrong" path towards peace in his eyes, he will stop it. Though he's not stupid and won't take on something that he doesn't have a chance of stopping.
"Friendship:" Once you've become a true friend of Shinsui, he will protect you with everything he can to ensure he never looses another friend again. Loosing a friend will cause him to go on a complete rampage towards the killer, though if it is a friend that is the killer then he'll feel betrayed, and unsure of what to do. He could never take out a true friend, so he'd probably just break off the friendship. If he sees that friend again though, he wouldn't stand aside and do nothing. He'd probably attack the ex-friend then. If a friend stands in the way of peace with the path they've chosen to take, then he would be lost at what to do depending on the situation. If he finds at least some way for that path that can lead to peace, then he'd let the friend be, but if there is absolutely no path to peace with the friend's way then he'd tell the friend to leave and the next time they meet there will be a fight if the friend still takes that path.
"Brains and Brawn:" Shinsui isn't just brawn, but also brains. He's quite smart. He always tries to find a solution to a current problem, but most of the time the only true solution to stop a threat is to end it permanently. During battle he analyzes the field and his surroundings, as well as figures out his opponent's fighting style and advantages to turn them into disadvantages. Shinsui is also professional, keeping calm and collected during normal situations outside of battle like discussing village matters. He does what's best for the clan and the village, alongside the other higher ups of the village when it comes to making decisions.
"Insults:" Shinsui doesn't take lightly to insults. You could say he's a bit short tempered when he's insulted. Things like "Mutt" and "dog" tend to break the small ice that his insulter is standing on. And trust me the water is a cold bitch when it breaks. He does however turn a blind eye to someone insulting him if its just to call him out or challenge him for an unnecessary fight which could lead to an unnecessary death. However he can be a hypocrite when it comes to insults. During the midst of battle he can get infuriated with the opponent and insult them, like "little bitch" you know those things. If he wants to call someone out he sometimes also resorts to insults.
"Pointless killing:" Shinsui is very against the death of others that has no point behind it, even if he doesn't do it himself. There has to be some point behind every death. If he sees or finds out about someone being killed for no reason, he will make sure that the perpetrator pays for his crime against Shinobi.
"The threats:" Anything posing a threat towards the path of peace, no matter how small, must eventually be taken care of. Something Shinsui thinks could lead to something big eventually when not taken care of, will also be taken out of the picture. If something small starts, but can eventually become something big then Shinsui will prevent it from reaching its goal if it poses a threat to others or to peace.
Character History:
"Birth of the Alphas:" For years the Raikan clan was revered as a fierce pack of Lycan Shinobi residing in the Land of Lightning, they were strong but no one were able to evolve and none even know of the Alpha lycans which could be awakened within the clan. Until the first Alpha was awakened, he was strong and lead the Lycans to their path of protecting the Lands. His own attempt at trying to bring peace lead to the clan almost being extinct with a lust of power from the RPL (Rogue Pack Leader). However, the Alpha personally trained the now split up packs' leaders to evolve into an Alpha as well. It was no easy task. With the power against the RPL, he and his rogue pack were killed in a bloody battle. Since then the clan grew back in size. The first Alpha created the Lycan system for having a pack in each village to try and balance out the power of the villages. His attempt wasn't one of the best plans, however it made a difference and that was all he could hope for. The first Alpha is famous for his strength and intelligence not only as the true leader of the Raikan clan back then, but as a shinobi too. Considered royalty amongst the clan, his descendants were all destined to rule the pack in Kumogakure. His bloodline continued to live on until the day that Shinsui, a direct descendant of the first Alpha was born 14 years ago.
