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 New Beginnings (private)

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Cookie Monster


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PostSubject: New Beginnings (private)   Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:25 pm

Soul was waiting just outside the village gates just off the main road from Kumogakure. The main road incoming had a small path that branched off just a quarter mile in front of the main gate. This path curved around the village and just off in the woods was a cabin that rested off the path. He was standing in front of the cabin waiting for a certain somebody to arrive. He had kept in contact with his new friend Roku via messenger birds and he had suggested a shinobi from Kiri that specialized in medical ninjutsu that completed his transplant successfully. According to Roku his transplant went without a hitch and this shinobi, even being from another village was fine with doing the surgery for a small fee. So with that knowledge Soul sent a letter to this ninja making an offer of his own. He gave the ninja his location and he was given a response which included an agreement. So with all that done he was now at the designated location waiting for his medic to arrive.
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Kiri Jounin
Kiri Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: New Beginnings (private)   Mon Nov 23, 2015 9:37 am

Leaving the Kage Summit left many ideas within the mind of the young Shinobi. The Mizukage left to the land of iron to hone his skills as a samurai with the sword Soran had carried to the Summit. If he were to defend his village, he would have to do more than heal the injured. While it was true his prowess in Taijutsu had reached master status, in the world if ninja, other forms of jutsu was a necessity. The Kaguya was garbage at anything related to Genjutsu, aside from escaping it due to years of practice within the Tsukuyomi of his Uchiha mentor. He had begun to grasp the concept of his water element well enough to convert his chakra into a healing mist. But there had to be something more he could be able to produce, even if it were basic Genin leveled water release techniques. Within a few hours of practicing with snow, Soran had actually mastering the Water Prison Technique. This showed a great improvement in his ninjutsu capabilities.

After practicing a few more things in the Land of Snow to improve his elemental affinity, a letter arrived specifically addressing the white haired medic. The mist ninja was still in his hooded fire resistant attire, complete with the Kirigakure forehead protector, a hood, and cowl. The contents of the letter offered ryo in exchange for a transfusion of genetic makeup. The details of this were slightly vague, but it seemed doable. It would be nice to get paid for medical work outside of the village. The first blood transplant used to infuse DNA into another person had performed was merely a test he had yet to see the result of.

It appeared that the medic had been referred to by Roku, considering the Genin from Konoha was the first and currently only patient that Soran had ever even performed the procedure on. Something about this made Soran feel happy that he had only given Roku the name Nanashi to address him as, just in case he decided to tell others of his work. Could this stranger who had sent him a letter have been the same person who had given the leaf ninja a sample of their blood? If so, then this meant that the white haired medic had performed a successful operation. It would make sense to have the same doctor perform a medical procedure between two patients who wish to share a genetic structure. While Soran was slightly against giving another Kaguya abilities, he also knew he would need the money for the long walk to his next destination.

Following the map in the letter, the medical shinobi from the mist went into the woods outside the village of Kumo and followed a path leading towards a cabin, where a young Kumo resident with reddish brown hair appeared to be waiting for him. They were slightly shorter than the Jounin entering his twenties and very slender, probably a Genin of the village. This would be more surprising if the letter was from somebody older, but this confirmed to the mist ninja that Roku was the one who referred him.

“I am Nanashi of the Mist.” The hooded medic introduced himself in the same manner he addressed Roku on their first meeting. Holding up the letter in plain view of the brown eyed teen, he continued to speak, “I take it you are the one who sent me this letter? If you need a medical professional, you won’t find anyone better from the Land of Water. Just let me know what you require, and I can make it happen… For the price stated in this letter, of course.”

Word Count: 613
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Cookie Monster


Posts : 218
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PostSubject: Re: New Beginnings (private)   Mon Nov 23, 2015 9:53 pm

Soul waited for only a small amount of time before his guest would arrive. At least he assumed it was him. The hooded figure that stood before him looked as mysterious as ever but only introduced himself as Nanashi of the Mist. This of course was the man he was looking for. In fact he even held up the letter that he had sent for further confirmation to the fact that he was indeed the man he had wrote too. He went on to confirm a few things about the boy before they proceeded inside.

