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 From one to another, I may roam, through everlasting life, it is my home.

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PostSubject: From one to another, I may roam, through everlasting life, it is my home.   Sun Nov 22, 2015 2:08 pm

Clattering and clacking sounded through day, the night of tomorrow kept at bay. If hatred fuels their petty squabbles, then let them taste my true power. Seduction, torment, niceties and cuteness. With that power, I'll be like a fluitist. Playing their emotions, saying the words, that all of them wish their ears had heard. If only twas midnight with my friends so near, the world will burn, with my very spear. An army of Nine, filled with power. All locked up in my ivory tower. Let those who step before my path, suffer for weakness under my wrath...

Mana's mind slowly followed her poems with in her mind as her steps were brisk slow and happy. She cared not for the world as it was on the brink of war. Even the slightest of push would send it spiraling towards the path which she so wished it would. The more the killing, war, and pain, the less the work she'd have to wade. With all the power at her very fingertips, not a single moment passes, with out the pain which nips, towards her soul and in her mind, the past is present, and all, all is mine.

(Heading to Kumo)
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PostSubject: Re: From one to another, I may roam, through everlasting life, it is my home.   Tue Dec 08, 2015 4:58 pm

of a lost

Start of plan B

Nuke Konohagakure & Kumogakure

Tick Tock, what's that sound? A ringing clock! Movements swift, movements quick, Nothing beats a decisive kick. From here to there and all around, Konoha is where Mana's course does bound. Every tree and very bug, laid forth for her to crush like slugs. Let the world be sure, to feel the pain, as Two villages are lost, but not in vain.

Mana's eyes were now decisive, cold, uncaring. She was showing her true colors now. She cared not, after having escaped the weak grasp of Rei Uchiha. Former Mizukage. She'd make sure to bury him where he stood. She was tired of waiting, tired of the drama, and tired of the ever closing facade being uncovered. It would be now that her body had reached the end of Kumo's boarders and crossed into the unknown. Her goal was to enter into Konoha, and simply end the problems where they stood. Konoha was her first step. But with Konoha, would also come Kumogakure. Both villages would burn by the might of Mana Senju. She grew tired of the plotting. Her allies were growing restless. They wished to feel the flooding chakra of the departed Shinobi. They wished, for the blood shed. And Mana was all too compliant, in fulfilling them their wants.

((To Konoha))

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From one to another, I may roam, through everlasting life, it is my home.
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