"Resurrection of the first Alpha:" Today the world is full of hatred, death and betrayal. Shinobi die everyday and the villages are at each others' throats. With the birth of Shinsui, the clan hoped that this would be the change they were hoping for. It was always clear the ones being birthed directly from The First in the Raikan clan were destined for great things. However, destiny is a funny thing sometimes and to bind someone with destiny just by their ancestors was ignorant. Shinsui's mother died giving birth to him, whilst his father committed suicide from heartbreak. His parents were both on the council of Kumogakure. The council, upon his parents' death decided it'd be best to have him raised by the family that were to take his parents' place as the leader of the Kumogakure pack.
They trusted that the new leader would raise him well, whilst they supplied the training when he got older. Though his new father was the new leader of the pack, he still had much respect for Shinsui's father/deceased pack leader of Kumogakure and treated Shinsui well. Manors were taught to him, respect was given to him as the prince of the Lycans, as he was referred to. However Shinsui felt it was unneeded, he was just a boy who's parents died when he was born. His father killed himself because he couldn't handle the death of his mother. He was the son of a coward, or that's how he felt. In reality he just felt unloved by his real father, was he not important enough for his father to stay alive for his son and raise him himself?
"A true prince:" Once Shinsui got older, the council kept their word and started to provide Shinsui with teachers. He started to learn the art of Medical Ninjutsu whilst at the same time training his body with the Pack Leader/his adopted father. The pack leader was unable to become an Alpha himself but he was indeed a master in the art of Taijutsu. Each day he would become better at his taijutsu forms and understood medical ninjutsu like the back of his hand. It was obvious that the blood of the First flowed through the boys body. At the age of 9, he was already a genin within the village, and was soon ranked up to chuunin when he started to learn fuinjutsu. He would go on missions while his friends were still in the academy. One of the council members took him as his team member, alongside his adoptive brother. The third member was a girl by the name of Hitomi.
For a few months they worked together, but as time went on it was starting to get more clear that his brother was jealous of him. Shinsui was the one to become the next pack leader in Kumogakure and not the son of the current pack leader. A rivalry between the two was forged from the feelings of his brother. Each mission lead to them trying to out-best each other. His brother however started to let his feelings get in the way of his judgment.
"The Awakening:" Their team went on their first S ranked mission together. The three of them were all very skilled by the age of 14 when they took this mission with their team leader. They were to take out a mercenary group which posed a threat to Kumogakure. Little did anyone know that his brother was behind this threat, paying them good with stolen money taken from the clan's reserves.
The team headed out towards the group's location after having Hitomi find them with her being a very skilled tracker and sensor. Once they arrived, a battle ensued between the leader of their group and the council member. Shinsui and Hitomi fought with the others, but his brother stood back and watched. As Shinsui took out more members with Hitomi, his brother decided to reveal himself as the snake he was and started to fight with Shinsui. The prince of the lycans tried to reason with his brother, but he was ignorant and turned a death ear to Shinsui's attempt at reasoning. With the two of them taking on each other, Hitomi was greatly outnumbered and killed whilst their team leader eventually took out the mercenary group's leader and started to kill his followers.
With the death of Hitomi, Shinsui was hurt from the loss of his teammate and friend. He started to get serious and realized that he'd have to end his brother. The death of Hitomi didn't even seem to faze his brother. Shinsui would give his all with that battle. The battle raced on for a while whilst the leader of their now broken team was still fighting the others. They were about equal in their taijutsu. The fight pushed Shinsui harder than he was ever pushed before, which led to Shinsui becoming the next Kumogakure Alpha with the evolution of his genes within him. "This is your end, brother." He would say with the new strength he had acquired flowing through his veins. His brother was shocked at Shinsui unlocking this form, not even their (adoptive) father was able to do it. His eyes widening in shock, Shinsui took the opportunity to take his brother out. The council member saw this, it was clear that Shinsui was indeed the descendant of the First and destined to lead the Raikan pack in Kumogakure. Shinsui and the council member then ended the last remaining members of that mercenary group.
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PostSubject: Re: Shinsui Raikan   Sun Nov 15, 2015 5:36 pm

Looks good.

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Shinsui Raikan
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