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 Beginning a New Journey

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PostSubject: Beginning a New Journey    Sat Nov 21, 2015 9:14 am

Refusing to wear shoes, Emi walked along barefoot. The dirt they walked on was rather soft, which seemed to make her very happy. Green eyes wandered the area more than once as she walked along. This small Senju child had never been outside of the labyrinth before, so this was a totally new experience for her. She had never seen trees like this before. They were so big with leaves the greenest she had ever seen. Along the way she also saw a couple of flowers, that were quickly pulled up. She continued to carry them with a large smile. This trip had already been so much fun, even if they hadn't gone all that far. Emi was a very easy child to distract so everything seemed fun to her, which made her rather easy to handle. However, she didn't have the best memory. "Daddy... where are we going again?" The child would ask the man she was traveling with as she looked at her small bundle of flowers. 'Why do we always forget? I blame you. Idiot,' a voice inside her head would say. "I'm no idiot! I'm a princess! Don't be a meany," Emi would yell aloud. As always, Emi was seeming like some deranged child but she's as simply speaking to her second personality.
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PostSubject: Re: Beginning a New Journey    Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:49 pm

They were well on their way towards their first stop towards victory. The Senju male walking a small few feet next to his young daughter, Emi, as he continued on with a casual pace towards Otogakure. His intentions were clear; to take the land in the name of Sozokujin. It was a small start but a start nonetheless for the leader of this organization in the making, it had a small few members so far though it wasn't even official, not yet at least. His short appearance at the Kage Summit didn't allow him enough time to announce his plans and intentions, nor the organization's creation, with Horus bringing more than enough "bodyguards" he had little chance to do so with speculations of an attack from the Kazekage running wild in his mind. As they made their way through the forests of the Land of Fire, his strongest sensory tech was active to ensure there would be no interruptions as time was of the essence, he kept a close focus on the chakra signatures around him through the Mind's eye of the Kagura technique, using it to it's full potential, though nothing with more than an estimated number of 100 chakra was anywhere within five hundred meters of the two Senjus. His attention would be directed towards Emi for a short moment as his head turned to face her after she spoke to herself again as she usually did, he presumed it to be a side effect of his technique going south which resulted in her being his daughter in the first place. It worried him, though that would soon fade as he had gotten used to it, having accepted the young girl as she was. "You are indeed no fool, my darling princess." He would smile at her as he spoke, the love he felt for her showing through his eyes connecting with hers as if looking with pride at the young girl. "It's almost time you know, your first mission. I take it you're enjoying the sight seeing? Don't worry, from now on you'll be with me outside of our old home, meeting people and new friends as I gather a few more for our group. I'm sure you'll enjoy them as much as me, rogue shinobi tend to be the funnest of people, you'll even get to learn new things from them." He said again as his left hand would move to hold her right hand which was closest to him. As he touched her hand he would apply a Cannabis marking on her palm. "This will protect you in the dangerous world we inhabit, little bumblebee." His final words before they exited the Land of Fire.
[Exit to Otogakure]
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PostSubject: Re: Beginning a New Journey    Sat Nov 21, 2015 6:18 pm

The small green eyed girl would look to her father as he spoke to her. "See... daddy thinks we're not a idiot.. And he says we're a princess!" Emi would shout with happiness and stick out her tongue shortly afterwards. Her tongue of course was stuck out to the air in front of her but was, in her mind, directed at her second self. "I can hear him... idiot," Emi would seem to hear in her mind. Then, the child would let out a small grunt but she would soon turn her attention to her father as he spoke more. Out of her mouth came a mixture of Ooo's and Ahh's as she listened. When he finished, she would squeal. She couldn't wait to go on a mission with her daddy and her inner self felt a bit more relieved, since this meant her inner self could be on the outside for once. The small Senju child was excited to make friends and be in a new place. She couldn't wait to see new things. The child was slightly scared though, so when her father marked her hand she felt a bit more secure. Of course, Emi had no idea what exactly it was but her daddy said it would protect her. Emi's mind would then turn to the area surrounding them again as the trees and other landscape began to change. "Oh joy... new places.." her inner mind would seem to sarcastically say. However, Emi was full of excitement.

[Exit with Shinny!]
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PostSubject: Re: Beginning a New Journey    

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Beginning a New Journey
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