"Yes I need a blood transfusion... The money we agreed on is on the table in the bag. The blood in mention is of a particular clan... Kaguya to be specific so you can understand my need for a competent medical shinobi. We seem to lack anybody with experience here in Kumo, all of our prospects are in training and about my age and I'm not quite patient enough to wait for them to become competent. Well theres the money so lets get this show on the road."

Soul would await his medics instructions and follow them to the letter, letting his medic take the reigns of the situation.
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Kiri Jounin
Kiri Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: New Beginnings (private)   Mon Nov 23, 2015 10:59 pm

The young Genin confirmed that he was indeed the one searching for a medic to perform the procedure. Entering the cabin, the hooded mist ninja noted the bag of ryo on the table. The agreement in the letter was for exactly 1,500 ryo. The bag seemed big enough, so this should go well. The teenage shinobi mentioned that he wanted to blood of a Kaguya. This struck something odd into the mind of the medic. There was no doubt that this was because of Roku, the very first patient that the doctor performed a transfusion on. Who knew business from his Jounin days would benefit him as an ANBU? While giving others the same kind of skeletal structure as himself didn’t seem like a good idea, it would be a nice experiment to watch unfold. Besides, it wasn’t like he was giving his own genetic material to others for use.  If it was Kaguya DNA from someone who has not even mastered their own abilities, the risk factor of overpowering somebody was reduced. At least, this was Soran’s current hypothesis.

There was also knowledge gained from this encounter that could benefit the village of Kirigakure. There was a lack of medical shinobi in the Land of Lightning, which meant they were vulnerable to attack without many to heal the wounds after. In the case of invasion, the Land of Lightning could put up a decent fight with the aid of the Hyūga Clan. However, with the lack of medical treatment, even the survivors could die from infection in their wounds after the events of such an attack. Perhaps the Hidden Mist Village would be able to provide assistance by spreading medical knowledge to this foreign land from their island. This was not that much of a surprise, considering that Kumo was run by a girl younger than this kid. A child would not seem to understand the value of doctors, they’re too busy trying to figure out excuses to avoid them. While thinking this through, the Genin insisted that they get on with the blood transfusion. It appeared that not all children lacked the knowledge of how valuable medical assistance was.

”Straight to the point, I like that.” The hooded ninja laughed as he pulled a small scroll from the sleeve in his left glove. He unraveled it while studying the environment of the room. This cabin was secluded in the woods and the perfect place to perform operations on others without being caught or noticed. Unsealing the scroll, Soran used his chakra to pull out the flask container of blood he had received from Roku. It was not enough to transfuse into anybody else, but the medic had studied it before the events of the Kage Summit. If his deductions were correct, this boy was the one who had provided this blood sample to the other Kaguya. It was now time to give this small amount of blood back to the original donor. Not that there was much use for the small sample anyways, but it would be nice to know the medic could give the blood back to its source rather than to wash it out or throw it away. This would be a more productive use of the remaining Jiton DNA.

“This shouldn’t take too long. Just relax and give me the blood you want me to infuse with yours.” The shinobi from the mist instructed. If these guidelines were followed by the Genin, the hooded medic would mix the original Jiton blood with Roku’s Kaguya blood and proceeded to perform the blood transfusion. This mixture would make the adaption of cells in the body much easier to handle. Kaguya naturally have a different skeletal structure than average humans. So the molding of bone for a normal person seemed like it would be especially painful. However, the durability gain would be much easier to adapt to. Perhaps it would be best to disclose this information to the patient before proceeding....

