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 One Last Howl |C-rank Mission|

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PostSubject: One Last Howl |C-rank Mission|    Wed Aug 05, 2015 2:39 am


Hakudoshi awoke early in the morning to begin his day. The day before, he was assigned to leave for a mission this morning. Although, Hakudoshi didn't mind being up early. He wasn't really excited for this mission, he knew it would be easy. He was just the only one around at the moment to accept the mission. The mission was to head outside the village, hunt down a small wolf pack, and eliminate the wolves. When Hakudoshi left for the mission, he was dressed in a long black cloak that was zipped to his waist, revealing his grey shinobi styled pants and black shinobi styled sandals. The cloak had a hood, although he wore it down at the moment. This revealed his blue hair that reached down to his mid back and was framing his face. As he walked through the village towards the village gates, shop owners began to open up and other towns folk and shinobi began to start their days as well. The village had seemed as if it had waken up. Today was a unusual day in the Mist though, considering there was no mist. The sky was unusually clear, something Hakudoshi could hear the village people comment on to one another. He was slightly annoyed by everyone, for acting as if the weather never changes.
As Hakudoshi made his way out of the village gates to the damp forest that surrounded the village, one of the gate guards asked Hakudoshi what he was doing with a clipboard, his job was to monitor everyone who enters and exits the village. Hakudoshi stopped and showed his mission paper to the gate guard. The guard replied with, "It's about time someone takes care of those wolves." Hakudoshi would reply with a fake laugh and be on his way. After taking a few steps onto the trail that everyone uses to enter the village, Hakudoshi looked to his right and darted into the forest. The mission had began. As he ran through the forest, towards the direction where the wolves were last seen he thought about how he kill the wolves. He supposed the idea of just confronting them head on would be easy and simply. Although, the wolves would probably already smell him before he arrived. Because of this, Hakudoshi knew that sneaking up on them was out of the question. So, the plan of just confrontation them head on was what he settled on. As he grew closer to their location, he noticed a bush near by rustle. This was most likely a wolf on look out, alerting the others. "Clever girl. ." Hakudoshi thought to himself.

After traveling a few meters, Hakudoshi found himself at a rocky area near a pond. This location was a clearing in the trees, perfect for the wolves to make their home. When he arrived, all five of the wolves were already standing around the rocks and one on top of the biggest rock. This was most likely the pack leader. Hakudoshi glanced at each one as they bared their fangs at him, chopping at the air to intimidate him. Hakudoshi noticed how even though the wolves were growling and what not, they didn't charge directly into battle with him. Most likely because they knew that would be foolish. As they stood at a stand still, Hakudoshi let out a slightly chuckle. "If you're not going to move, then I will." He claimed, as paper began to float around him and form into four shuriken. The leader of the pack then let out a howl, this caused the others to charge in towards Hakudoshi. As they charged in a uniform fashion, Hakudoshi launched his shuriken at the four wolves. Each of the shuriken pierced the heads of the wolves and stopped them dead in their tracks, their lifeless corpses slidding forward from the momentum of their running. The leader of the wolf pack let out a large howl and jumped down to dash towards Hakudoshi. He was obviously mad.

As the wolf charged, Hakudoshi watched it and found humor in the wolf. The wolf must have known that he too will die just like the others, but he still charged. He found it humorous that the pack meant more than its own life. "Don't worry, you'll be reunited soon." Hakudoshi said towards the wolf as it charged at him. As it did, four more paper shurikens formed around Hakudoshi and were launched at the target. impaling him from four directions, stopping him dead in his tracks. Hakudoshi then took one more glance around at the corpses before making his leave back to the village.

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One Last Howl |C-rank Mission|
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