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 Ryujin of the Senju

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PostSubject: Ryujin of the Senju   Wed Aug 05, 2015 1:42 am

Name: Ryujin Senju
Nickname: N/A
Age: 24
Gender: Male

Height: 1.9 meters
Weight: 75 Kg
Appearance: Ryujin is a 24 year old male standing at 1.9 meters tall and weighs 75 kilograms. He has long black hair going down to the middle of his back which usually hangs loose though he tends to tie the hair before entering a fight. His frontal side hair is kept loose almost always, hanging down in front of his ears. His fringe goes down just over the middle of his eyes if combed straight downwards, which it is not as he keeps it out of his line of sight styled to his right side. He has a bit of a small tan on his natural white colored skin. Light brown eyes accompany his black pupils. The white parts of his eyes are usually almost completely white with little to no red parts throughout the white. He keeps his nails cut short and clean as much as he can even though it becomes difficult for any Shinobi not to get their hands dirty, in every sense of the word. The only tattoo Ryujin has on his body is the Senju clan symbol located on his lower neck, right above the center of the middle of his upper back between his shoulders.
"Usual outfit:" The outfit which Ryujin wears on a daily basis consists of a dark grey robe going down to just under his knees, black shirt, dark grey long pants and dark grey shoes, along with a few pieces of white cloth holding a few things close and in place. The robe isn't too loose and provides enough mobility for Ryujin to fight in comfortably. It's split open in the middle of his frontal body, leaving his chest and basically everything else in front revealing his black shirt and dark grey pants. However half of the time he would close the robe with two white pieces of cloth, one located just above his hips and the second located around his waist just above his crotch, leaving the robe closed above but hanging a bit open on his lower body providing better mobility for him to move. The robe doesn't cover both his arms entirely but instead it just goes down to right above his elbows. The inside of this robe is made up of a soft and comfortable but this white material. His black shirt is also short sleeved, in fact it is shorter than the robe covering only his shoulders and about one or two inches of his upper arm. The dark grey long pants fit perfectly and are long enough to cover his legs revealing no skin however not so long that it goes over the bottom of his shoes. Speaking of the shoes, they're just the average Shinobi shoes colored dark grey like most of his usual outfit. [461 Words]

Village: Konohagakure
Character Rank: Jounin (A)
Clan: Senju
Element: N/A

Personality: Ryujin is a very strong willed person finding it hard to give up even in the toughest of situations. Throughout his life he's always pushed to get through any and all situations, believing that it's this strong will of his that has gotten him through all his tough spots in life. His strong will comes from the love of his clan and most likely has something to do with their pride, coming from a clan who's known throughout the word and who's brought a lot of fame to its members. Unfortunately he cares too much about his family, the Senju clan. He will go through a great deal in order to protect them and keep them safe, and he has throughout his life proven this. Because of this love for his clan he's turned out to be a bit of a one man team. Only relying on himself in most of the situations. His pride, will and confidence in himself has driven him to believe that he can be the one to protect them all, a burden he has worn for the past few years. He doesn't take betrayal likely and finds it punishable by death, no matter the perpetrator even if it was someone of his own clan, the ones he loves so much that he's given his life to become stronger in order to protect them. In his mind it's better to remove one apple gone bad instead of having the entire tree suffer. Ryujin isn't a very religious man, believing that people make their own destiny through the choices they make during their lifetime. Bad choices means bad consequences, if someone in his clan would make a made choice changing the destiny of the entire clan, he would try to set the clan on the right path again, but if the poison has spread too far into the root, he'd be forced to remove the root of the problem in order to save the rest of the tree. This root of his personality spreads further into a lot of situations and not just the tree he loves so much, the Senju clan. Although he strives to protect the Senju clan, it can also lead to some selfish times as he tends to take some breaks now and then to leave the village for a short while in order to seek something to make himself stronger, although he tells himself that its for the clan and its protection, deep deep down he also wants the power for himself. When it comes to the Uchiha, Ryujin has no mercy. For years and years these two clans, the Senju and Uchiha, have been at each other's throats. He's been in many battles against the Uchiha, whether it was being paid by other clans for his and his clan's services in various circumstances such as defeating another clan for their client clan's rivalry to be settled, or just simply for the fact of wiping their rivals out in order to survive and continue on living. If he were to encounter an Uchiha he'd be on guard at all times, ready to strike and wipe out the pest trying to eat away it his tree. But in the end, it's all about protecting those he loves in order to secure their path on the right destiny as it's been on for years on end, the path to being the strongest in order to keep on surviving, not just surviving but thriving, that's what he believes is the Senju's destiny; To be the strongest above them all, for their own survival.
Character History:
"Before birth:" Ryujin's parent were both of the Senju clan though they were more than just any Senju members. His mother, a healer of the clan named Hinita, was famous within the clan and known throughout the world for her skills in the Medical Ninjutsu arts. She led the clan's medical team, was a woman who took charge and nothing could stop her from reaching her goals with her focus on success. His father, the son and heir to the clan at that time, was named Mashiro. He was a proud member of the Senju clan and lived up to his expectations, and more. At first they could not stand each other, his mother's ways were a bit unorthodox while his father considered himself too high in the community to be bothered with the commoner's daughter. Even though she was a successful woman, to him the family in which you were brought defined who a Shinobi was. But once they got to know each other through him getting injured during a battle with none other than the Uchiha clan, they hit it off immediately. The two of them would engage in marriage a year after they started to actually speak to each other. Once Mashiro moved on in the ranks from heir to the throne, to the actual leader of the great Senju clan, he would change the world greatly. With more success within the Senju clan's reputation, funds, resources and connections, he made it possible to change the world with the creation of the first Shinobi village, Konohagakure. This brought great fame upon Mashiro as he was the leader of the clan who changed the world, some even say that if Mashiro wasn't the leader of the Senju then there would be no Shinobi villages at all today. This took a lot of work as they had to complete a lot of jobs for other clans, whether it be wiping out rivals or defending them from rival clans. He was a powerful man, holding the ability to utilize Wood Release as well as the sheer amount of power he had at his disposal. With the creation of the first village, Hinita fell pregnant with Mashiro's child. Filled with joy and the feeling of true happiness his father was distracted, he finally had an heir to the Senju clan and they could continue to thrive in the Shinobi World. With this distraction, the Uchiha took it upon themselves to gather the resources to build their own Shinobi village, Kirigakure.