“You say that this a Kaguya blood…” Nanashi stated as he finished prepping for the surgery by slowly weaving a series of hand seals. “You should know that this particular transfusion could prove to be extremely dangerous. Some of the Kaguya inherit the Shikotsumyaku, a special kekkei genkai which allow them to manipulate their skeletal structure to produce weaponized bones for battle. Those who possess these Shikotsumyaku abilities are known to have a different body structure than others. I am unsure how gaining these abilities would affect the skeletal structure of those born without it. But I will do my best to ensure that this procedure will be a complete success.” This knowledge came from the Kaguya’s understanding of his own bloodline limit and it felt nice to be able to share this knowledge with another person without explanation of how he knows such things. Being a Kaguya is something that Soran has kept secret from his own village since his arrival in Kirigakure.

After performing these five distinct hand seals, the medic formed his chakra into a small, sharp blade. This would allow the medic to perform highly accurate incisions necessary for this surgery. Unlike regular scalpels, the chakra scalpel was designed to make cuts inside the body without actually creating an open wound, limiting the risks of an infection. Taking the blood mixture and applying it to the necessary areas, the medic from the mist began the infusion of Kaguya DNA. By doing this, the medical shinobi was able to infuse the mixture of blood into the young Genin without any error whatsoever. The procedure was a complete success!

Once the procedure was finished being performed, the hooded medic cleaned the bloody container with water until it was clean and empty, and then sealed it back into the scroll after sanitization. He needed to make sure that he would be able to use the container again in the future without the risk of cross contamination or prior blood types. During the procedure, the mist ninja practiced making a water clone as an assistant to aid with the medical procedure. This would allow performing surgeries to become much easier and require considerably less effort for a single doctor to perform.

With the transfusion was a complete success, now the young Genin and Roku possessed a very similar DNA structure. They had essentially fused with each other while keeping their own bodies. If one were to study their blood side by side, it would be indistinguishable between the two of whose blood belonged to whom. It was something that intrigued the mist ninja, especially since he was the one that made it happen. This was almost a breakthrough in the medical world by allowing these two Genin to possess the same genetic traits. It was also something that would have to be kept secret from the outside world. None could know that Nanashi was performing medical experiments on the Genin of foreign villages.

“Nice doing business with you, kid.” Nanashi stated with a chuckle as he pocketed the bag of money in his ninja outfit and then performed the snake hand seal. A cool flow of mist began flooding the room and healing any pain or injury felt by the young Genin. The two would definitely feel a euphoric sensation the instant the mist touched them, it was a soothing and relaxing feeling. “Maybe your village leader is in need of a medical professional as well. Thanks for the 1,500 ryo. I will be sure to make great use of it. This mist should help with any discomfort, but don’t expect instant results from the surgery. Allow your body time to adapt to these changes and try not to do anything dangerous just to test the durability of your bones. Whatever happens will reveal itself in time, just remain patient and work through the motions at your own pace.” The doctor finished instructing his current patient. The well-being of any the medic had performed surgery on was his primary concern. As a healer, the mist ninja only wished to avoid any medical emergency and fix problems before they even start.

With these final words, the shinobi vanished into the healing mist and headed towards Kumogakure. It would be nice to visit a new village while he was here. Hopefully foreigners would be welcome into their village with open arms. This would be his first stop before continuing his journey to better his own village. To ensure the fastest route, the shinobi would have to move at swift speed. Remembering back to the academy, Soran performed the ram hand seal and focused his chakra. This would allow his body to move faster than his Taijutsu variant, with the aid of a hand seal to focus his speed. Flickering away, the white haired shinobi was now on his way towards what appeared to be a festival being held. Maybe the Raikage was celebrating making it out of the Kage Summit or it was a special occasion, like her birthday. Either way, these festivities only motivated the ninja from the mist to travel faster than before. He would be inside the village of Kumo soon enough to explore this new land in the mountains.
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PostSubject: Re: New Beginnings (private)   

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New Beginnings (private)
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