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 Street Side Bazaar: Odd Jobs [P]

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PostSubject: Street Side Bazaar: Odd Jobs [P]   Thu Nov 26, 2015 5:34 pm


Was this really what Nara had to do to prove himself in this town. He was a Uchiha, but he was told by Feng-ossan to not tell anyone his last name. Supposedly that name, brought fear in these parts. Well, as Nara walked to the bazar he decided that it was time he did something to help the village. Even though that wasn't like him, he needed to prove himself so he could get a chance in the chuunin exams. Even though this mission didn't pay well, the idea of protecting a booth sounded cool to him. Hopefully, someone would come and try to steal something. As Nara, sat beside an uncompleted booth; the booth owner asked him for a favor.

"Hello young'un. Can you please help me fix my booth up?" Nara didn't really want to help, but he really wanted to grow and if this was required to grow then he would do it.

"I'd love to help ossan."

As Nara finished his phrase, he sighed and stood up to help the old man. It took them about an hour to get all parts of the booth up. When they were done, Nara felt good about himself. He helped this old man build his booth, even though it looked a bit funny. He decided to ask the old man a quick question about it.

"Hey ossan, what do you even sell anyways?"

"Well I sell miscellaneous items for ninjas. Such as headset radios, and all kinds of scrolls sizes."

"Woah, you must get a lot of money."

"Yeah, well business is good."

All Nara was thinking about is how people would want to steal from this ossan. He decided that he will place his life on the line to protect this man. If he was successful maybe he could get more of a reputation in the town. At least, he hoped so.
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Posts : 33
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PostSubject: Re: Street Side Bazaar: Odd Jobs [P]   Thu Nov 26, 2015 6:57 pm

As Nara sat beside the booth awaiting some commotion, he stared at the guards. They seemed very different from the normal guards. These were much more protected than others. They must have had more defenses for some reason. While Nara was getting lost in his train of thought, the ossan had already gathered a hefty crowd. Nara watched the booth, while the ossan talked to his customers. During the ossan's conversations with one of the customers, a cloaked man walked by the stand and grabbed a handful of headset radios.

Luckily Nara was there. He jumped from his position and invoked his clone jutsu. Due to Nara's agility, his clone and himself easily reached the cloaked figure. Once they were right behind him, they both punched the man in his bursa (joint on the back of the knee). Each clone hit a leg, resulting in the cloaked man to fall down from his running position. Nara had done it. He had taken out his first enemy in a mission. Since Nara had caused a commotion in the bazaar, guards rushed over.

As the guards grabbed the thief, Nara picked up the headsets and brought them back to the ossan. He walked up to him, and place them on his booth's counter.

"Here you go ossan. No need to thank me. Anyways, it's dark out I better be going now."

And with that Nara was off, back to his temporary home with Feng-ossan.

[End of Mission]
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Street Side Bazaar: Odd Jobs [P]
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