"Birth - 5 Years:" Born on the 22nd of October, Ryujin was raised by his parents inside the newly built village Konohagakure. Both of his parents were very concerned for his safety against any harm that could come from him whether it be bandits, invaders who seek to destroy this village system created by the Senju clan and his father, Mashiro, but most of all from the Uchiha. The dark haired new born posed a great threat against the Uchiha. He was Mashiro's one and only heir, if he was to be taken out of the equation then the clan could crumble with no heir to take Mashiro's place. More importantly, if he possessed Mashiro's ability to utilize Wood Release, he'd be a great threat to the Uchiha. With these thoughts running through Hinita and Mashiro's minds they made it their mission to have Ryujin under 24 hour protection for most of his first few years. He was never alone, always safe inside the home of the Senju and their allies residing in Konohagakure. Though this wasn't fail-proof as his parents would soon discover. One of the guards assigned to Ryujin's protection detail was bribed with a great amount of money for him to simply slip in a rare but deadly poison inside Ryujin's bottle a few months after his birth. With Hinita being one of the top Medical Ninjutsu Shinobi in the world she knew all about poisons, especially the distinct smell that this rare poison gave off. Ryujin barely started to drink from the bottle when Hinita entered his bedroom, the smell filling the air. She knew exactly what it was, scared out of her mind for the safety of Ryujin she immediately rushed over to his crib and ripped the bottle out of his mouth from his hands. A few seconds is all it took for her to get Ryujin into the emergency center of Konohagakure's hospital as they were but a mere 2 blocks away from it. With her knowledge of the poison she was able to concoct the antidote to the poison, feeding it to Ryujin with only a few seconds to spare before the poison would reach his heart as it was designed to do. Infuriated, Mashiro sent out a team of scouting Shinobi in order to find out who poisoned Ryujin and nearly killed him. Two days passed when finally they discovered the traitor. An example was made of him, sending a message to the suspected Shinobi who bribed the guard. A box arrived in Kirigakure marked "To the Uchiha" with the head of the guard inside, eyes gouged out as a message that if another incident like this happened, his eyes wouldn't be the only ones gouged out. A few years passed without any incidents, Ryujin grew up to be four years old when he was officially brought into the family business of becoming a Shinobi. A Ninjutsu instructor was paid greatly to help teach Ryujin the basics of chakra, how it worked, the basics of how to manipulate it and change it into physical matter. Ryujin was no miracle child however and couldn't master it so early on, but practice makes perfect so they continued the training daily for a few hours a day up until he was five years old.

