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 Koneru Aburame

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PostSubject: Koneru Aburame   Sat Nov 21, 2015 10:59 am

Name: Koneru Aburame

Nickname: Epsilon

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 145 lbs


Koneru tends to follow the same aburame tradition of hiding the scars on his body, by wearing black robes, always accompanied by the same hood and facemask. His hair is jet black, and extremely short, not that anyone ever sees it, as he never removes his hood. His eyes are of the dullest, plainest brown, and the parts of his face you can see appear to be fixed in somewhat of a serious expression. He's not very large, and one can tell this even through his attempts to cover his body. His robes have long sleeves that reach his fingertips, allowing near perfect concealing of his kikaichu bugs. Koneru is often see with a doll or puppet around him, he rarely if ever leave any place without them. One might call Koneru good looking, if only that he removed his outer wear that is always covering himself.  Koneru’s body has tons of scars and holes for the Kikaichu bugs to enter and leave from.

Village: Kumogakure

Character Rank: D/Genin

Clan: Aburame

Element: N/A

Personality: Intelligent and mischievous to a fault. As much as Epsilon detests being a shinobi along with the work it entails, he takes great pride in his abilities and does what can to show his opponents just how hopeless things are for them. Epsilon is very much a traditional Aburame fighting style, waiting, watching studying before striking.  He prefers to bring the fight to his opponent after he has studied them, learning from insects, he notes weaknesses and tactics. His actions can be a bit rash at times, but he always makes sure to have some sort of backup strategy.

Epsilon likes to absorb intel and use said knowledge to reflect that upon himself. He has an inner rebel within himself that he has trouble hiding because of the way his Clan works. Thus, he's an outcast amongst an outcasted clan within his home village. This leads him to feel very frustrated with himself but that's where his friendships come in. Through others, he's able to understand himself as a shinobi as well as a human being. At odds with the way in which his abilities were bestowed to him, he desires to reform the shinobi world so that people can actually have a "choice." That being said, it comes to no surprise that his closest friends tend to be that of the minority.

Epsilon is usually calm and collected, but he likes to use his bugs to instill fear and creep out his opponents. Epsilon is a very conflicted person, but he is also very determined and believes that perseverance is what truly makes a shinobi strong. When crafting new puppets, he takes weeks, sometimes months to try and get every detail perfect, and fully functional. He's highly skilled in everything when it comes to puppets, and he doesn't enjoy wasting his time on something that's just going to break the second it enters combat. His obsession with puppets comes from the fact that he feels they are just like them, feels as if someone just hollowed him out and put the bugs inside of him, as if he were a puppet.  His dream is to find the great puppet masters of the world and turn them into puppets, finally making Epsilon the greatest puppet master.
Character History: Birth of Koneru, and his bugs:
Koneru was originally born in the village hidden in the leaves, as a member of the aburame clan. He underwent the process that most aburames do, having the insects of his clan, the kikaichu bugs, inserted into his body, and having them populate inside of him, surviving and feeding off of his chakra.

How he came to be in the lightning: A few months after his procedure, ninja from kumogakure infiltrated konoha without anyone knowing. Their goal was to obtain information on konoha clans and bloodlines, to develop ways to weaken and/or counteract them. Thus, they stole the sleeping child away into kumogakure, and erased his memory. He knows nothing of his time in konoha, and knows nothing of why the hell he has bugs inside of him.

His puppet obsession: at a young age, Koneru witnessed one of the puppet masters in his village creating human puppets. The child secretly watched as the man hollowed out the insides of a dead human body, one of the sand's ninja, and placed weapons and the like inside of it. This did not scare Koneru as it would most children, because watching this made him feel as if he had a clue of what happened to him. Ever since that day, his obsession with puppets has grown from a desire to find out why he's like this, and the puppets became a part of his everyday life, a part of him. He's even incorporated his special "gift" of the kikaichu bugs into many of his puppets.

Academy days: While in the academy, Koneru excelled in his use of puppets, able to outshine every single student in his class in this aspect. He was even creating B ranked puppets at this young of an age, bringing them to school with him, to show off to his teacher. While he wasn't particularly amazing at any of the other fighting styles, he wasn't terrible at them, and had passing grades in everything, while his ninjutsu was also rather good, due to his use of the kikaichu bugs. He graduated from the academy with top honors in kugutsu, and was even recommended to train under a great puppet master. Unfortunately, the puppet master left the village shortly after, and became a missing ninja.

The here and the now: Since he's graduated from the academy, Koneru has grown even stronger in his use of puppets, and has a true gift for them. He's strived to make his skill with puppets outshine that of even the puppet master who'd abandoned his village, and also attempted to gather information on his history as well as he can. At the moment, he knows nothing of why he possesses the bugs that he does. His goals have shifted, finding a sense of community, he now wants to find all the puppet masters in the world and turn them into puppets.

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PostSubject: Re: Koneru Aburame   Sat Nov 21, 2015 11:31 am

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Koneru Aburame
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