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 Kirigakure's Village Info [Frequent Updates]

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PostSubject: Kirigakure's Village Info [Frequent Updates]   Mon Nov 16, 2015 10:28 am

Kiri Updates

Post here whenever you complete a mission & it is approved by staff in your own updates. We will keep track of Kiri's EXP & RYO. Please do not forget or ignore this thread. Participants will be rewarded from the combined efforts of the village, slackers and uncaring members will not benefit. As of today at this time, all missions have been counted up for Kiri. All missions you complete hereafter should be posted. NOTE: Updates for the village can only be done once a week on Sundays- when you complete a mission & have it verified by staff, note it here and every Sunday I will add the amounts up.

Use this update template.
[b]Gained/Spent[/b]: (Include any exp/ryo you gained/spent, any items/jutsus you gained or lost, etc.)
[b]Amount Left[/b]:
[b]Link to Topic[/b]:

Exp Banked: 2137 exp
Ryo Banked:  20750 ryo

Active Kiri List

  • Gambaldi Raionhato [Mizukage]:
  • Enkai [S]:
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol [S]:
  • Soran [S]:
  • Hitomi Shiruku [A]:
  • Roku Kaguya [C]:
  • Rokurou Hitoroshi [D]:

Kiri Quota
Below is listed a minimum per rank each Kiri shinobi must complete in order to benefit from the weekly update rewards. If you do not meet the weekly rewards, then you are not eligible for the village perk EXP & Ryo every Sunday. The remainder will be divided among the active participants once ALL village perks have been fully upgraded.

  • Genin: 500 Exp & 1,000 Ryo
  • Chuunin: 1,000 Exp & 1,000 Ryo
  • Special Jounin: 1,500 Exp & 1,500 Ryo
  • Jounin: 2,000 Exp & 2,000 Ryo
  • Anbu/Sannin: 3,000 Exp & 3,000 Ryo

Maintaining the ways of the 1st Mizukage. As of now we don't have enough to begin a weekly ryo gift. So lets get these numbers up.

For Kirigakure!!!

Village Current Standing

Sensory Barrier(5) : This barrier is strong enough to reach up to 400 meters outside the village walls. It can sense chakra signatures of any amount as well as sense through any means of Chakra Suppression methods of any rank, however not two S rank methods stacked on top of each other until the target enters the village.

Bank (5): With this bank you have 2 Guards at a time guarding it 24/7.
Each Guard has the Skill Points and Stats of a S rank Shinobi. You may create them as NPC's and contribute said Stats and Skill Points in whatever way you wish for said NPC Bank Guard.

Village Techniques
Summoning Technique
Shadow Clone

Gate Guards(5): You have two gate guards active 24/7 patrolling the village walls and gates. Each gate guard is S ranked and has equivalent stats and skill points as well as starting Exp to use for technique purchases
Guard #1:

Guard #2:

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Posts : 57
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PostSubject: Re: Kirigakure's Village Info [Frequent Updates]   Mon Nov 16, 2015 10:35 am

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Kiri Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Kirigakure's Village Info [Frequent Updates]   Mon Nov 16, 2015 11:06 am

Previous update thread has been archived and unstickied, this one has been stickeid, and now approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Kirigakure's Village Info [Frequent Updates]   

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Kirigakure's Village Info [Frequent Updates]
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