"5 Years - 10 Years." During his fifth year of being in this world Ryujin had started to get the hang of the very basics of chakra. His very first technique which he learned was the Body Flicker technique. Though this was not without struggle, still young and wet behind the ears he had to practice learning this technique for a while, it took him a few weeks of practicing the technique daily in order to finally get the hang of using it properly. His family taught him to respect others and to hold the Senju clan near and dear to his heart. His father told him stories of how he was to one day lead the Senju to greatness and achieve feats that not even Mashiro himself could accomplish. It made him feel happy to know that this is what his father hopes for him to become one day, it also made him work harder. As time went on and he grew up more and more the stories stuck with him. It became apart of him as he started to believe that he should become strong in order to protect the Senju. Once everybody had a few years to let go of the incident with Ryujin's bottle being poisoned, they were a bit more at ease. He was allowed to leave the village with two guards at hand and his Ninjutsu instructor for training purposes. Though this couldn't have happened at a worse time.. Two Uchiha had been watching the boy for weeks, studying his schedule until they realized that this specific day each week he would come out and train with only two guards with him and the instructor. Ryujin had grown close to this instructor, having trained for a few years almost daily with the Shinobi, it tends to turn into more than just a student/teacher relationship, he saw him as family. Ryujin was running a few minutes late on this specific day, but once he reached the usual training location with the two guards at hand, he would stumble upon the first death of his life. His mentor laid on the ground choking on his own blood as two Uchiha clan members stood over the dying instructor, his blood dripping from their blades. Ryujin watched in horror as his eyes set sight on his mentor. The guards immediately notified Mashiro as one of them was from the Yamanaka clan, it was easy for him to communicate with the Senju clan leader. They stood in front of Ryujin, keeping him out of the Uchihas' grasps. Ryujin was at that time a slow young Shinobi when it came to physical speed, another reason he learned the Body Flicker technique first, so it was no surprise that he could barely see anything but a blur when the four Shinobi clashed together. He rushed over to his dying mentor with the Body Flicker technique, kneeling over him and listening to his last words. "Don't be afraid.. Ryujin, strike them down.. I know you can. You're going to.. Lead our clan one day remember.." These words had awoken something inside Ryujin that day, at the age of 8 years old, he was able to take one of the kunai from his mentor's body which was used to strike him down. Using Body Flicker again he would disappear the enemy's sight. Distracted by the guards, they had no idea Ryujin was about to strike one of them down with their own bloody kunai, slitting the first Uchiha's throat. The last one was then easily taken care of by the guards. When Mashiro arrived, the guards told him what happened. Proud of his son, he spoke to the council to make Ryujin a Chuunin of the Hidden Leaf village. The first ever Shinobi to skip the Genin rank. He did indeed kill an Uchiha clan member at the age of 8. It had it's conditions though, he would have to learn more offensive techniques and so he did in the next year of his life, training hard and alone.. This was one of the first steps taking Ryujin towards becoming the Senju clan leader. Since that day he's grown to hate the Uchiha. He shows no mercy to them, but he's not stupid. People are different and not everyone is the same, but it would take a lot of proof for any Uchiha to change his perception of them. Being a Chuunin so early on, skipping the academy, it all had it's consequences as Ryujin didn't really make any friends and instead spent a lot of time training alone and becoming stronger. He was good with people, but preferred to be alone most of the time. It allowed him to train more and become stronger, as he blamed himself for the death of his mentor. If only he hadn't been late, or stronger or like his mother - known Medical Ninjutsu, then the guards could have protected the instructor once the Uchiha showed up.

"10 Years - 15 Years:" Because of putting the blame on himself, on his lack of Medical Ninjutsu as well, he started to research Medical Ninjutsu and practice it during his free time when he wasn't doing any missions or doing his usual Ninjutsu training. This allotted him the ability to save more people, more of his family of ever need be, so he continued studying it in order to become better at it with the help of his mother. Two years have passed since the death of his instructor and many missions later, Ryujin was promoted to Special Jounin rank. Pride filled the Senju clan as the heir to their clan was showing a lot of potential, he was clearly loyal - though they were yet to see exactly how extreme his loyalty would be - as well as being a B ranked (Special Jounin) Shinobi at the age of 12. He has become profoundly good at using Medical Ninjutsu techniques, even on a vicious level of using poisons to slowly kill and torture the enemy in order to gather information for The Leaf. He went through a great deal of murder in order to keep his home safe, killing a lot of enemies at such a young age would have its effect on the boy, but it wasn't necessarily a bad thing. The stories his father told him in conjunction with the actions he takes created a viscous cycle. At first he believed that he had a great destiny ahead of him, he'd be the one to lead the Senju to an even greater destiny than what they achieved and to keep them safe, but the killings made him realize that it was his choice to kill them. His choices would effect the entire clan and its so-called destiny. It's the choices we make that choose our path and each path leads to a different destination. There was no true destiny, just results. He had chosen to kill for the clan, the village and his family, so he had to live with it. He learned to push aside the guilt and excuse it through telling himself that it's for the better of the ones he loves, so he began to believe it.

