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 Lady Emi (Done)

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PostSubject: Lady Emi (Done)   Wed Nov 18, 2015 4:34 pm


Name: Emileene Senju
Nickname: Emi or Lady Emi
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 115lbs
Appearance: Emi is a young teenage girl. She can be seen as many things but one thing seen most about her appearance is her angelic features. To many, she could even look like a porcelain doll. Her skin is soft as silk and described as a fair skin tone. Often times, her skin can seem to glow from the Sun's ray, which adds to her angelic looks. Her arms and legs seem to be the perfect size. She seems weak and fragile. However, she can definitely show that she is strong. Her body is built small and she doesn't have much for curves, which seems to make her seem more weak. She is also not very tall but that's seen as an advantage in her eyes.

Eyes. Emi's eyes are a deep green. Some would say they are more beautiful than emeralds. Others could say they are the color green nature wishes it could have. When the sun reflects off them, they sparkle brighter than even the stars in the sky. They sparkle brighter than the sun shining off the bluest of oceans. Some could even go so far to say they become brighter than the sun itself. To compliment these eyes, a head full of beautiful soft black hair. To many, it could be seen as dark as the night sky. It also holds waves. Waves that the ocean's cannot even compare to. It's about to her waist, which can be seen as a problem but she takes pride in it. Emi likes to take very good care of her hair.

Now, what does a beautiful girl like Emi wear? Well, Emi loves to wear dresses and skirts. The colors of her dresses and skirts varies from pink to blue to green to maybe even yellow. Her favorite is white, which also contributes to her angelic looking self. Her dresses and skirts normally reach mid way down her thighs. She doesn't really like wearing shoes but if she has to she will. When training or doing tasks, Emi may wear her hair up tied by a ribbon.

Village: None
Character Rank: D/Genin
Clan: Senju
Element: None

Unlike other children her age, Emi seems to be a rather odd child after being considered a failed experiment in her father's lab. Her mental ability had not grown as a normal child's would due to the fact that she had grown from an infant to a 14 year old girl in a short period of time. Due to this, Emi seems to have begun to develop split personalities and can sometimes be seen talking to herself as if she is accompanied by another. Her two personalities can simply be put as "Childish Emi" and "Empty Emi".

1) Childish Emi
This is the one side that seems to dominate Emi's little brain and is seen more often than the other. This is her adventurous and loving side. This is the side of her that always wants to play. This is the side that will occupy herself with her own imagination and loves to be silly. This is the side that loves candy, flowers, animals, stuffed toys, frilly things, and anything the color pink. She seems to become rather sensitive though. However, that means this is also the state where she does the most pouting, the most crying, and does the smallest things to annoy someone, when she doesn't get her way. Emi is also all about being treated as a little princess and getting pretty things.

2) Empty Emi
This is the second side of Emi and is one that isn't seen very often at all. This is the side that cares about absolutely nothing. In this state the child is dull, non-social, and insensitive. It's the side that makes her want to be alone or stone cold. It voids her of most emotion and doesn't stop her from speaking whatever she may have on her mind. However, it also helps her in times of situations where she needs it. If she needs to learn something without being distracted, it's usually in this state. If she gets angry, this may be the state she turns to.

Character History: It began almost in an instant. Her small infant body grew and continued to grow until before she knew it she was a teenager. This seems to be normal but considering it seemed to happen in about half a day, it isn't so normal. What happened? How does that work? Well, a Senju man had a jutsu in his possession that was said to make humans grow, change, and die in a matter of days. This child had become his failed experiment. His jutsu had failed and now he was stuck with a 14 year old female child. He had no idea why it failed but the one question was.. What should he do with her? Obviously, he decided to keep her, since she's still alive and all. she would even be so lucky as to become his child. However there was a slight problem, this child had the mental state of an infant. What a predicament.

Nonetheless, this man decided this child would learn and grow normally from that moment on. He would begin to teach her how to read and write. He even taught her how to walk and talk. Although, it took quite a long amount of time and effort. She was quite the slow learner but she was very well concentrated. These lessons also helped her bond with this Senju man. To her, he was "Daddy" and she was his daughter. However as soon as her lesson in whatever was over, she'd become a rather happy and energetic girl. She could also be heard talking to herself if anyone were to listen, which gave off indication of her split personality. Although, nobody would now about her since she had been in her father's underground labyrinth ever since creation. It was quite surprising that she never became sad or lonely. Then again, she still had the mentality of a child and didn't seem to even know there was a rest of the world.

For a whole year after creation, the child had been learning and forming a bond with her daddy. She had been under the village of Konoha the whole time without anyone's knowledge. Her father being known as none other than the Hokage, Ryujin Senju.

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PostSubject: Re: Lady Emi (Done)   Wed Nov 18, 2015 5:12 pm

Approved my dearest daughter
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Lady Emi (Done)
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