"15 Years - 20 Years:" His preference to be alone had him on a trip to Sunagakure to do some scouting missions there when he was 15 years of age. He was no longer a slow Shinobi as he's trained his physical speed along with his performance when it comes to handseals over the past 5 years since the death of his mentor. He's become quite fast indeed and slipped through the gates undetected without any notion of trouble. There he spent some time alone with only himself, the way he liked it. It took about an entire year of him infiltrating Sunagakure and gathering a great deal of valuable information (at that time) on the village, which he then brought home to hand over to the council and his father. The information he handed over was so valuable to The Leaf that they actually decided to make him a Jounin (16 years now). Filled with joy he decided to let loose a bit, his father threw a celebration event for him at the Senju main house. However this event would turn out to be the night that the Senju clan realize just exactly how far Ryujin was willing to go in order to save the Senju from harm. Three Senju clan members were planning to overthrow Mashiro, kill him while everyone was distracted, but just having returned from a year long mission on scouting and gathering information without being caught, Ryujin was easily able to find out about their plan. By this time Ryujin's mindset was already clear enough for the decision to come easily to him. Removing three bad apples from the tree was nothing compared to loosing the entire harvest. He waited for them to make their move. As they started to initiate their mission to remove Mashiro from the equation, right then and there Ryujin struck them down, their swords held in their hands, caught red handed. He unleashed all hell upon the poor souls, ripping them apart within a few mere seconds. It was then that the clan and his father realized, this was indeed the man who would give his everything in order to have the clan continue thriving. For the next few years he'd continue with his training in between doing more missions in order to better himself and the village, in the process he bettered the clan as well as he started to train a lot of the members in Ninjutsu as well as some Medical Ninjutsu. At the age of 18 his father briefed him in on a mission of great importance. A smaller village in the Land of Water has been growing their militant forces and rumor had it that they had it out for Konohagakure. Saying they only thought of themselves and helped no one else to build the rest of the villages. Their leader was a crazed warlord who had it out for Mashiro, a feud between the two from long before Ryujin was even born. His father requested that he came along, so he did. The mission was simple, wipe them all out before they can make their move against The Leaf. With a team of only seven of the best in The Leaf, along with Ryujin and Mashiro, they arrived in the Land of Water. With the advantage of an ambush on their side, Ryujin lead the team to victory as they slaughtered the villagers. A brutal battle went on that night, with only 3 members dying on Ryujin's team, an unfortunate sacrifice though they brought pride to their families. Ryujin killed a few hundred Shinobi that night, granted out of all of them only about 20 could be classified as A ranked Shinobi. After the battle was over the streets of the small village were stained red, blood covering the bodies of The Leaf Shinobi. Mashiro walked out with the head of the warlord in hand as the victory roars were given. After that Ryujin proceeded to spend some time alone again to better himself as a Shinobi.

"Attack on Iwa:" A few years later the Grand Tournament approached with Mashiro deciding it would only be fit for Ryujin to enter the Tournament. However as they gained knowledge of the terror that hid in Iwagakure, a Jinchuriki, things changed as for the first time in a long time Ryujin actually feared for the Senju again. The alliance between the villages were formed and Ryujin was no fan of the idea of teaming up with the Uchiha. The thought made his skin crawl. However he did it for the survival of his people, and so they headed to Iwagakure. None however expected the other Bijuu to arrive and once they did all hell broke loose. It wasn't the first time he encountered a Bijuu, as attacks on Konohagakure were made before by Bijuu. But it was indeed the first time he would engage in battle with one as he was prohibited from engaging into battle with one when the village was attacked, as ordered by his father. This was once the first two Bijuu arrived, they thought they could handle the two but once two more and two more after that, there was no hope for fighting back. The retreat was called and everyone took care of themselves, the Uchiha and Senju pushing each other aside to get away, it was clear the alliance was broken. This brought happiness back into the heart of Ryujin to see the Uchiha were no longer working with him. But there was no time to think about them, he helped as many people escape as he could except for two.. His own parents. The Bijuu overrun Iwagakure and they were lost within. Searching for them in the crowds away from the attack, he found nothing. Looking back at the giant cloud of dust that once was Iwagakure a tear started to run down his face, filled with emotion he would cry for the first time in almost 14 years. Though thinking of the clan's safety snapped him out of the emotion for a while, returning most of the clan and The Leaf safely to Konohagakure. There he was made the new leader of the Senju clan as his birth right commanded. The ritual of placing the clan symbol on the back of his lower neck, as done with each new clan leader of the Senju.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryujin of the Senju   Wed Aug 05, 2015 1:29 pm

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Ryujin of the Senju
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